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Subject: Critical Hits are Game Changers rss

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John D'Alessandro
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The scenario for today's game is (SG25.0) ECHELON TACTICS played at the Division level. My opponent, playing the ISC, had a CS, DD, and FF for a total of 320 BPV. Having recently acquired Module R2 and wanting to try out some of the new ships it provided, I selected a Fed squadron of a CLC, DW, and FFGa for a total of 316 BPV (since the scenario rules were unclear, we decided that the opposing force's 325 BPV did not include Commander's Options or drone speed upgrades). I filled my G-racks with Type-IF drones and prepped a scatterpack aboard the CLC. My opponent took 1 T-bomb on each of his ships.

Turn 1: All of his ships set Speed 14 (the maximum allowed by his Turn 0 speed specified in the description), and all of mine set Speed 20 (again the maximum allowed by my Turn 0 speed). We began at WS-III, so I had 9 photons ready to fire. I loaded all of them as proxes and fired them at his FF as soon as I hit Range 30. 4 for 9 on die rolls minus a 3 point brick scored 13 damage on his #1, dropping it to three boxes remaining. At that point I turned off to stay out of PPD range, launching rack drones at the FF and dropping the CLC's scatterpack against the CS on the way out. The FF shot down the rack drones easily, and the scatterpack drones, which had released about halfway through the turn, were still at Range 15ish at the end of Turn 1.

Turn 2: Looking to maneuver early in the turn, all of my ships plotted Speed 16 for the first 8 impulses with an increase to Speed 31 on impulse 9. I also began reloading my photons. All of his ships set Speed 25 for the duration of the turn. Two of the scatterpack drones made it through and landed for 24 points on the CS's #2 shield. This destroyed his shield but scored no internal damage. Since we had agreed to use the optional rules for Critical Hits (D8.0), the 24 points was enough to require a Critical Hit die roll, even though no internal damage was scored. The Critical Hit die roll yielded a 2, which knocked the CS's active fire control offline. Now having nothing to fear from his PPDs, my ships turned in and looked to close the range. His DD and FF launched two Pl-Fs each against my CLC. The pair launched by the DD bore the full brunt of the CLC's impressive phaser suite, and scored 5 points each on the CLC's #1 shield. I managed to maneuver the pair launced by the FF onto my rear quarter and ran them out of range. When the turn ended, my CLC and DW stood at Range 3 on either side of the CS's rear, and the FFGa stood at Range 4 directly aft of the CS. The CS's roll to repair the Critical Hit he had sustained succeeded.

Turn 3: Seeing the opportunity, I set my ships at as low a speed as I dared, 16, and pumped all the power I could into overloading my photons. The CLC carried only 10-point overloads so that it could also recharge its phasers, the DW carried two 14-pointers and a 13-pointer, and the FFGa carried two 14-pointers. My opponent also set Speed 16, hoping I would opt for a high-speed attack run that would carry me past the CS into his PPD firing arc. All of my ships launched rack drones against the CS on Impulse #1, and my opponent turned right, allowing my DW and FFGa to centerline his #3 shield. 28 internals knocked out one PPD, and the two drones that impacted on the next impulse took out the other. In return, my DW and CLC each received a smattering of phaser fire on their #1 shields that failed to penetrate. After the remaining two drones took down the CS's #4 shield, my CLC centerlined it at Range 3 and forced the CS to declare Catastrophic Damage. His DD and FF scattered and fled, and I opted not to pursue.

This would have been a very different and, I suspect, much longer game had my opponent's CS not sustained the Critical Hit to his active fire control in the middle of Turn 2. Without that, I would have been unable to close the range as I did without impaling myself on his PPDs, and it would likely have taken me several turns of proxing from Range 30 before he was worn down enough for me to feel comfortable closing to overload range.

I also found, to my surprise, that the CLC's two additional Ph-1s as compared to the NCL+ would likely make it an even match for most races' CA. I will have to remember this ship if my group ever decides to do a patrol scenario consisting entirely of CLs and smaller. Having seen what this ship can do and having looked at the DWC's SSD as compared to the stock DW, I'm thinking I should also keep the DWC in mind as a potential flagship for a "SC4 ships only" scenario.
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Hank Kuhlman
United States
Oklahoma City
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Excellent! It's great to read about the ISC in action. Thanks for taking the time to write up the session.
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