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Subject: MFL Week 2 Highlights- Part 2 rss

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Chefs fry Rattlers 13-7

#68 of the Rattlers gets an early pick 7 on the second play of the game to put the Rattlers ahead 7-0 on the Chefs. But the Chefs rally and put together a strong drive to close out the half 7-7.

Both teams have all timeouts remaining. Hammer gets a quick shovel pass off to a Rattler to pick up only ten. Nice stops by the Chefs defense, and excellent pressure from Vincent.

This is where it gets difficult. Hammer lines up with a running back, which means that if Vincent tried to tackle Hammer, he'd be looking at a rough -2 modifier. So what happens is the worst play I've ever seen in my entire Techno Bowl life. Slowly, but surely, Chefs begin to crowd Hammer. But the Rattlers crowd the Chefs, forcing bad modifiers. Hammer is completely surrounded. Eventually, the Chefs 31 makes it into the pile and performs a sack for 10 yards, ending the misery.

Rattlers chain together a cute little 35 yard pass play next. The throw was from #75 though, not Hammer. Fourth down. They don't want to risk the field goal. The Rattlers have Hammer and #75 try to stay alive long enough to get a pass off. But Vincent hits Hammer! Sack! Turnover on Downs!


10-7 Chefs, neither team has timeouts. Hammer once again has the pocket fold around him. But this time a receiver gets open. He decides to hand it off to #75. Fumble! The fall scatters right into the back of the pile. Nobody has any activations to pick it up on the
Chefs, and they don't dare read and react for fear of letting #75 of the Rattlers read and react. So what commences is an embarrassing play. Adjustments wouldn't give enough movement to reach the ball. Eventually though, Child falls on the ball at the goal line. Chefs kick on the final play, and finish with 13 points to the Rattlers 7.

MVP: Tom Vincent, Chefs.

Tom Vincent: sack, 4 defensive pressures
Jamaal Child: 20 rush, 80 receiving, TD

J.J. Joule: 3 tackles, defensive pressure

Ryan Hammer: Sacked twice, didn't throw any passes.


It's really hard to be a superstar blitzer when the opposing star has juke.

I feel like the Rattlers were a bit of a joke design. Hammer is a little, well, lame? At least Joule is awesome!

The Chefs are looking really hot! In fact, one might say that they are really cooking! (Puns are funs)

Griffons Rally to beat Trucks 21-14

When Mario Plumber threw a ball intercepted by Trucks QB #68 for a pick 7 on the first play of the game, things were not looking so hot for the Griffons.

Thankfully for the Griffons, a typical Fritz Gerald 80 yard catch followed by a "Shake Sneak" by Plumber to get those last few inches granted the Griffons a tie game at seven.

The Trucks went back on offense, and after a pair of rushes by the QB set up a 3rd and 40, 68 sent a beautiful pass into coverage to 71, who breaks a tackle and gets the Touchdown!

3rd and 50. Plumber sets up in a spread formation, sends Gerald on a short hitch route and Knees deep, totally confusing the defense. Knees gets wide open, and a spectacular pass from Plumber ties the game at 14!

Two minutes left in the first half, both teams have exhausted all their timeouts for the game. #68 throws a short 25 yard pass to #62, but Knees is all over him and makes the easy tackle.

Final play of the half at the Trucks 45. If the Trucks score, they are all but guaranteed the win, considering they receive next half. They send all their receivers deep, but nothing is opening up, not even the short route run by Books. #68 is running out of time, and so decides to send a pass downfield to #71 in coverage by Gerald. But the pass comes up short! Intercepted by Plumber! His second of the season! And he's got a touchdown! The Griffons take the lead 21-14 at halftime!

Fun play alert: Trucks ball, 2nd and 70. 4:00 left in the game. #68 runs the ball over to the sideline in the first card, where he hands it off to Stop. Thus ensues a hilarious play consisting of Sack and Stop taking turns shoving down the Griffons secondary and getting full successes. Stop eventually hands it off to Sack after 20 yards, who gets it an additional 20 before being tackled by Knees.

3rd and 30. 2:00 left. The Trucks really have to pass. But the blitz comes hard! 68 is forced out of the pocket! In comes Knees through a hole opened up by the nose tackle! Now here comes the fun bit. Knees and 68 both have their cards flipped at the same time. If Knees wins the roll off, he can sack 68 to end the game. If 68 wins the roll off, he can throw to 71 in the endzone to tie it, giving the Griffons only 1:00. Tense moment. Here's the roll.... And Knees wins 4-2! He moves in to sack at +1! The roll of the dice.... A five and a one! His Tackle +1 skill comes in for the sack, and the Griffons pull off the comeback!

MVP: Willie A. Knees, GRIFFONS.
Though his statline wasn't too impressive, Knees made plenty of good defensive plays, played excellent coverage, caught the game-tying pass on a great route, and had the game-winning sack.

Mario Plumber: 4/5, 155 yards, TD, INT, rush TD, intercepted ball for TD on defense.
Willie A. Knees: 5 rush, 50 receiving, TD, game-winning sack
Fritz Gerald: 105 receiving

Al Stop: 30 rush
Warren Sack: 20 rush


Even with the pick six that essentially lost the game for the Trucks, you have to give credit to #68 of the Trucks, who essentially carried the team while the stars were having a rough day. 40 rush and 65 passing plus an INT + TD on defense isn't a bad statline, considering the stars seemed like they didn't have any skills. The generic players definitely carried the team today.

Plumber is developing nicely not just at QB, but as a safety too. His second pick of the season comes at a crucial time, and ends up winning the game. And I like how he's beginning to use more receivers than just Gerald, it will definitely help to have multiple options when they face the Tyrants twice this season.

Knees looked really good this game. His athleticism on the field seems unmatched.

The Griffons really need to blitz more often. It worked marvelously against this Trucks team, partially due to the slower brand of football they play, but if Knees and the defensive line keep this up, quarterbacks are going to have to learn how to deal with the inside blitz, a rare tactic, and they'll have to learn fast.

Lumberjacks overrun Pandas 38-21

Kind of a boring report here, considering nearly every play was a touchdown or a fumble. The game was a total shootout, with the ball only being run twice all game, both times by the Pandas.

Best play though was the first play of the game. Vaughn caught a screen pass to the outside and ran down the field a great distance. But he was brought down by Nice at the 5, where he fumbles! Unfortunately, neither team has the proper card. Dakota slowly made his way over to the ball. Vaughn got to stand up off of a partial. But a lucky block by the Lumberjacks allowed Dakota to grab the ball in the endzone. They then got another full activation later. Nice attempts to take the ball from Dakota in the endzone. Vaughn is also in the endzone at this point. And Dakota fumbles it, and Vaughn recovers. Touchdown!

When the score was still 28-21, the Lumberjacks had just recovered a turnover, and Nice made an incredible play. It was an endzone fade route, and Nice went to the corner to catch the pass. But Dakota's pass was quite bad, and it sailed high. But Nice used the cornerback as a springboard, lifted himself into the air, and caught the tip of the ball with just one hand, and hauled it in for the Touchdown!

MVP: Joe Dakota

Joe Dakota: 7/7, 340 yards, 4 TD
Larry Nice: 220 yards, 3 TD

Julian Salts: 3 defensive pressures
Cameron Dyne: 4/7, 220 yards, 3 TD, 2 INT, lost fumble
Steve Vaughn: 40 rush, 150 receiving, 2 TD

Spaceships fly past Pills 21-7

(I didn't play this one, so only have a couple details.)

This game was all the Spaceships defense. Darrel Reeves was incredible, intercepting the ball once, and forcing a fumble that he turned into a return touchdown that sealed the game. But the best showing of the Spaceships D was the turnover on downs they forced on the Pills. It was 4th and only 15 to go, but Gold, who usually doesn't get much action, sacked James for a 10 yard loss to give the Spaceships the ball. Orlando Juice had a good game though, picking up 190 all-purpose yards for the Pills. But the Pills just couldn't get those last few yards all game without trouble striking.

MVP Martin Curtis

Kelly James: 3/3, 170 yds, TD
Orlando Juice: 170 yds receiving, TD, 20 rush, lost fumble
Andrew Tweed: No catches
Tomas Thurston: 50 rush, 30 receiving

Mary Gold: Sack
Fritz Patrick: no passes
Darrel Reeves: 80 receiving, TD, fumble return TD
Martin Curtis: 1/1, 80 pass, TD, 75 rush, TD

Banditos march past Ninjas 14-7

Max Clay, the tight end, caught a wonderful pass from the QB #65 to start the game off for the Banditos. He gained sixty.

Second down didn't go so well. Marron had two shoves performed against him off his failed roll, the second time leading to him falling over. That's a loss of twenty yards. Third down saw the quarterback sacked by Lou Ray, which brought up a long fourth down. But #71 ran a perfect route, and caught a pass wide open in the endzone for a touchdown!

Ninjas got the ball. The pressure comes hard from Clay. #65 dumps it off into coverage to Red at a +1 modifier. But the ball sailed just a bit too far, and #71 of the Banditos makes an incredible play to snatch it from right under the nose of Red. A pair of solid runs by Marron gave the Banditos a 14-0 lead.

The Ninjas struck right back with a deep pass to Red for a touchdown, leaving 5:00 on the clock, both teams having no timeouts. Thus began three plays of the Banditos grinding the clock to come away with their second win!


S. Marron: -5 rush, TD
M. Clay: 60 receiving, sack

E. Red: 80 receiving, TD
L. Ray: sack, 2 defensive pressures


The Banditos really are a sleeper pick. Nobody expected them to start off 2-0. I guess not having those logos pays off!

The Ninjas need a better plan. Their blitz is good, but easily avoidable, seeing as if Ray blitzes, Red isn't moving. The defensive coordinator is in the hot seat right now, and I would not want to be him. It will be interesting to see how they handle Boss and the Yellow Jackets next week.

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