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Episode 62 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Tuesday, October 4th & Wednesday, October 5th

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Alright, Monday Morning… I think I’ll leave it at that. Maybe the first roll will have a better intro. Here’s the Games that will end their kickstarter on Tuesday, October 4th & Wednesday, October 5th.

Miniatures Related Projects:

Stonehaven’s Giants:
As usual we start off with miniature related projects. The Stonehaven Giants campaign is raising plenty of funding, reading 31K right now. There’s 15 BIG miniatures to choose from, most of them being accompanied with a little companion (if they are unlocked, that is). The giants start at 15 USD, but of course they’ll get cheaper when you want more.

Massive Zeppelin:
At least 30 people will have an awesome centrepiece for their wargaming / RPG tabletop soon in the form of the Massive 28mm scale Zeppelin. It is as awesome as it is expensive though, being 350 USD, but it sure looks the part. The base, when the zeppelin is fully assembled is a whopping 73 inches, making it big enough for pretty big battles inside of it.

Greenskin Wars:
The Final Miniatures campaign is the ‘Greenskins Wars’. About every kind of goblin imaginable sculpted by goblin-master Kevin Adams: Feral Goblins, Hill Goblins, Doom Goblins, Black Goblins and so on, and so forth. Pick your goblin race and take it to the battlefield with the ‘Greenskin Wars’ campaign.


Ray Master
Boardgames Next! Abba Games’ (probably nothing to do with the Swedish Pop Icons) Ray Master is getting funded. It features original mechanics where you try to sabotage the other player’s life work in his laboratory. A Worker placement & dice game about weird experiments with an experimental redimensioning ray! Ray Master is 23 EUR.

Brides & Bribes
Another board game is Brides and Bribes. A worker placement game (with a very good-looking board) set in 16th century Genoa, where 5 families struggle for power. The game got raving reviews for using well-known mechanics in an original way. Brides and Bribes is 39 EUR.

The final boardgame is ‘Vengeance’, a very cool-looking miniature boardgame about Revenge. It tries (and as far as the reviews go, succeeding) in capturing the essence of pulp revenge movies where you are left for dead, but the bad guys did not finish the job. Turns yourself into an unstoppable killing machine and take out the ones that were a little to careless. Vengeance is 90 for the core box or 120 with the ‘Rosari Gang’ expansion.

Card Games:

Goats of War
A Card Game Then! Goats of War by Ninja Dog Games (and I love that sentence) is a fast paced card game with tried and true mechanics, but with a Goat-y Twist. Designed by a 6-year old fiddling around with a deck of face cards, it turned into a pretty cool looking game with a cause, because instead of stretch goals changing the game, a percentage of the proceeds go to an animal sanctuary. Goats of War is 20 USD.

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches & Upgrades:

Sea Turtle Scurry (Relaunch):
The relaunch of Sea Turtle Scurry is Successful! The game where you have to make sure newborn little turtles get to the sea needed a second try but this time they’re good! Sea Turtle Scurry is 9 USD for a PnP & 39 for a boxed copy.

Open Road (Relaunch):
Open Road, a new twist on the old car game ‘scavenging Hunt’ is having a successful Take 2! Keep your eyes open for whatever is on your card and score as many points as you can! Open Road is 15 USD but only available in the United States.
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