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Subject: Pitchcar and Multiple Intelligences rss

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Pitchcar is a fun, fast-paced racing game that everyone I’ve shown it too has enjoyed.

The components are very high quality. The game box contains 8 car discs with stickers, 6 straightaways, 10 90-degree curves, rail pieces for all the track, a sticker for the start/finish line and a rules sheet with suggested track layouts.

Play of the game is simple. You set up the track, then choose a starting player. The official way is to have each player do a qualifying lap and the lowest number of flicks wins, but anything can work.
Cars start at the starting line and are raced by flicking them with your finger. There are only 3 rules related to moving your car:
If your car leaves the board or lands sticker side down, go back to where you were (and your turn is over).
If you knock another player off, that car goes back to where it was and you go to where you were (and your turn is over).
If you get airborne and somehow miss more than 2 sections of track, go back to where you were and your turn is over.
Bumping other cars is allowed and often unavoidable, but knocking them off the track is not.
The first player to flick his car around the board the requisite number of laps (typically 3) is the winner.
The game does have some uncertainty when a car is knocked off and must come back. Most players don’t remember exactly where they were, so there can be some issues abut locations.

This review is part of a series of reviews I’m doing as I evaluate games my wife may use in her classroom or that I’m using with my Boy Scouts. Apart from the normal review, I try to identify the kinds of intelligence that the game will use. For an explanation of multiple intelligences, see: my blog post at:

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
Logical intelligence may help to identify the angle a piece is likely to travel at once it hits a rail or another piece.

Spatial Intelligence
Being able to visualize where you want your car to end up an how you will progress from there is a key element in this game.

Because the car moves by flicking it with your finger, being able to flick well is a serious advantage.

Age Appropriateness
I have played this successfully with kids as young as six. There is nothing unpleasant about the theme, so that’s not really a concern. Really young children may need to be allowed “practice shots” in order to keep them competitive.

It is a pretty addictive game and most people can’t resist trying it one more time. It isn’t the deepest strategy game, but there are enough tactics and certainty that you’ll do better next time that replayabilitu remains high. You can also create quite a few different tracks using the included pieces and there are 3 different expansions for the game in case you need more options.
This is definitely a great game and I would recommend buying it.

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