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Subject: Roller coaster opening rss

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juerg haeberli
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We used the usual house rule of 1 factory build /country/turn.
Exclusively for this game we decided that the German suprise card would be a 2 CP card.
I played and I am still playing the Axis.

Before the game started I had planned to take Warsaw first and maybe Denmark so I could try an invasion of Norway.

Attack by U 47 / Polish infanterie

There went my original plans out of the window.
I should have gone with the all out West opening now but it wouldnt have mattred anyway because of the Allied 3 CP card.

I used the usual Italian defense, put the sub in the Skagerak and attacked Denmark with 4D2 and Me109 and Holland with tanks, 4D2, Guderian and stuckas.

The Allies anticipating the stucka in Holland intervened in Holland with spitfires.
Hollands ground army was destroyed during the first combat round and during the second round the stuckas won the air combat 1:0 !!!!!

Emboldened by this turn of events Guderian blitzed into Belgium and promptly found his Waterloo.
Germans lost the combat with 0:2 hits!!!!!
After this Guderian retreated and reread his tactical instruction manuals.

The diplomats convinced Hungary to join the Axis and Greece to join the Allies. ( The Allies had forgoten to put a unit adjacent to Norway. )

This didnt look to good to German HQ but at least the invasion of Norway would guarantee the resource flow of the Swedish ore to German industry.


suprise ( as 2 ops ) / Saar offensive

Wow, now the Axis looses the initiative during 39.
This really started looking bad.

The Allies attacked and sunk the lonely sub the Skagerak and reinforced Belgium and France with 2 SR`s.
Out of options the Axis decided to attack Warsaw with 3D2, 2C1 and 4B1 ( med bomber ) against 4D1 and 3D2 and bomb Birmingham.
As so often the Polish heroes held their capital.
Germany won the battle with dealing 6 hits and taking 5 leaving one lonely defending step in the Pokish capital.
At least the bombing raid destroyed a factory.

The Allies failed to convince the Norwegians to join them and the Axis gladly stepped in to take their place.



Axis attackes Warsaw and Belgium and puts some naval units into the North Sea to threathen England.
Warsaw falls, Belgium holds.

Romania joins the Axis.
Switzerland joins the Allies!!!!

The West front started looking like a night mare to the German HQ.

Adlertag / Their finest hour ( spitfires )

And again the Allies have the initiative.
Allies attack German naval assets in the North Sea sinking a 3 step cruiser, leave Belgium to fight for itself and move the Swiss army to Paris holding Switzeland with an unknown French block.

Axis takes Belgium and attack Switzerland with everything they got ( 4D3, Paras, Me109 and Guderian ) because intelligence predicts a weak defender in the Swiiss mountains.
And indeeed the French Colonial troops are no match for the German army.
After this sucess Guderian blitzes into Marseille and then to Vichy.
Now if Germany can regain the initiative there is a good chance to take Paris during 3-40.

The Allies try to convince Yugoslavia to join them but they prefer to join Germany which seems to have monumentum on its side.

Happy times / Black devils

Axis attacks Paris and pins every Allied unit on the continent.
Subs attack the British convoys.

The Soviets DoW Finland and the Allies try to protect their convoys.

Paris falls with some Axis luck and 2 convoy steps sink.

Italy enters the war.
Finnland joins the Axis.
Bulgaria does not want to join the Soviets.

Wow what a come back for the Axis.
The pinning losses were quite heavy ( mostly Landsturm ) so the Axis is in no shape for a 41 Barbarossa but with help of its diplomats the Axis still seems to have a fighting chance.


New Roman empire / Maginot line

Axis attack Mersa Matruh, lonely spitfires without retreat possibility in Champagne and Picardie.
I thought there was a spitfire in Pic and so missed the great chance to sink the Brit. BB there.
Obviously not one of my greatest games.
The Italian attack on Mersa Matruh backfires catastrophically.
The spitfires deal 2 hits before they die and the Brit. BB escapes from Pic with one hit.

Bulgaria joins the Axis.
Turkey does not join the Allies.


Axis diplo / Siberian troops

Not a happy sight for the German HQ.
Everybody plays for position.

Syria does not join the Soviets.
Unfortunately Turkey does not join the Axis.


Afrika corps / Ultra

Axis attack convoys again and SR to Africa and Balkans.
The Ark Royal sinks 3 subs while the subs sink one convoy.

The iran does not join the Axis and Vichy does not join the Allies.


Bismark / Soviet Leader

The complete Italian fleet plus the Condor attack the Brit. 4 step cruiser and 3 step BB in the Eastern Med.
The Italians loose the fight 6:4 !!!

The Allies SR another unit int the Near East.

No new Allies for the Axis and Soviets.


Desert war / Diplo Allies

Axis attack Greece and convoys, bomb Birmingham and attack the Eastern Med again with condor.
Allies SR to near East.
Soviets DoW Germany and attack Warsaw.

Greece falls.
2 convoys sunk, Ark Royal takes 1 hit, subs take 1 hit.
Factory in Birmingham turns to rubble.
British cruiser and BB sunk by Condor.
Soviet armored attack repulsed with heavy Soviet losses vs. medium German losses.

3x3C2, 3C1, Leader and 3B1 AF against
4C2, 3C2, 4D2, Me109 and Leader.

Vichy joins Axis.
Portugal joins Allies.

So 42 is looming on the horizon and the Soviets already start attacking Warsaw.
The position of the Axis is not great but there is still potential depending on what will happen on the eastern front during 42.
Unfortunately the allied Portugal means that the Americans and the Brits will take Spain during 42 and probabely start pressuring France in 43.
The Italians are in greate shape and should survive until 44.

Soviets take Berlin during 45.
Can be a lot earlyer should there be a catastrophic battle on the East front.
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Mark Kwasny
United States
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That was indeed quite a wild opening. You are even having an African campaign! Both sides have reason to be happy with the positions as of 41, and also nervous. If you continue the game, I am curious to hear how Germany does against Russia in 1942. That seems to be the critical year for success in the East. I have seen Germany crack the Russian line in 42 and cripple them, but it is not easy!

Interesting Portugal gambit. As an Allied player, I always figure the Iberian Peninsula is not worth it - Germany has to defend southern France anyway from invasions. But it sounds like you have seen this ploy before. Does it really help the Allies in the long run?
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juerg haeberli
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We played Saturday to 3-43.
The Wehrnacht stands adjacent to Moscow and has a production of 19 right now.
Unfortunately the Allies blitzed through Nord Africa and just took Rome by a suprise invasion. ( should have had more defense there.)
Almost all of Italy is now allied teritory which is bound to create problems for Germany.
Unfortunately I probabely wont be able to take Moscow and the Allies are now unconfortably close to the German southern borders, but we will see.

Control of the Iberian Peninsula gives the Allies an extra resource, easy acsess to Africa ( if wanted ) and puts additional pressure on France ( especially if Vichy is still neutral ) so yes Portugal can be worth it.
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