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Subject: [Prime Evil] Script 2 Rules Clarification - SPOILERS rss

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Emily Rose
United States
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There are some discrepancies between the Mastermind Handbook and the Summary Sheet that cause serious problems for Script 2 of Tragedy Looper: Cosmic Mythology. Some clarifications need to be made.

First, the Mastermind Handbook suggests that Intrigue should be placed and corpses should be amassed in the City, but this seems odd since the culprit for Evangelium of the Dead is School and nothing else involves the City. There must either be a typo on the Mastermind card or the Mastermind Handbook was written incorrectly. Here are the relevant quotes:

"... there should be at least two corpses/Intrigue counters on the city." -Mastermind Handbook, page 4

"... that way you can get people away from the School and place Intrigue on the City." -Mastermind Handbook, page 4

Second, the Mastermind Handbook suggests that the Police Officer (Show-Off) could be killed if he got 2 Paranoia on him whereas the the Summary Sheet says strictly more than 2 Paranoia must be on the Show-Off for that character to die. Here are the relevant quotes:

"[Mandatory][Always] If this character has more than 2 Paranoia, (s)he loses the Unkillable aspect and gains Mandatory Goodwill Refusal." -Summary Sheet, Show-Off Ability

"... the Police Officer should be mistaken for the Vampire. Make sure that he doesn't get 2 Paranoia and get killed." -Mastermind Handbook, page 4

Lastly, the Mastermind Handbook suggests the presence of multiple Curses throughout the instructions, but the plot and subplots only allow for one Curse at a time. This is probably a minor translation error, but it's a bit confusing. Here is a relevant quote:

"... one of the Curse cards shouldn't be able to attach..." -Mastermind Handbook, page 4

We would like clarifications to be made, especially for the Show-Off ability since that could come up in later scripts. Thanks!
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Roberta Yang
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Here's the full quote in the original context:

"The basic goal should be to go for a “Noble Bloodline” coverup, as well as to kill the Protagonists using Curses and the main plot’s special rule. What that means, is that that the third day, one of the Curse cards shouldn’t be able to attach, and there should be at least two corpses/Intrigue counters on the city."

Your goal is to pretend to be in the Noble Bloodline, with (as the next paragraph explains) the Police Officer as the Vampire. The Mastermind handbook advises that you do this by having 2 intrigue/corpses in the city (the Police Officer's starting location) and a Curse in an empty location with no character to attach to. The latter lets you kill the protagonists by the Cursed Land's plot rule, but the former makes it look like the Police Officer killed the protagonists by the Vampire's ability.

The advice it gives doesn't actually work at all, but that's what it's meant to do.

As for the Show-Off, the translator confirmed that the reference sheet is wrong and the Show-Off's threshold is 2 paranoia, not 3. Z-Man still has not fixed this on their online "corrected" reference sheet because they're a very bad company.
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