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Subject: Letters from Japan Game 04: Catch Me If You Can rss

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Angry Augury
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My wife, still enjoying this game, asked to play again. I couldn't be happier to oblige. This time we decided to swap roles around so I could get some time in as Jack again even though my wife really likes playing as the killer.

Dramatis Personae

Jack the Ripper - (me)

Investigators - (The Missus)

Hideout: Location 154

Night One: Hell

Head of the Investigation: The Missus
A Corpse on the Sidewalk: Location 48
Time of the Crime: Space II

Back in the shoes of the killer, I wanted to try to utilize all I've learned in the games so far. I decided to wait a round before killing. The Missus moved the Wretched at Location 27 to 48 where I chose to make the kill. I didn't really think of what my plan to get home would be other than try to do so quickly.

Night One: Hunting

With the hunt underway, I made a bit of a direct run to my hideout, hoping to get there before I got too closed in. Much to my displeasure, my wife picked up on my trail instantly, finding clues on Locations 62, 80, 97 and 116. Basically every step I made as I headed south.

At this point all the police were closing in on me and I was racing just to keep ahead of them from cutting me off. They found clues at Locations 150 and 153, only missing 151. I cut down to Location 168 and looped around to my hideout as The Missus had me cut off on the northern route in.

So that could have gone better. She found all but two of the locations I passed through before getting to my house. I couldn't have been more obvious if I wrote my address in blood at the crime scene. This was going to be a short game, I thought.

Night Two: Hell

Head of the Investigation: The Missus
A Corpse on the Sidewalk: Location 125
Time of the Crime: Space III

I needed to recover from that horrible first night. I decided to wait longer than before, killing at Space III, having the Wretched from Location 158 moved to 125. It was close enough to my home that I thought it'd be best to go from there as the police were going to be crawling over the area.

Night Two: Hunting

Indeed they were crawling over the area. As I raced in through Locations 100, 123 and 121 (in a very weak attempt at creating a misleading trail), the police were dragging a net over the neighborhood of my hideout. It didn't take long to find clues at Locations 123 and 121 confirming I was in the area.

I took an Alley to Location 140 but was blocked by one of the police officers. I used my Carriage to pass through the police and my hideout in Location 154 to land on Location 168. I was hoping The Missus would search at 154 to find a clue there and believe it wasn't my home. Instead she searched for a clue and found it at 168, where I was standing. Thank goodness it wasn't an arrest attempt.

Fortunately she had to move out of the way to search Location 168 which opened up the opportunity for me to walk into my home and end the round.

Night Three: Hell

Head of the Investigation: The Missus
A Corpse on the Sidewalk: Locations 143/164
Time of the Crime: Space II

I waited one round and took the opportunity to kill the two closest Wretched, which my wife moved closer to her and, therefore, closer to my hideout. I was hoping that she'd believe I made the kill on the Wretched at 143, the same area as night two.

Night Three: Hunting

Fortunately due to all the police being in spots near where my hideout was, there were no pawns in position to get to either of my crime scenes. This gave me the chance to make a break for my home.

I took the opportunity of starting at Location 164 to head south and run the bottom edge of the board. I moved via Carriage to Locations 175 and 190 then 191.

The police started to find my trail south but luckily the area around my home was not as dangerous as the night before, so I pushed forward to Location 180 then 168.

By now my wife had found that I've been to Location 190 and that planted the idea in her head that I might have been hiding in the side streets to the north of that location. This slowed down my wife's intense coverage of the true area of my hideout allowing me to casually walk in to Location 154 and declare that I arrived home.

Night Four: Hell

Head of the Investigation: The Missus
A Corpse on the Sidewalk: Location 158
Time of the Crime: Space I

This was it: Night Four. The first time we reached the final night. I was surprised that I wasn't caught on the third night but I think my wife's doubts were becoming her own enemy in the search as she was onto me the first two nights. I decided not to waste any time and kill at Location 158 because any Wretched movement from there might take me farther from my goal.

Night Four: Hunting

With the final hunt beginning, I realized I stood a much better chance than I believed in the beginning. My wife was definitely torn over searching the areas around Location 178 or sticking with the area of my home in Location 154.

I tried to sneak home through the south of the map, going from Location 183 to 182. The Missus brought one of the police to the space next to me, much to my dismay. She searched for a clue and found it. After looking at the board, she realized I was standing right there. I had no choice but to use my Carriage to blow past her. I went to Location 170 then landed on 140.

With multiple police so close, the next move was crucial. The police who blocked me at Location 182 moved up to 141, thinking I was going to keep some distance. She also moved another over to between Locations 123 and 125 for the same reasons. This time she wasn't bothering to search; she was going to go for the win with trying for an arrest. The biggest threat was George Lusk standing next to Locations 152 and 153. If he decided to move to Location 140, not only would I be found out, I'd also be blocked in with only my Alley for escape--provided I wasn't arrested outright.

To my astonishment, The Missus moved this police pawn down to the central hub between Locations 154, 168, 169 and 170. This left the path wide open for me to walk into my hideout and announce my triumphant return home.


Final Thoughts:

I won! As Jack! I didn't think I'd be able to do it after the horribly sloppy first night and tense second night. The confusion sown by my wife's doubts in the third night helped to give me the win at the final hunt. There is so much in this game that makes you your own worst enemy.

My wife was a little sad that she dropped the ball when she was so focused on the right area for so long but she still enjoyed it. However she said she was going to be Jack again the next time because being the police and trying to out-think Jack was giving her a headache.



Jack the Ripper - 1

n107 (1)

Police - 3

n107 (2)
The Missus (1)


Ripper Case File

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