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Before we begin, I looked around for some forms to track my campaign, but didn't really find what I wanted. I did however, stumble into a really good online tracker and started using it - - I highly recommend the site. You can follow my campaign history / summary -

On with the show! The heroes headed to town and geared up and skilled up! Tetherys trains Unseen (Thief), Avric takes Tempest (Spiritspeaker), and Quellen takes Rune Mastery (Runemaster). Tetherys buys an Elm Greatbow while Avric get Elven Boots and Leather Armor (healing + armor == defacto tank).

The Barons discuss with the heroes how bad things are getting with the Overlord and explain that the people being hunted are Shadow Binders. They suggest the party check on Cardinal Koth, a former Shadow Binder who may be in danger.

On the road to their next great adventure, The Overlords spies are everywhere, but the gang manages to avoid them. There is an orchard with golden apples, but the group passes on by, and then while walking through the mountains on the way to the Cathedral, the Overlord's minions appear and harass the party, costing each player a wound and a fatigue.

As the heroes approach the Cathedral, the day grows dark. The group nearly attacks a young initiate who is cowering behind a rock. He pleads with the party to save the Cardinal who is under attack from Lord Merrick Farrow who is raising zombies to attack him.

The map setup is a fairly small simple map. In addition to Lord Merrick, we have Flesh Moulders, Zombies, and Barghests (open group) again. The Overlord's goal is to raise up zombies, so the monsters are going to try and jam the heroes at the entrance.

First event is "Hard to Put Down". Killing a monsters is a 50-50 proposition (where the flip side is that the monster comes back immediately at full health). Quellen starts things off using his Exploding Rune blast to try and hurt two of the Barghests. He does and then throws some more damage on the master Barghest. Merrick immediately raises a zombie. I'm thinking it won't take much to lose this encounter as it doesn't take much to get the zombies up and out of dodge. Avric shows off his new Tempest skill and heals his comrades and deals damage to the Barghests. A minion Barghest dies and immediately comes back at full strength thanks to the global event. The master Barghest also dies, but stays down. Avric then uses his axe to put down another minon Barghest and it too stays down. The Flesh Moulders all move to join the squashing at the entrance of the map. Thetherys puts two arrows in a Flesh Moulder, but it bounces right back to life as if nothing happened. The remaining Barghest unloads on the group a howl and then takes a big chunk out of Avric.

A new global event gives all monsters the ability to fly (way better than coming back to life at full strength). Quellen starts the round by moving up and trying to blast the Flesh Moulders, but can only manage a minor wound on the master. Merrick raises another Zombie (the heroes haven't even really moved at this point and Merrick is halfway done). Thetherys makes a mad dash to the caravan portion of the map to try and find the key to the magic gate so the heroes can try and stop Merrick. The master Flesh Moulder's attack on Quellen is blocked, but he does heal himself. The minion Flesh Moulders take turns moving towards and beating up on Quellen. Avric elects to abandon Quellen (much as the mage did to the party way back when) and also runs for the caravan to look for the key. The zombie raised last round moves off the map while his new brother pulls itself from the ground. The Barghest turns and takes a chunk out of Quellen's hind quarter. Things look grim for the mage this go round.

Next up - Despair Wave. Quellen and Tetherys both fail and lose 2 fatigue, which neither have, so they both take 2 wounds. Quellen is a goner soon. Tetherys does a search, but doesn't find the Relic of Dawn, just a Capstone treasure (weak). Merrick continues to create zombies. Avric chooses wisely in his search and is rewarded with the Relic of Dawn! The mystic portal falls and the heroes can try and stop the zombie "horde". The Flesh Moulders take down Quellen and turn their eye towards Avric as he is heading towards Lord Merrick. Quellen stands up. The zombie raised last time shuffles his way towards the exit, grunting encouragement to his mate pulling himself up from the grave. The remaining Barghest tries to knock Quellen down again, but the mage manages to avoids the attack for a change.

New Global event is bloodlust - everyone gains 1 surge = 2 hits. Avric runs forth and bashes zombie #3 before it can fully free itself from the ground. Lord Merrick raises the last zombie and turns his eyes towards the heroes. Quellen uses his heroic feat to gain 4 stamina, rush forth and throw an Exploding Rune which destroys the newest Zombie and hits Merrick a bit too. The Flesh Moulders do their best to put Quellen back down, but he hangs on by a thread. Thetherys moves up and shoots Merrick for a couple more damage. Her comrades yell at her and she realizes she should have tried to kill the last zombie that now escapes.

"That should do it", gloats Lord Merrick as the last of the zombies shumbles through the doors. "Prophecies and curses... ha! There's always a way around them." Then in a flash of light and puff of smoke, he disappears. From within the Cathedral, the heroes hear the breaking of glass. The Cardinal is in danger!

The Overlord wins the first encounter. Hope that doesn't make the second or future encounters a problem.

The cathedral seems naturally still and dark. Then the group hears the scraping of stone and a deathly moan - Lord Merrick is still raising Zombies. There is hardly going to be time for the group to find their way through the locked door to save the Cardinal.

First event is global and transfers any condition to the target of the attack when dealing damage. Avric smashes the master Flesh Moulder and then rests to recover his fatigue so he can heal the group next round. Merrick isn't in play yet, so the heroes get another action. Thetherys gets in an attack and then also rests. The Zombies activate next and disease and wound the Cardnial. Quellen simply rests as he doesn't have LOS to anything. Master Flesh Moulder heals up and then starts to attack. his attack fully heals himself, and he whomps on Tetherys.

The next event is an instant wave of pain, which knocks out Quellen. Avric stands up Quellen then uses his heroic feat to help heal everyone. Tetherys slides back and uses her bow on the master Flesh Moulder, killing it and then wounding a minion. The Zombies are kicking the crap out of the cardinal - he's down to 9 life and he's diseased. Quellen moves up and then turns to fire off an arcane bolt, killing the wounded minion Flesh Moulder. The last Flesh Moulder minion attacks (misses) Avric and then moves away from the scrum. The Cardinal can't recover from the Zombie disease and takes another wound (8hp left).

The new global event is that suffering a wound while having a condition causes an extra wound - this could be really bad for the Cardinal. Quellen makes a dash for the altar to try and heal the Cardinal, but fails to figure out how to do it. Holy relics just aren't his cup of tea. Avric runs forth to attempt the same, but he fails to figure it out as well (this should be his cup of tea). Somehow, the Cardinal evades the Zombies this round! I needed that a lot. Tetherys uses her bow again, but only wounds the Flesh Moulder minion. The minon attacks Quellen and get a small heal out of the deal while dealing a small amount of damage. Thankfully, the Cardinal shakes off his disease.

New global event is bad - monsters are savage and gain a second attack after their first. Quellen figures out the stupid alter this time. He then moves to the nearest door and gets ready to open it next round. Avric apparently copies Quellen and heals the cardinal, getting his HP up to 13. A savage Zombie attack does only 1 damage, but that's enough to disease the poor Cardinal again. The other Zombie misses while laughing at the plight of the Cardinal. Tetherys puts the last of the Flesh Moulders out of their misery. Anti-bodies are a Cardinal's friend and he again shakes off the disease.

The new event is Surge of Darkness and all monster rolls gain a surge. Avric heals the Cardinal up before moving to back up Quellen. Quellen opens the door to find a pack of Barghests waiting for him in the darkness of the stairs. Quellen fires an Exploding Rune off and wounds a minion and the master Barghest. Avric searches (hoping for the key to the locked library, but only finds healing potion. The Zombies tag team the Cardinal for a couple of points of damage and another round of disease. Thetherys moves to join the action and then stops and searches and finds a stamina potion. The master Barghest howls (wounding Quellen) and then stops to lick himself or something, because his attack misses. A minon Barghest knocks Quellen out. The other misses his attack on Avric. The Cardinal's anti-bodies are in full swing now as he shakes off the effects of the disease once again.

Play nicely boys!

The new global event is Death Plague - killing a monster means testing to avoid gaining disease. Avric helps up Quellen and then uses tempest to kill a Barghest minion and wound the others (and get a little healing on the side). He manages to avoid the Death Plague. Quellen backs off and fires an Exploding Rune to cover his retreat, but trips and watches his spell fizzle into the dark. The Zombie squad has some bad rolls coupled with good ones from the Cardinal and manage only a single point of damage and another case of disease. Thetherys spends the whole time jogging over to another door. Next round she knows there is a Rune Key to open the locked door, but also a Golem. The master Barghest attacks Avric (misses) and then backs off. The minion chases after Quellen and hits the mage as his back is turned. The Cardinal finally succumbs to a round of disease losing a health.

Dark Influence! Demon's Influence - each hero recovers a wound, but suffers a fatigue at the end of each round (but doesn't lose health if they are out of stamina). Avric moves over to help Quellen and kills the minion Barghest, but gets the plague as his reward - he hasn't received any vaccinations, so suffers the effects. Quellen moves to heal the Cardnial, but apparently forgot how to activate the Altar. The Zombies continue to dink away at the Cardinal (dropping him to 9 health). Tetherys gives a warcry that sounds a lot like, "LeeeeeeeeRoy Jenkinzzzz!" and opens the door to find the master Golem looking her in the face. She pops off a bow shot, but it bounces off the stoney hide of the monster. The master Barghest chases down Avric and bites him in the ass. The Golem looks down on Tetherys and pounds her to within an inch of her life. Everyone recovers some health and loses stamina. The Cardinal manages to shake his disease again this round.

Knock knock! This better not be a Candygram...

The new global is Outbreak - thankfully the team is spread out and can't catch anything from each other. Apparently, the heroes need a lesson in sanitary habits before their next adventure. Tetherys manuevers around the golem and activates the Rune Key, unlocking the door to the library. Quellen moves forward and opens the door.

The Cardinal holds aloft a staff that glows with a bright light. "Thank Kellos you're here," he says, "Quickly, lets get out of here."

In response, the Zombies promptly beat the crap out of the Cardinal - diseasing him and dropping him to three health. Avric retreats to the altar and activates it, healing the Cardinal for a couple of hp and shakes off his disease. Somewhere a voice cries out, "Chopper! Sick balls!" In response, the master Barghest (apparently named Chopper) rushes forth and howls at Avric and Quellen. Both are able to withstand the noise of the undead animal. Our Golem turns to Tetherys but misses the lithe little elf. The Cardinal makes a break for it, shedding his disease as well.

The next event is Maddening Whispers! Avric is unable to stand them and turns to pummel Quellen but misses. Quellen is miffed, but doesn't return the favor. Tehterys hears nothing. Avric activates the altar again and then tries to smash Chopper, but only grazes the beast. Merrick finally enters the fray, but his attack misses Avric. Quellen uses his Exploding Rune to take out the two Zombie minions and almost kills the master too. He then tries for Chopper and takes him out. The master Zombie still has enough life left that he grabs and immobilizes the Cardinal. Thetherys knows the Golem is going to get her sooner or later and takes off at a full sprint. The Golem turns and shambles after her.

Thetherys does her Brave Sir Robin impression.

In keeping with our theme here, the new event is an instant - Infection, which gives each hero with a condition another one. Thankfully they are all good. A new minion Zombie appears to block the entrance. Quellen kills the master Zombie and then moves to sacrifice his body and keep Merrick at bay. Merrick unloads on Quellen who barely keeps his feet. Thetherys gives her stamina potion to Avric, hoping he'll be able to heal the group. The Zombie moves his feet to the beat and shambles forward. Avric gulps the potion down and cast his Tempest spell, healing the group and hurting Merrick and the Golem. He uses his remaining fatigue to move in and hit the Golem. The Golem returns the favor. The Cardinal catches up to the group and is ready to make a break for it. He needs three more turns to get off the map.

The instant event for the round is Doubt and causes Tetherys to go last. Avric chops away and gets close to killing the Golem, but can't finish the job. Merrick screams at Quellen to move, but is otherwise unable to threaten the hero. Quellen doubles down on his Arcane bolt and takes Merrick to 7 wounds. The newest arrival (Zombie master) moves up and his minion moves in but can't hit Quellen any better than Merrick. Tetherys moves and fires an arrow, but misses everyone. The Golem pounds on Avric, but his shield holds up and he avoids any wounds. The Cardinal chases after Tetherys whilst screaming about protection.

The new global event gives the ability to turn a surge into "Recover 1 wound". Quellen decides to try for the Exploding Rune, but fails and settles for a hit from his Arcane bolt on Merrick. Master Zombie goes for the grab and immobilizes the Cardinal again. Minion Zombie slightly wounds him. Thetherys' doubt fills her mind and she rolls a pair of X's on her attacks. The Golem finshes the round wounding Avric.

The new event allows me to get rid of a global event. I get rid of the Demon's Bargain - maybe I can get some fatigue back now. Quellen starts the round with a bang (Exploding Rune) and flattens a minion Zombie and Merrick. A standard Arcane Blast followup takes down the master Zombie. Tetherys tries to stop the newest minion Zombie but fails. The Zombie moves up and minorly wounds the Cardinal. Avric takes down the Golem, then heals the Cardinal. Things are looking good as the Cardinal is now one turn from leaving.

A Dark Influence card happens, but it simply keeps monsters from gaining conditions. Tetherys seriously wounds but fails to put down the new master Zombie. The Zombies fail to immobilize or kill the Cardinal, and he escapes, giving the heroes the win.

Outside, Koth lifts the Staff of Light aloft. It flares like a second sun, and then the light fades, the Overlord's minions are gone. Koth presents the staff to the Heroes.
"Thirty years ago, my friends and I used this staff to help us bind Gryvorn of the Shadows. Now it is yours." Then he lifts his palm and the Flame of Kellos flares to life. "Go with Kellos' blessing, faithful. Bring the Light into the dark places.
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