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Episode 72 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Monday, October 3rd (since Friday, September 30th).

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J.M. Perkins’ Salt in Wounds! A gore splattered, monster-fed, city based dark fantasy setting for your favorite Tabletop RPGs: Pathfinder & 5th Edition! On Kickstarter until October 27th!

So Yeah, that just happened! Sponsors and Patrons are slowly making their way to my podcasts, which makes me very happy! Not just for the financial support (although that, of course is greatly appreciated) but also because of a little recognition! I love what I’m doing and to hear that other people love it too makes me a happy camper!

Alright, the weekend was pretty good! Had a very fun interview with Nick from Weird Giraffe Games about their game ‘Super Hack Override’ which will be released later today! Also my hometown football / soccer team played a horrible match, but won! The game got paused for 15 minutes because of a thunderstorm, which resulted in one of the best atmospheres I’ve seen in a football stadium for a long time!

So, back to kickstarter! This, as you can guess, is a monday episode, which means there’s 3 days to cover. Therefore, when a weekend is incredibly busy, i have no choice to filter a few things out, I thought I wouldn’t have to do that today but In hindsight I should have… Anyway, Here are the games that are new on kickstarter since Friday.

Miniatures Related Projects:

The Small Terrain Studio Project:
Small Terrain is a little company that brings high quality 6 to 28mm scale wargames terrain. In their first kickstarter they offer various bundles of pretty good looking terrain in several different settings: Historical, Fantasy, Sci-fi & Hedges. There are bundles in various price classes but the small ones start at 20 GBP.
Ends 10-30

Monster Madness:
Studio Miniatures is bringing a new expansion for their ‘Hollywood Havoc’ Range of miniatures for the Outbreak game, which is called Skirmish: Ragers nowadays. There’s three new 28mm scale miniatures available for this campaign (the Lackie, the Vamp & the Bride) which can be yours for 15 GBP if you want them in metal or 35 if you want them in resin.
Ends 10-16

ArcWorlde - Troubles in the North:
The ArcWorlde Skirmisher is getting a new expansion rulebook called ‘Troubles in the North’. The World is freezing in a sorcerous winter, chanching it beyond recognition with new factions, heroes and rules emerging. Combination pledges force me to have you check it out for yourself.
Ends 10-31

Horyuji Temple:
There is a range of very good looking Japanese Temples on kickstarter right now. The pieces are in 10mm scale resin which sucks for me, because i only got 28mm and up games, but man do these look good! There’s also japanese armies available if you need some! Check out whatever you want!
Ends 10-30

Sauriana by Fossilpunk Foundry is a new 54mm scale wargame set in an alternative 19th century where the exploring hunters are out to shoot whatever comes on their path… but it’s dinosaurs. A weird, but pretty cool concept if you ask me! There’s plenty of stuff available so check it out!
Ends 10-31

Fantasy Ogre Minis:
And the final Miniatures project are the Fantasy Ogre miniatures by Black Gate miniatures. They’re quite pretty Ogres in 10mm scale so if you want something to attack those Japanese I talked about earlier with, maybe this is it. The ogres are 9 GBP per unit of 9 and get even cheaper so check it out!
Ends 11-02


Primal Hunt - The Official Board Game:
Boardgames! Starting off with the Official Primal Hunt boardgame. After your village was attacked by bears, take out your best warriors and go hunt it down. A dangerous trip through a snowy forest awaits! Primal Hunt is 10 CAD for a PnP, 100 for the standard version and 170 for a deluxe version which comes with miniatures.
Ends 10-30

Eki - The Station:
Eki - The Station is a single player game about the Japanese Train System. Pick the right train for your specific task that day and make sure everybody arrives safely, no matter what the circumstances. Eki - The Station is 10 USD for a PnP and 50 for the boxed version.
Ends 10-30

Ryrin Tactics:
Ryrin Tactics is a Drafting Tactical Board game where you get to pick your units (decorated with old-school RPG pixel art) on a semi-random board. Take on up to three friends in this battle to the end. Ryrin Tactics is 55 USD.
Ends 10-26

Tombstones & Scarybones:
And the final boardgame (although not really, but i’ll get to that in a minute) is Tombstones and Scarybones, a spooky board game for the whole family. In a small town, an evil force is planning on world domination. A small group of high school students, armed with special weapons and with the help of their unique pets, will help defeat that evil force. Tombstones and Scarybones is 49 USD.
Ends 11-01

City Building Special:
Alright, I’m doing something different today. When I was putting the linklist for today’s episode together i noticed that there were a lot of games with the same theme, namely City-building. They were both card- and board games so I decided to put them together in a City-Building Special. So here it is, the First Roll’s City Building Special.

First, Skyways. A colourful, 3d euro-style boardgame where you’re building up skyscrapers to form the city’s skyline. The results look very, very pretty! Skyways is 49 USD.
Ends 10-19

Hope City:
Hope City is a board game for 3 to 6 citizens where you must fight punks and construct City Sites. Move around the city, collect resources and achieve objectives but make sure you won’t break bad! Hope City is 39 USD.
Ends 10-23

Skyward - The Airborne City:
Next, Skyward - The Airborne City: A clever and unique strategy card drafting game set in a world where buildings float, airships rule and pigeons are rodents of the sky though that last remark basically goes for any place in the world. Skyward is 5 AUD for a PnP or 25 for a physical copy.
Ends 10-30

The Pioneers Program:
And the final project in this City Building special is The Pioneers Program - Apocalyptic Town Rebuilding Board Game. You have been chosen by the Arc to lead a new town and rebuild humanity. Plan, build, venture into the wastes or complete research on your harsh new world. The Pioneers Program is 20 GBP.
Ends 10-30

Card Games:

Card Games! Tired of all that building? Try Siege! A Castle Crashing Card game of Medieval Mayhem! Protect your wall, attack your enemy, populate your castle with friendly (and mysterious) faces and pray that the dice roll goes your way – Siege will have you on the edge of your seat until the final wall falls. Siege is 20 USD.
Ends 10-31

Dumpster Diver:
Next, Dumpster Diver is a fast and easy card game about turning trash into glorious treasure. Over the course of a round, players accumulate and protect cards through choice, buying, and diving. At the end of a round, players try to create "hands" to earn victory points. Dumpster Diver is 20 USD.
Ends 10-15

Like digging in the dirt? But without getting your hands dirty? Then maybe excavate is for you! In this competitive archeology game you dig for fossils, diamonds, artifacts and more in order to create the best museum possible. Excavate is 5 USD for a PnP and 25 for a boxed copy.
Ends 10-31

Diminutives Opposing Civilization:
Next, Diminutives Opposing Civilization, an unpredictable combat card game of hilarious combinations and more than a touch of irreverence! Arm your Diminutive. Defeat the rest. Build an ultimate weapon & destroy the world! Diminutives Opposing Civilization is 22 USD.
Ends 10-22

Nuked is ruining Friendships, one at a time! It does so by being a decptively simple card game that pits your post-apocalyptic settlement against those of your opponents. Supplies, settlers, Specialties & Fate: all components of this nuclear wasteland. Nuked is 5 USD for a PnP or 12 for the physical copy.
Ends 11-02

Dead Wasteland:
Speaking of wastelands, though of a different type coming with the last card game called Dead Wasteland - Zombie Survival Card Game. It's everyone for themselves in this tense, taut, and thoroughly entertaining card game for 2 to 4 players. You’ll need a food, water & a flashlight to survive to hordes… or just kill ‘em all! Dead Wasteland is 10 USD for a PnP or 20 for a printed version.
Ends 11-01

RPG Related Projects:

Ki Khanga:
Role Playing Games then! Ki Khanga is an Africa inspired epic and heroic RPG that uses regular playing cards to resolve conflictsan acheive feats in a fun and dramatic way. An angry Creator-God, scheming nobles, powerful, and often frightening, ancestral, nature and supernatural spirits, mighty warriors and hunters… It’s all there! Ki Khanga is 25 USD for a physical copy.
Ends 10-30

The Dread House:
The Dread House is an RPG about the most haunted house in the world for 5th Edition, Pathfinder and Call of Cthulhu. Multiple Story lines in multiple Time periods bring you ghost stories that will send chills down your spines. The campaign also offer miniatures to go with the main storyline of the book and a lot of terrain to spook up your table. PDF pledges for the full game start at 25 USD and physicals start at 40
Ends 10-29

Age Past:
Age Past is set in a dark world of magic, politics, & beasts and it gets a revised core rulebook. An open system, classless sandbox fantasy game that allows you to make your characters as complex (or simple) as you want! 15 USD for PDF and 50 for the hardback.
Ends 11-02

Lands of Lunacy:
Lands of Lunacy is an RPG setting guide for 1st and 5th edition offering GMs limitless options. Domineering lords rule domains interconnected by webs of lunar gates surrounded by the utter madness of the Chaos Void. It’s a solution for all those times when the real world interferes with the gaming world (like when half the players don’t show up). 5 USD for a digital version and 10 for a Hardback.
Ends 10-18

Project Biomodus:
And finally… Project Biomodus. A Tabletop RPG, where powerful transhuman hunters try to survive the biomechanical horrors of a dying, adapted world. It uses the Tactical Action and Power Management - D20 system which offered Derived Statistics & Fluid Actions, which are good thing apparently… I don’t know. Project Biomodus is 15 USD for a PDF, 35 for softcover & 45 for the hardcover.
Ends 11-02

Alright, should’ve filtered out some projects after all. Turned out to be a little bit of a too big of an episode. As said, Later today I will release the interview I had this weekend with Nick Kopp from Weird Giraffe Games about their successful kickstarter campaign for ‘Super Hack Override’, a card game about how hacking was perceived in 90’s movies. I will be back tomorrow with a First Roll!
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