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Subject: TAG: The Assassination Game - Season Two rss

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TAG: The Assassination Game
based on the old 1980's movie
(which was based on the game "Killer" by Steve Jackson Games)
(... See also the movie "Gotcha" for a comparable story)


The premise:
In this game, you play a deadly assassin!
Or, at least, you play at being a deadly assassin while enrolled in college.

Everyone in the game starts with a dart gun. On n0, you will be assigned a target. If, at dusk, you share a space with your target, you can shoot them in order to gain points toward winning the game.

If you 'kill' your target, you then gain their target and on the next day, you can go about hunting down your new victim.

If you are 'killed', then you no longer have a target. You will have to proceed to the game headquarters in order to receive a new target. This may also be accomplished by returning to your 'dorm room' and calling HQ or by using one of the randomly placed phone booths. There are no "cell phones"; this is the '80s, man.

The basics:
At the beginning of the game, no player will have more than one assassin. You may, over time, gather more assassins.
At no point in the game, will any player ever have more than one target.

Once a player is assassinated, they will be assigned a new target. The target assignment is random, with an increased percentage chance given to anyone who does not currently have an assassin.

If you are in the same space as your target, you can shoot them. If you do, you gain 3 points. - RULE CHANGE
If you shoot your assassin, you get 1 point.
... both of these points may be awarded for the same gunfight.

If you shoot someone that is neither your target nor your assassin, you lose 1 point. Uncool, man.

Each player can only carry one dart at a time.
Once you empty your weapon, you have to rearm. The only places you can rearm are the game armory / headquarters / your room.

There will be bandoliers in different locations (they will not be hidden, but they will not be listed on the map or in the armory). The number of bandoliers will be dependent on the number of players.
There will be at least one bandolier.
If you find a bandolier, you can carry up to three darts at a time.

Helpful information:
Each player will also get bonus information based on their point level:

Less than 4 points: You will get your distance from your target and which general cardinal direction he is in (N, E, W, S)
4-7 points: Distance from target
8 or more points: No bonus information

The Winner? The first to get to 21 points. If more than one player gets 21 or more points on the same turn, then the player with the most points wins. It is possible to end the game with a tie (on the same turn, two or more players end with 21 or more points and end with the same amount of points).

You will be aware of your running point total. The Killer will be informed when someone has more than three points more than he does.

... and now for the wackiness.

There IS lynching in this game. Why?

One of the players is determined to win. He has the option of using his dart gun or a real gun. Obviously, if he uses a real gun, then no one gets points, but the other player is killed.
He is so determined to win, in fact, that if any player has a lead over him of four or more points, he no longer has a choice and must use a real gun.

But here's the downside - there is no role reveal of any kind in the game.

If a player is lynched and they are not the player with the real gun, every player that voted for them loses 3 points.

Obviously, [no lynch] will be allowed. You do not have to be in the same location as another player to vote against them.

There are no Werewolf-based special roles in this game. However! No one can shoot more than once a turn. This includes the killer. If two players are shooting dart guns at each other and the actual killer uses his real gun on one of them, the other one will survive and be able to rat out the identity of the real killer.

Bonus elements!

If there are enough players (more than 12), I will introduce the following element:
(I know, I sound like I'm on Kickstarter)

Security Force: The college police really don't like this game, and that was before someone went nuts and started using bullets instead of darts. Their purpose in the game is to counter the Killer.

Any Security Forces may shoot any other player at the end of their movement. If it is the real killer, the entire security detail wins, regardless of any other outcome. If it is NOT the real killer, the player who fired loses and is immediately removed from the game (killed, in game parlance - fired and put in prison for murder as far as the theme is concerned).

If there are enough players (more than 16), I will introduce the following element:

Bystanders: Bystanders are those players not currently an active part in the game. In THIS version of TAG, they are simply waiting for their turn. If you are 'assassinated', you become a bystander. When there are a certain number of bystanders (determined by total player count), the bystanders will start rotating back into the game. Bystanders will be notified in their change in status.
- Bystanders are meant to distract players, not make you suffer and wait. There will never be a large number of bystanders, regardless of game size.


Another special consideration:
The Killer can shoot any player with their real gun. However, if they shoot anyone other than their assigned target or a member of Security, all remaining Security Forces will be given a direction and distance to the Killer's location.

First player to 12 wins. ... well, or the last man standing.


This game will not run with less than 9 players.
Guards will be introduced when there are 13 players.
Players-in-waiting will be introduced when there are 17 players.


This IS a physics engine game. The map, which will be revealed on n0, will consist of a grid that allows for orthogonal and diagonal movement, with a minor amount of restrictions.
All locations will have a chat in Cassandra.
All public-use locations will be identified prior to the start of the game. This includes the Headquarters and the Armory.
Private-use locations, such as a player's "dorm room" will not be public knowledge. Only those players that gain benefits from the location will be informed of its place on the map. Some players will have 'roommates' (it IS college, after all). All locations will have a name - just because it starts as private knowledge, that doesn't mean it will stay that way.
There are no "safe zones".
The size of the grid will be dependent on the number of players.
At the beginning of the game, each player will be able to move 3 spaces per turn. You may be able to find the pair of skates that will give you an extra space of movement per turn.


Dusk/Dawn will be at 6:00 PM BGG Time. There are no "Night Actions".


Any questions?

The movie is available on Google Video, if you are interested. No, I am not embedding it:

... More editing will be required.
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Using the University of Montana (Missoula) as a starting point:

I have developed this campus map (click to embiggen):

Color coding:
Light blue indicates it is locked and you cannot access it without a key.
Gold indicates that they are connected via the Shuttle Bus.
Gray indicates the Medical Center.
Light green indicates Game Headquarters, where you can refill and get a new assignment.
Orange indicates phones, where you can get a new assignment.

Points to consider:

The following locations connect to the Shuttle Bus:
North Parking Lot
South Parking Lot
East Parking Lot

The following locations have the same chat room:
South Parking Lot
South Parking Lot (East)
South Parking Lot (West)

The large box at the bottom left is "The Quad". To access most of the dorms, you have to get to the quad, then get into your specific dorm.

The large box in the center is "The Oval" - the historic center of the university. It is a large grassy area, not a building.

There may be rooms that are not on the map.
Certain locations will have "bonus features."

If you have a 'housing location', you will have a key to that location. The only individuals that can get into that location or people who have keys.
... I cannot guarantee that you will never have a roommate as an 'assassin'. I won't prohibit a player from giving someone their 'room key'. Note that I won't give you a duplicate or replacement.

I will not identify where each person's "base" is at, but there are no prohibitions against sharing.

You may refill your gun or get a new assignment by going to your base. Also, you may use these sites:
The University Center is where the game is based. You can refill your gun there; you may also get new assignments there. The Recreation Center is a secondary base. All players may refill or get new assignments there.

You may receive new assignments by calling in. There are landlines available to public use in these locations:
Mansfield Library
Skaggs Building
Education Center
(This is before cell phones.)

Movement rules have changed slightly:
You get 7 movement points every turn.
If you find roller skates, you get +3 movement points.
There are two roller skates on the map at the beginning of the game. You will not be able to find them until the official game start on Sunday evening. More will spawn throughout the game and will be placed in empty locations during the night phase.

Each player will have a notional dart gun (I'm not actually giving each player a dart gun). You will have a game order for "Shoot X".
Each player will be given a primary and a secondary target. If you use your Shoot game order while in the same location as your primary target, you get 3 points. If you use your Shoot game order while in the same location as your secondary target, you get 1 point.
... remember that you can only shoot once before going to a base and re-loading.
If you use your shoot order and neither target is in your location (even if their move order process them out seconds before), then you lose 2 points. That's what you get for being disciplined by the school administration. Tsk, tsk.

If you are shot, then the person who shot you gets your primary target and you have to get a new target, as specified above.

You may refill your weapon at the sites listed above.
There are two bandoliers on the map. If you find a bandolier, you get three total shots before reloading, and you will always reload back up to your max.
You will not be able to find them until the official game start on Sunday evening. More will spawn throughout the game and will be placed in empty locations during the night phase.

The idea behind this game is that everyone is a 'killer', but one person refuses to lose. The Killer starts the game with a Shoot order, the same as everyone else, but if they specify in their modchat that they are using a revolver instead of their dart gun, then the person targeted is shot with a bullet and not just tagged.
The Killer can only shoot one person a day, just like everyone else.
Once the Killer is shot by another player, he has to use his revolver. If the Killer uses his revolver voluntarily, he can continue using his dart gun (for example, if he shoots a policeman).
If the Killer uses his revolver, the victim has a 5% chance (going up by 1% every use) of not dying instantly. If they can get to the Health Center (NOT Health Services) on their next turn, they can heal.
Anyone that has been shot by the Killer cannot post in the thread (whether or not they survived the gunshot).

There will be a police chief. The police chief starts with a (notional) revolver and without a dart gun.
All law enforcement will have a walkie-talkie and will be able to communicate with one another, regardless of location. Walkie-talkies will be aliased.
The police chief can recruit one player a day. Any player that chooses to join the police chief will trade in his dart gun for a revolver. He will no longer be playing the TAG game. He will also be given a walkie talkie*. (All players with walkie talkies join an anonymous mason chat.)
The police chief can not have more than four deputies.
If the Killer never murders any other player, than the law enforcement team wins at the end of the game just for maintaining the peace.
Once the Killer has murdered another player, then the law enforcement must stop the Killer to win.
If any law enforcement player uses his Shoot order on a player that is NOT the Killer, they are removed from the game. They continue to count against the police chief's total.
If the Killer murders a policeman, that dead player remains on the law enforcement team, but does NOT count against the police chief's total.
*Note - if the Killer murders a policeman, he gets that policeman's walkie talkie.

There is the possibility of lynching.
The lynch leader at dusk will be removed from the game.
In addition, any player that was voting for the lynch leader at dusk may suffer point loss. If the person that was lynched was NOT the Killer, then any person that was involved in their lynch loses 5 points. If the village lynches law enforcement, everyone involved loses 9 points.

Night won't be instantaneous, but it will be as fast as I can process all actions.
There WILL be a "No Posting" period. I expect it'll be 30-45 minutes.

Players will be allowed to post in the thread.
Players are not allowed to refer to any other player in the thread.
They have no such limitations in location chats.

If you do not participate between dawn and dusk, you will be removed from the game. The only exception to this is if you inform me that you will be absent BEFORE the absence.

The first player that gets to 21 points wins.
If the Killer shoots any other player, than he only wins if he is the last person in the game (not counting law enforcement).
Law Enforcement wins if the Killer is removed from the game. Law Enforcement also wins if the Killer never uses his revolver (because then there are no real crimes to stop).

If you have 10 points or less, you will be given a direction and distance to your target. The direction will be given as N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, NE. The distance will be as straight as possible (and will not include the use of the shuttle).

If you have 11 to 15 points, you can have either piece of information, but not both.

If you have more than 15 points, you obviously know what you are doing and can figure it out without my help.
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More editing of the rules posts will be needed. In the meantime, this will be here throughout, although it too will eventually be edited slightly:

Bottom line: If you can't be an active player, replace out. For the sake of every player that plays to the end and has zero idea whether you're good or not, play or get out. Stop sitting in a role if you're a minimalist.

No one cares how good you play. No one expects anyone to be Avin but Avin. No one can be nolemonplease but nolemonplease. The only people judged against ljtrigirl's standards is ljtrigirl, and ditto for every single player. Play to your ability and everyone will appreciate it. Judge yourself against your history, not against everyone else's or some mythical 'forum standard'.

But take note - you will be judged (and not favorably) if you are absent and continue to be absent. Don't meet the minimums and then hide. Don't beg to stay in 'because tomorrow will be better' unless you can guarantee it. Don't be scared to play.

That won't cut it anymore. Not in my games.
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Cassandra Project
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Player List According to Cassandra:

10 players are signed up.

To sign up for this game go to
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