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Subject: Scenario: Hell's Kitchen Invaded by The Hand rss

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Corran Thorn
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Mastermind: Kingpin
Scheme: Transform Citizens into Demons
Villains: Goblin Queen (Jean Grey), Streets of New York, Hand Ninjas, Sinister Six, Underworld
Heroes: Luke Cage Divided (Jessica Jones), Daredevil, Daredevil Divided (Iron Fist), Elektra, The Punisher

Ratings go from 0-7. 0 = Not at all. 7 = The most, ever.

Narrative (5/7)
Entertaining (3/7)
Overall Quality (4/7)

I had bad luck with the villain draw. At one point, 5 out of 6 of the villain draws were all Goblin Queens with two scheme twists, so there was no way to stop them.

Marvel Legendary Base
Marvel Legendary Dark City
Marvel Legendary Civil War
Nobu of the Hand Ninjas is attempting to transform citizens into Demons using the special formula that Nobu invented. Kingpin is helping him achieve his goals, as he believes it will help transform Hell’s Kitchen.

Nobu’s Secret Lab
Subway tunnels.
Josie’s Bar in Hell Kitchen
D. Goblin Queen is in one of Nobu’s Secret Labs. She is found by 6 SHIELD troops and defeated.
L. Blackheart seen by a citizen in another Secret Lab. She tells the police, but they don’t believe her.
S. Vulture swoops down into the Secret Labs. Currently unsure of his role with the Hand Ninja.
D. Tombstone now also seen in the Secret Labs that they’re observing. Blackheart seen on the Rooftops, watching citizens and looking for prey.
L. Nobu and the Hand Ninjas release five demons into Hell’s Kitchen. They’re roaming the streets. SHIELD attacks Vulture in the Subway tunnels.
S. Goblin Queen seen in the Secret Lab again, leading the demons that were recently transformed. SHIELD troopers attack and knock out one of the demons.
D. 2 more SHIELD troops knock out another demon.
L. Blackheart is now in the hospital looking for more citizen-demon candidates. Goblin Queen roaming the rooftops with her 3 demons.
S. Blackheart knocks out Punisher at the hospital and returns to the lab. Tombstone visits the citizen candidates in the hospital. Goblin Queen nears Josie’s Bar. Daredevil requests Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ help.
D. Tombstone knocks out Elektra for a little bit and escapes from the Hospital. Several players get hurt. Lockheed the dragon sidekick and SHIELD trooper attack the Hand Ninja at Josie’s bar and defeat them.
L. Hobgoblin drops into the city and captures a bystander. He takes them to the Secret Lab as a hostage. Goblin Queen is now at the hospital.
S. Goblin Queen transforms the patients that Blackheart found in the hospital into demons. She now has 7 demons helping her. Jessica Jones and a SHIELD trooper take out two demons recklessly and get injured. It weakens the Goblin Queen, however.
D. Goblin Queen escapes from the hospital, and knocks out Jessica Jones before she goes. Dracula enters the hospital with Daredevil under his wing. Daredevil and SHIELD knock out Hobgoblin and rescue the hostage that he was holding.
Lot of demons surround the Goblin Queens.
Lot of demons surround the Goblin Queens.
L. Daredevil and Elektra take out the Hand Ninjas in the Subway tunnels. Punisher blows up a nearby building as a distraction, but no one is injured. SHIELD troopers take down another demon and the citizen is transformed back into themselves.
S. Bullseye seen in the Secret Labs. Dracula and Daredevil prepare to escape. Matt Murdoch works on talking to SHIELD as a lawyer, does not don his costume though the city is overflowing in villains.
D. Dracula escapes from the hospital, knocking out Iron Fist. Daredevil senses evil in the hospital again, finds Blackheart. Elektra jumps in through a windows and strikes him through the heart with her sai. Daredevil knocks him unconcious, for good measure. Goblin Queen continues to hover outside Josie’s bar, looking for Daredevil so she can attack him.
L. Goblin Queen stays near Josie’s Bar. Elektra meditates.
S. 5 more demons appear with the goblin queen near Josie’s bar. Elektra, Jessica Jones and Daredevil attack Hammerhead in the subway tunnels, and Elektra disappears while fighting. Daredevil is injured while trying to protect Jessica Jones. Near the bar, SHIELD troops attack another demon.
D. Daredevil and SHIELD troops attack bullseye on the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen.
L. The Goblin Queen now has infested the city with demons, except for the hospital.
S. The Goblin Queen enters the hospital with her demon entourage. Luke Cage takes out one of the demons at the hospital.
D. Goblin Queen knocks out Daredevil at the hospital, and escapes.
L. Kingpin attempts to buy several blocks of Hell’s Kitchen, now that the property values have declined. Marvel Knights notice and prevent him from taking all the land in Hell’s Kitchen. Elektra seduces The Punisher into helping them rid the city of the Goblin Queen.
S. Goblin Queen escapes capture again, knocking out Electra on herway out. Lockjaw and SHIELD knock out Azazel in the Hand’s secret lab. Jessica Jones encounters some Hand Ninjas in the subway tunnels and attacks them all in anger, just trying to get to her job.
D. Lockjaw, Daredevil and SHIELD troops take out 3 of the goblin queen’s demons in a raid on their secret lab.
L. Daredevil and SHIELD take out two more demons, leaving only 2 to protect the goblin queen.
S. But it is too late, the Goblin Queen escapes again, and Kingpin wins as he buys up all the land in Hell’s Kitchen and knocks it down.

The superheroes lost. Nobu and the Hand Ninjas transformed enough demons that the Goblin Queens became untouchable. 8 villains escaped, and four bystanders were taken away to be demons for the Goblin Queen. Highest scoring player had a victory pile of 21.

Please try it out and comment below with your results!
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