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Subject: Help making a build around Xindi rss

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danny bennet
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Hey folks,

Ive managed to get my hands on all four Xindi ships
The aquatic expansion
The reptilian expansion
the insectoid expansion
and weapon zero expansion

I love the faction and would love to take some of the ships to my next OP but im struggling to run a pure build competitively. Think I'm struggling to find synergy to get the ships to work together.

I have a load of other expansions for Klingon and Federation, maybe instead of running a pure build I could add a single ship from one of these factions??


Uss intrepid
Enterprise- E
HMS Bounty
USS reliant
the delta flyer
USS cairo



My local OP events are all ship pure so im limited to that but I'm sure theres something I can do with what I have to get myself in a competitive shape with Xindi.

Any help and advice?

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Typheron Joyzxqk
United Kingdom
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Ordo Xenos | T.I.U.F.
Set Phasers tae Malkey!
Wait 6 months so you have all the new retail expansions that are due for the Xindi if you want to run them fleet pure.

Ship pure your best bet is probably Azati prime in a mixed fleet, cherry picking the best the Xindi have.
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Justin Hare
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A little tricky to fly, but:
Weapon Zero (30)
Kiaphet Amman'sor (3)
Total (33)

Azati Prime (28)
Kolo (3)
Total (31)

Xindi Reptilian Warship (20)
Dolim (5)
Total (25)

Fleet total: 89

Generated by Space Dock for Android

The Xindi upgrades available now are pretty bad. Good effects, but overcosted (which is good for prize cards). The first retail expansion will hopefully give us something cheaper.

Consider Aquatic Councilor and Escape Pod on a ship. Even better if on Kolo's.

Damron is good but Kind of leans on a shio getting two actions a turn. Pair the Xindi with a Martok8 ship to swing that card.
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Andrew Gallagher
United States
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Are you playing in OPs? If so, just wait until you can get your hands on the Fleet Commander resource, as Weapon Zero is going to be the centerpiece of a Xindi fleet.

Weapon Zero's special ability is that, at the cost of an Aux token each time, when defending you can roll defense dice equal to the number of hits/crits rolled by the attacker. Kiaphet Amman'sor from Azati Prime (or, mixed faction, Gul Evek from the Koranak) lets you re-roll your blank defense dice. Kolo from the Xindus lets you change the target of an attack from an allied ship at range 1 to yourself.

Fleet Commander lets you choose a second captain for your ship. Kiaphet + Kolo means you can pretty reliably take and survive all attacks from your opponent, sparing your other Xindi ships.

Azati Prime is a pretty solid ship, so if you have that and get the upcoming retail Calindra, you'll have some decent hitters to build around. Plus, their maneuver dial is "fast" (i.e., red turns) which actually works pretty well with Weapon Zero's big base (it moves further than small-base ships with the same speeds).
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