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Whenever a unit is using the road movement bonus (to include entering the game and during bridge/ford crossings), it is considered to be in a march-column formation, rather than a normal combat-ready formation. Orient the unit parallel to the road or railroad so that its Parent Organization number is facing the direction of movement along the road. Whenever a unit changes its formation from combat-ready to march-column, or vice versa, it uses ½ of a movement factor. Thus, if a player does not want a unit to end its movement in march-column formation, he must ensure that the unit uses ½ of a movement factor to deploy to a normal combat-ready formation at the end of its move. Combat units in march-column formation may never be stacked together at the end of movement. A unit in march-column formation may not use the road movement bonus to enter or to exit an enemy ZOC, including a bridge/ford hex. A unit in march-column formation may never participate in an attack. If a unit must defend against an attack while in march-column formation, a -2 drm is applied to its combat die roll.

A full strength (front side up) infantry division may never be stacked with any other infantry division (to include one that has taken a loss) at the end of movement. A reduced strength (white-stripe-back-side up) infantry division may stack with any other combat unit except for a full strength infantry division.
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