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Episode 73 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Tuesday, October 4th (since Monday, October 3rd).

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Boy, yesterday was a very, VERY long day of writing, recording, editing my podcasts. I should get an intern, except for the fact that I might be a bit of a control freak. Anyway, It’s a New Day, Yes it is! Watched a bit of Bound for Glory but just fell asleep. Which was good because I’ve been sleeping horribly lately!

I also added new pledges to my Patreon page, which allow you to be a sponsor for a specific category for both the First and Final Roll for an entire month! That’s 8 times a week! The pledges start at november, but if you act now, you’ll get what’s left of the month of october on the House! Now that’s value!

Anyway, Here are the game that are new on Kickstarter since Yesterday.

Miniatures Related Projects:

Die Hard Miniatures:
Die Hard Miniatures is bringing their Eru-Kin expansion set which will encompass both Sci-fi and Fantasy miniatures. They’ve gathered a team of Oldhammer veterans to create lizard-like miniatures that merge that Old-school feel with New looks. The minis come in units and start at 15 GBP.
Ends 11-01

Warlock’s Tower Wargaming Bases:
And the other miniature related project is The Warlock’s Tower’s Wargaming Bases. There’s two pretty cool examples on the campaign page and there will many, many more! Pledges atart at 18 NZD!
Ends 11-03


Deathbot Derby:
Boardgames! First, Deathbot Derby! It’s like Battlebots (which I was very surprised to see on the BBC a couple of weeks ago) but as a boardgame. Build your robot and put it to the test in the Arena, which is (as it should be) filled with traps. Take your robot to the Max in Deathbot Derby! It’s 18 USD.
Ends 11-02

Meeple Quest:
Meeple Quest is an easy, fast and fun dungeon crawler boardgame where your little Meeples can be great heroes. It’s a new take on the crawler genre where fun goes above the expansive set of rules that most of these games have. Cover it in a cute artwork style and you’ve got Meeple Quest! It’s 39 EUR for the Standard edition or 69 for the Special Crowdfunding edition, which comes with a LOT of extras.
Ends 11-17

The Hacker’s Guild:
The Next Boardgame is The Hacker’s Guild. A 150 minute One vs. Many game Set in the year 2120, humanity is faced with a new challenge: Monolith Global inc is trying to enslave mankind by having the new world wide government be run by their robots. You are a Freedom Fighter trying to prevent that! The Hacker’s Guild is 5 CAD for a PnP, 49 for the Standard version adn 59 for the Deluxe version.
Ends 11-04

To Windward - The Lunar Islands:
To Windward - The Lunar Islands is a 2-4 person competitive, historical Euro-style tabletop game inspired by the Golden Age of Sailing. Be at the mercy of the winds in your upgradable ship and become the Master Sailor. To Windward is 65 USD
Ends 11-03

Card Games:

Pretending to Grow Up:
Card games! Pretending to Grow Up is a casual card game for adults that feel like they’re just pretending, which might acount for about 75 percent of boardgame players. I was going to say 99 percent, but some people might be offended). Tackle all the adult situations on your path and prove you’re the only adult on the table… it’s looks cute as hell and includes a Unipegasaurus! Just check it out! Pretending to grow up is 10 CAD for a PnP or 26 for a Physical copy.
Ends 10-31

Kingdom Duel:
Next, Kingdom Duel. It’s a pretty cool looking strategy card game with awesome pixel art! Make your heroes move around the board, because you can’t beat your enemy sitting in your chair and command your units into battle, but make sure they don’t die, because they WILL betray you. Kingdom Duel is 30 USD.
Ends 11-02

Remedy - The Card Game:
Remedy is a fast-paced card game for 2 to 5 players featuring humorous characters, silly graphics and easy-to-learn rules! Battle the illness on the board and make sure you don’t strengthen it. Remedy is 5 USD for a PnP and 10 for a physical copy.
Ends 11-07

Alien Uprising - Zothren Invasion:
Mr. B Games is back and so are the Zothren! And this time they have invaded Earth! Will you be able to take out the most bugs in this winner-takes-all fight? Take turns drafting parts for their giant mech - a robot-like suit of armor they will pilot to defeat the hoards of invading Zothren "bugs". Each player will have access to a small hand of Items that can help them (or hurt others) in their quest for the most fame via bug kills! Alien Uprising - Zothren Invasion is 16 USD.
Ends 11-01

And the final card game is Xenofera, a game where you strife to be the greatest huntsman of the galaxy by capturing the most exotic collection of alien creatures and make sure they don’t escape. Recruit a crew, compete against other huntsmen and get all the Glory! Xenofera is 5 USD for a PnP and 30 for a boxed copy.
Ends 11-08

Role Playing Games & Related:

Demon Cults & Secret Societies:
There’s One Role Playing Game today: It’s Demon Cults by Kobold Press! It features Cults and secret societies rife with true villainy, fiendish plots, blackhearted new magic, detailed cultists, and high priests! It is available for Pathfinder & 5th Edition and already doubling its funding target, which is insanely fast! Demon Cults is 17 USD for a PDF for either system and 29 for printed versions. Please note though that the 5th edition book will be delivered later, due to it not being finished yet.
Ends 11-01
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