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“Happiness is nothing unless it exists side by side with sadness. Two sides. One coin” - 7th Doctor
I first started playing Zombies!!!™ about 15 years ago. We played and played and played some more. I bought all the expansions up to about 2008 with Zombies!!! 7 Send in the Clowns™. Zombies scare the crap out of me, but Clowns... man that was just too much.

Now, about 7 years later, I find out that there is a new expansion to Zombies!!!™ and it is set in space. Space zombies man.... space freakin' zombies!!!

So, after going cold turkey from Zombies!!!™ for years, I bought Zombies!!! 14: Space Bites!™ in a flash.
I gathered my friends from the old Zombies!!!™ days and we decided to try our luck against space zombies.

Man! Were we disappointed! No more 25 zombies to win, no more chasing around marked buildings for weapons, the game only last about 10 minutes and there is no actual shuttle...

Dude, you've gots to have space shuttlz!

My friends and I were so pump-up that we decided to fiddle around a bit with the rules and make the game into something interesting and fun.
I decided to share this with you guys. There might not be a lot of followers of Zombies!!! 14: Space Bites!™ out there, but for those hardcore Zee-Ks*, here is our new rules for the game.

You will need the following extras:

- A 10 Sided Die
- Helicopter pad card from the original Zombies!!! game

You set the game up as per the instructions from the rule book. But in addition to that, you put the shuttle card to the side with the d10 on it, facing up on 1.
(we put the shuttle in the center of the station so not to forget to turn the die)

The premise is not really important, but I made one up nonetheless. Here goes:

In a not too distant future, Earth is still being overrun by zombies. Scientists have devised a way to teleport people to a space station in orbit above the earth to save some from the ever decreasing population. If something should happen to the original body, the teleportation process makes it possible to create a new copy or clone (A process that can be repeated several times - ooh Sneaky!)

Once woken up on the stations, the new arrival undergo a battery of tests to make sure they are free of the virus. Once they have the "good to go" status, they get picked up by the Alliance of Nations United for Survival and brought to a huge space vessel, an ark of sorts, created for the future survival of humankind. You and your group are next to leave for the space station.

Unbeknownst to all, the virus that is turning humans into horrific, always hungry for brains, walking dead creatures has also spread to the station.
Zombies have taken over and all the mayhem has destabilized the station...

When you finally open your eyes, you find yourself in a lab, surrounded by zombies... but not your run-of-the-mill zombies.... but Space Zombies!!!

We played the game 2 ways: Coop and PvP.

The original rule had the shuttle pop-in really fast and stay there 2 rounds then going from one docking port to another at random.
We decided that, like in a good old Sci-Fi/Horror B' flick, the shuttle would take time to arrive. Hence, the d10.
The shuttle will only arrive after 10 rounds, stay for d6 rounds, then needs to move because of the instability of the station.
Docking at another access port takes time. So we decided to roll a d6 for the amount of rounds it will take to dock again.

Docking the shuttle brings zombies (like the helicopter pad in the original game) so you fill the card with Zs when a shuttle docks.
You need to clear the shuttle tile to get into the shuttle.

Since the shuttle only stays put for a d6 rounds, you need to plan your move correctly. If you are still on the shuttle pad when it needs to leave, you die.
Better make sure you have enough time.

In the coop version, if they are no zombies left on the entire station at the end of a round, you win. In the PvP version, 25 kills gets you an automatic win.
In both versions, if you manage to get off the station, you also win. (every player needs to be on the shuttle to win in coop).

The same rule for dying as in the original applies here. You loose 1/2 your zombie kills (rounded down).

Since this is Sci-Fi, we decided that your new guy comes right back. (same rules as in the original) The security system of the station clones you up and brings you back.
(No real scientific explanations needed...remember it's a B movie!) We decided to use the Laboratory tile as the re-spawning point.

The rest of the rules for Z14: SB apply.

This version of the game last longer, is way closer to the original and is fun.... which is the whole point in my opinion.
So I hope you enjoy this version and give Z14: SB a try. It's worth it even if it bites... a bit!

Thanks Twilight Creations for years of Zombies!!!™ fun! (But please tweak this version... it doesn't need much!)

Feel free to comment, suggests, test-out and modify our version.

Keep on playin' !

*The term we use for Zombie Killers.

PS: Instead of using Helicopter Pad from the original game, I made a Shuttle Pad card just for fun
(using the shuttle from Firefly because I could not find a top view of the Starbug from Red Dwarf!!!)

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