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Subject: I may be alone on this, but I think GW boxed clever rss

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Stuart Hill
United Kingdom
county down
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Actually contrary to popular opinion I think GW has played a bit clever here (in my case anyway).

I am a reasonably keen boardgamer and have bought a few GW games over the years. Enough to have a stock of suitable proxies for BaC as it happens. I started off with games like 2nd Edition Talisman, 2nd Edition Blood Bowl, Space Marine and have amassed quite a GW collection including multiple copies of HeroQuest, Space Crusade as well as picking up more recent games like 3rd Edition Space Hulk and on the back of that Dreadfleet. I also picked up the 4th Edition of Space Hulk (I gave the 3rd Edition and unpainted 4th Edition miniatures to a friend).

So while I’m not in the GW hater camp I’m not exactly an avid/ recent spender. However something about BaC caught my attention, but not £100 worth of attention. I have now picked up 2 copies (without minis) for considerably less than £20 and the White Dwarf mags with the extra missions. While this may not go directly into GW coffers as I purchased all off eBay – the fact that there is a secondary market for GW stuff may help to fuel the primary market. For example in the case of BaC a W40K/30K player can pick the game up for the miniatures or a eBay seller can pick it up to sell parts. Both of which know that the game components have a value.

But here’s another clever bit – GW have reeled me back in (sort off). I bought the White Dwarf mag direct for the figure and extra games rules (including Space Hulk and BaC – plus converted the miniature to use as a Word Bearer Terminator Sergeant in BaC), saw the ad for Gorechosen and have now purchased that game (another one of the “free” miniatures off eBay to actually use in Gorechosen – adding more fuel to the secondary market) and have my eye on a few more figures (I’m not going to pay £15-£18 on all potential miniatures, but may pick up some cheaper alternatives to convert).

Yes GW may not have sold me BaC directly, but they have managed to sell me something. Plus (and I’m guessing a lot of GW players from the 80s and 90s are in a similar position). My kids are now eyeing up the very nice GW miniatures and games that I do have.

My proxies are (I have picked up enough over the years from charity shops , car boot sales and eBay to have permanent proxies for most weapons) :

Space Crusade for Word Bearers (the ED-209alike Dreadnaught, and marines)

Battle for Magragge for tactical Ultramarines

Space Hulk for Terminators

Various other purchases cover characters and 2nd squad of terminators (if I use Word Bearer Terminators). For example Kharn makes a decent Word Bearer Sergeant

Most options have a reasonable permanent proxy I coloured coded the edges of the bases to make in game differentiation easier (e.g. green = missile launcher, red = flamer). I created a sheet which has weapon effects on one side with the colour code and turn summary on the other. For the character options I will delete what is not used from the sheet.

As a slight aside I have assembled my Gorechosen miniatures (the 4 in the game plus 2 of the White Dwarf one). I use super glue to assemble miniatures. Given the amount of finger unsticking I’ve had to do it’s probably just as well I didn’t get the BaC unassembled miniatures.

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United States
San Diego
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stuart_greyabbey wrote:
Space Crusade for Word Bearers (the ED-209alike Dreadnaught, and marines

Well played, Sir! Well played, indeed!

Please post pics of your proxies in action. Do it for the children!
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