Sasha Dare
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I did it! I had my doubts, but with perseverance I got there in the end!
You can get everything you need to play the combined game into one of the original boxes. I can show you how I did it.

But first, I just wanted to give a shout out / give credit to the content providers that got me there.

DoW CG was one the first games that I bought upon discovering this wonderful hobby. After my first play it was immediately evident that a storage solution was necessary; bagging up the components each time was just too impractical. That's when I found a link on BGG to the orderofgames foam core plans
I enjoyed making the insert so much that I have since done the same for a number of my other games.

BGG user Glen Lamb for their Broken Token mod and location deck solution
At first it didn't seem possible to combine the two games. Then I saw Glen's solution and I had found my inspiration, especially with regard to their solution for combining the location decks (most importantly: removing redundant cards and saving space)

Ok, so I wanted make sure that I got all the standees in, and everything needed to play the combined game; playing from two boxes was just not acceptable!!

NB: Never has making an insert challenged me so much as this one did. Previously, I was really only thinking about length and width, but for this one I had to make sure that every last millimetre was used in all three dimensions.

OK, so without further ado:

Components (included & removed):

- All cards are sleeved with Ultimate Guard slim fit
- Used Glen's guide (see above) to combine location decks: 21-27 cards per deck, core cards (fuel, food, medicine, junk, outsiders) make up the base of each deck, then special item cards (weapons, books, tools etc) selected during setup to maintain original ratio and make decks of 20.
- redundant/duplicate item cards removed
- TLN item cards replaced CG cards for their dual-use (fuel, food, junk)
- all other cards fit (crossroads, crisis, secret missions etc.)

- all survivors
- all bandits
- all raxxon zombies
- 46 / 60 zombies (enough to fill every possible zombie location inc. raxxon and bandit hideout)

- did not combine sets for quantity as I have yet to play a game where we ran out of any of the tokens (after ~15+ play throughs)
- replaced the originals with TLN for their dual-usage.
- removed zombie tokens as we fit in enough zombie standees to fill every spot.

Location boards:
At first I was really stubborn when it came to getting the new TLN ones into the box; they are just so much nicer! But, I quickly realised that there just wasn't enough space and something had to go. I felt a bit deflated at first, but then I realized that the slim ones could be my "travel version" - when taking the game to a friend's, I don't mind if these ones get scuffed a bit. And when playing at home, I'll always have access to the nicer ones anyway.

Design (using 5mm foam core)

- did not include floor of insert (the box itself becomes the floor) to save 5mm in height. This was necessary in order to fit the cards in laying on their side, while also fitting the colony board on top. The overall height of the insert was intentionally made to exceed the height of the box by 1mm to make this possible.

- the dividers in the card section are floating (not glued in) this allows easier retrieval of the cards when full (overall, the cards have about 20mm of give, so you can get your finger in and compress them to get a grip and get them out)
(Note the finger grooves at the two ends of the card-bay as well as on the dividers)

I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking.
(sorry about the rotation - I don't know why BGG rotated half of them...)

P.S. I'll consider drawing up some plans if there is any interest.


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Aaron Velox
United States
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What I did was buy TLN first. Then buy DOW, remove the cards, then sell all the items I didn't need, aka pretty much everything besides the cards and survivor standees. Everything fits in one box.
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