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Episode 63 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Thursday, October 6th & Friday, October 7th

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Damn, I’m tired. Yesterday was a very productive though long and tiring Day. I did two interviews again, of which the last one started at half past midnight and lasted to well past 2AM. It was a fun one though so be on the lookout for that! I also (Finally) finished up my review for ‘Ember - The Magical Card Game’, which you can find here ( or on BoardGameGeek. It’s not a podcast, but a written review. I decided that until I get a decent video camera that I will just do my reviews in writing. I’m quite sure I will have that camera in not too long, so watch out seeing my mug soon.

Also, I will do the First Roll Tomorrow, not today. I have an interview at three and game night tonight and I still need to run some Print and Play runs...

Busy Day, So Here are the games ending their kickstarter funding on Thursday & Friday.

Miniature related Projects:

Female Pirates:
The Duke’s ‘Pirates - Passion, Pillage & Plunder’ campaign is raising nearly tenfold its funding target and i must say i am also impressed with the beauty of these female buccaneers. 8 deadly females and a couple of free stretchgoals if you get the entire set for 30 GBP, but you can also get them as singles for 4 GBP.

Modular Underground:
The Dutch Modular Dungeons from MAKI Games are also very successful, getting over 125K in funding. If you look at the examples of what you can do with a few sets (and especially what you can do with a lot of sets), the possibilities are basically endless. The sets are 50 USD each, but get cheaper if you buy more

Board Games:

Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove: rojects/certifiablegames/endangered-orphans-of-condyle-cove
I think today is the ‘Day of the Ridiculous Funding Levels’! Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove is probably going to make over 300K. It’s a deplorable tabletop game devoid of joy, hope, or humor; which, regrettably, is also far more awesome than it has any right to be (which was too good of a blurb not to steal). From what I get from it, it is Disturbing… But very successful! The Game is 25 USD or 70 for the Greedy Bastards level with All the expansions.

Kill the King:
The final Board game is Kill the King. A strategy grid-based game where you fight your enemies on the battlefield and castle walls, trying to either get in or keep out. You must move fast as attacker, because before you know it the cavalry arrives and you’re in big trouble. KIll the King is 50 NOK for a PnP or 310 for the boxed copy, which is about 33 EUR.

Card Games:

Sweet Spot:
Card Games then! Sweet Spot is Tennis in a Card Game. Simple! Play in either doubles (where teamwork is important) or singles (where card skill is important) but make sure you don’t run out of breath. Sweet Spot is 18 SGD for a PnP or 30 for a physical copy.

Originz is a card game where you are a superhero (or a supervillain) and take it to the streets in a multi-format strategy card battle game. The artwork looks pretty sweet, reminding me of various comic book covers (which is what the theme is so Kudos). Originz is 40 USD.

Battle Gnomes:
The Final Card game is Battle Gnomes. A colorful card game where players recruit gnomes, arm them and attack their neighbors to become the biggest dog in the garden. Battle Gnomes is 8 USD for a PnP or 25 for a boxed copy.

Party / Miscellaneous Games:

Morbid Curiosity:
Party Games! Well, the first one might be more of a miscellaneous game. It’s Morbid Curiosity and it’s a game about Death. The subject nearly no one likes to talk about is taking center stage in this game where you’re going to have to talk about it. It’s raising 20K so there are people who want to discuss it in this Q&A game, but it’s not for me… I’m fragile… Morbid Curiosity is 26 USD but only available in the US.

Get Reelz:
Next, Happier things.. Like Movies! Get Reelz is a game where Hollywood is completely out of ideas and they turn to you! COme up with the most hilarious movie titles with the cards you have and steal the show! Get Reelz is 16 USD.

Loaded Dice:
And finally, Loaded Dice will turn every game into a party game by turning it into a drinking game. With every D20 roll you must drink up to your roll out of the glass, which has a scale printed on it going to twelve. Loaded dice comes in all kinds of different glasses, starting at 12 USD.

Role Playing Games & related:

Role Playing Games! Thornwatch is a collaboration between Lone Shark Games & Penny Arcade where they bring you the first Eyrewood Adventure Game. It’s a graphic novel adventure that bridges the gap between RPGs and Boardgames. Did I mention it’s raising nearly 600K? Thornwatch is 78 USD and you can get the first expansion ‘Dark in the Woods’ for only 5 extra.

Lights Out!
Next, Light’s Out! A family friendly RPG where all the adults have disappeared, the kids have strange abilities and now the electricity has been shut off. That can’t be good. Follow Shelly Wynn and her friends in a survival through the night. Family adventures in this post-parent apocalyptic superpower tabletop RPG. Light’s Out is also a children’s book series, but the first pledge to include the RPG is 25 USD for digital. It needs a little funding still so check it out!

The final RPG is Synthicide. A new tabletop RPG about a hostile universe where nothing is as it seems, robots are gods & killing humans is fair game. You are a Sharper, a free agent performing criminal missions for gangs and corporations alike. Scarcity, Violence, Corruption & Mystery… Also Synthicide. It’s 20 for a PDF and 60 for a hardcover.

Expansion, Reprints, Relaunches & Upgrades:

Quartermaster General 1914:
Quartermaster General is getting a new chapter and this time it takes you back to 1914, creating a narrative for the First World War reflecting the military, technological, and social changes that occurred over the following four years. 1914 is 35 GBP for a basic version and 64 if you want Victory or Death with it.

Battalia - The Stormgates:
And the final project, before I move on to the First Roll is Battalia - The Stormgates. It’s the expansion to the critically acclaimed ‘Battalia - The Creation’ where deck building, map creation and area control meet to give you an immersive strategic experience with very pretty minis to boot. The Stormgates expansion is 45 USD or combine it with the base game for 100.
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