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Subject: Arverni march + devastate rss

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Ricardo Dubcek
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I found an interesting strategy suggested by Volko in a post which was something in the line of Arverni marching from a region (I’ll call it A) into another region (I’ll call it B) with legions and auxilia and then devastating it to weaken Roman forces. Should no one come to their aid, this could be used to prepare a later battle against that group of legions and surviving auxilia with better odds (as Romans would lose 1 in 3 pieces and Arverni just 1 in 4).

So I thought on some options to develop that idea further and I have a few questions:
1.- In order to make those odds even better and assuming enough forces available, ¿could the Arverni divide their horde, march a first party just big enough to establish control of B, devastate and then march the second party also into B? This would have the benefit of the 2nd party not suffering the effects of devastation, so total Arverni forces in B would be bigger than if they had all marched as a single group. I see nothing in 3.3.2 saying otherwise, but just checking.

2.- If the answer to 1 is positive, would the 2nd party be allowed to devastate region A before leaving (perhaps to hinder arrival of Roman reinforcements) but once the 1st party was already gone? The full sequence would be: 1st party marches from A to B, 1st party devastates B, 2nd party devastates A, 2nd party marches from A to B. If this is possible, I guess the March command would still cost only 1 resource (as the 1st party left when region A was not yet devastated)… or would the cost be 2, since the 2nd party marched out of a devastated region?

3.- If the answer to 1 is positive, let’s assume Vercingetorix is in the 1st party , that he has better things to do than battle in region B and that he would instead rather go to a third region C for whatever reason. I assume that the 2nd party, not having marched with him initially from A, would not be allowed to join forces with him and march out into C, thus being forced to stay behind in B. Is that right?

Wow, my head is spinning now… Whether these are legal moves or not, the strategic depth of this game is just amazing. Congrats and heartfelt thanks to the design team once again!
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Ronald Tin
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
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Yes, i believe your obsservations are correct. The sequence would be

1. Declare march command
2. Pay for march in region A (1 resource at this moment)
3. According to the rule group them into group 1 (X warbands with Vercingetorix) group 2 (Y warbands)
4. Group 1 march 1 space into region B
5. Declare interrupt eith devastate
6. Devastate region A (adj to V)
7. Devastate region B (with V)
8. Group 1 drop off some warbands. Remaining V + warbands march to C
9. Group 2 march 1 region.

On the other hand, if you split V into group 2 you can then march group 2 2 regions anywhere (but not through region B because you must stop when you enter a devastated region)
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