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Subject: Offensive Example rss

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I wanted to post this as a review of my first go at the game. Forgive my strategy as I was wanting to move some units around and see how it would go. Hopefully this will be useful as a review of the games procedures. Please let me know where I messed up

Here goes:

Begin with the Philippines offensive as the event. OC is 3. Can activate 8 units from the event text + 1 for the HQ for 9 total. Movement will be 3 for ground, 15 for naval (3 OC value * 5), and movement allowance for the air units.

Chose to activate:
Ominato air in Tainan
Kaga in Ominato
Akagi in Ominato
8th division in Okinawa
9th division in Kure
Haruna, Takao, Nachi in Tainan
Formosa Army Group in Taihoku

Move as follows:

Ominato none as it will be in range for Clark
Kaga to 2711 via Batan island and to the West of Luzon to avoid the ZOI from the 17th PG. The last three hexes are 2810, 2710, and then ending in 2711. This neutralizes the ZOI from the 17th PG in Clark field.
Akagi to 3013.
8th division to 3014 as amph assault using 1 ASP.
9th division to 2913 as amph assault using 1 ASP.
Formosa to 2812 as amph assault using 2 ASP.
Haruna to 3014.
Nachi and Takao to 2813.

Declare battle hexes in 2913, 3014, 2812, and 2813.

There is no reaction as the offensive is surprise. There are no other bonuses or cards to be played, so we proceed to resolving the battles.

Starting in 2913. Japanese is the only one with Air and Naval. The Akagi launches air strikes with a value of 4. Japanese rolls a dr of 3 plus 3 for surprise = 6. This is combat effectiveness rating of 1. 1 times 4 = 4 hits. 4 hits equal the 4 defense of the Phil Const, so it is flipped over losing 1 step. Now since the Japanese won the air/naval combat, we proceed to ground combat. There are no naval units in the hex and no active air units. The Japanese player gets -2 for a mixed hex and the reaction player gets +3 for an amphibious attack conducted against it. Both players roll and the Japanese gets a 2 and the US a 5. So the Japanese is 0 for a combat effectiveness value of 1/2 and the US is combat effectiveness is 1 1/2 for the 5 + 3 = 8. The 9th amphib has an attack of 6 * .5 for 3 hits and the US has 1 1/2 * 1 fry to 2 for 2 hits. Neither side has enough hits to cause any damage to the ground units, so it is a tie and the reaction player (US) wins. Since the 9th used amphib it will do post battle movement like a naval unit. The US remains in control.

Now battle hex 3014. The Haruna is the only naval/air unit so we resolve this phase knowing the Japanese will win and get to conduct ground combat. Japanese rolls 3 plus 3 for surprise = 6 for a combat effectiveness of 1. 1 * 8 = 8 hits. The Leyte brigade takes 4 hits and is flipped and then the remaining 4 hits and is eliminated. The Japanese 8th brigade controls the hex by default.

Now hex 2812. The Japanese has the Ominato air plus the Kaga providing air support against the 17thPG for the air/naval combat. There are no naval units so it is the 6 Japanese factors vs the US 4. It is a surprise attack, so the Japanese goes first. Rolls a 3 plus 3 for surprise = 6 which is a combat effectiveness of 1. 1 * 6 = 6 hits. The 17th PG has a defense of 4, so it is flipped over. There are 2 hits left, but the defense is still 4. Not enough to destroy it, so it remains. Now the US 17th PG gets its attack. The US rolls a 9 for a critical hit. The 9 gives a combat effectiveness rating of 1. 1 * 2 = 2 hits. Normally this would be nothing as the Ominato has a defense of 4 and the Kaga has a defense of 12. The critical hit however allows that player to always achieve at least one hit against the weakest unit. So the Ominato air unit is reduced. Both sides have surviving units, but the Japanese has 5 strength left against only 2 for the 17th PG. The Japanese wins the air/naval combat. We proceed to the ground combat portion due to the Japanese victory. The Formosa army battles the Philippines Scout Regiment. The Japanese rolls a 9 for a combat effectiveness of 2. 2 * 8 = 16 hits. The US rolls a 4 + 3 for the amphib assault against it. 7 equals a combat effectiveness of 1.5. 1.5 times 3 = 4.5 fry to 5. Combat is simultaneous so the order is not relevant. The US scores 5 hits, but that is not enough as the Formosa army has defense of 6 (12 /2 for the amphib attack). The Japanese scores 16 hits which is enough to eliminate the US. 4 hits to reduce then 4 more to eliminate it. Control to the Japanese.

Lastly hex 2813. The Japanese has put a pure naval force into the next to remove the CL Marblehead. Since this is a pure naval battle, there will be no ground combat. The Japanese rolls a 0 + 3 for surprise to get a combat effectiveness of .5. .5 * 16 = 8 hits. The Marblehead has a defense of 6, so it is flipped over. The 2 remaining hits are not enough to do any more damage. The US then rolls a 3 for a combat effectiveness of .5. .5 * 4 = 2 hits. Not enough to do any damage. The Japanese wins but there are no ground units so battle ends.

Since all battle is over we must do post battle movement. There were no surviving ground units to retreat during the battle step. The post battle movement is as follows:

The Japanese 9th div conducting amphib moves like a naval unit and moves back to Okinawa.

Clark field (2812) has units from both sides. The Japanese won the ground portion and controls the hex, so the US must move the 17th PG out of the hex. Reaction player goes first, so the 17th PG moves one hex to Manila (2813). The Ominato air unit remains at Clark field since the Japanese controls the hex.

Since the Japanese 8th division now controls the port of Leyte, the Haruna elects to remain there in port.

The Marblehead is reduced but remains in Manila as the US controls the hex.

The Nachi and Takao sail back to Tainan.

The Kaga and Akagi sail last back to Okinawa to prep for the Guam offensive to come.

To summarize, the Japanese control Clark field and Leyte. They have inflicted damage to the Marblehead, the 17th PG, and the Philippines Constabulary unit. Davao remains untouched and the Manila ground force is solid. The US did lose the Leyte and Philippines Scout brigades. They are lost permanently. The Japanese used 4 ASPs and will have 1 remaining plus the 2 coming from the Guam offensive.

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