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Subject: Band of Brothers scenario 1 - Day of Days rss

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Keith Talbot
United States
New Hampshire
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Notes: I played solo. The rolls for both sides were at best good. This was written well after I played the scenario and read my notes, so probably not 100% accurate.

Southwest of Utah Beach, June 6th, 1944 - The 101st Airborne of the 506th was dropped at 1:00am to support the invasion, the drop was FUBAR and they were dropped into the wrong area. There mission was to rendezvous with the rest of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment.

As the half squad Airborne unit aggressively moved down the road, a crack of opportunity gun fire broke out from the other side of the hedgerow, eliminating them in the road.

A second Airborne unit moved down the same road towards there fallen brothers taking final opportunity fire for the spent German unit with no effect. The Airborne unit retuned fire and fully suppressed the German unit behind the hedgerow.

The next Airborne unit moved down the south road pushing towards the concealed German units, preparing to take some fire from only to find there were no units then hedgerows.

A German unit moved towards the south road using cover of the hedgerow to cover the approach of the American Airborne unit m one down the road.

The remaining German units held positions.

The Airborne units held there positions and did not route.

The fully suppressed German unit failed to route and was eliminated.

A 4th Airborne unit moved up on the just off the south side of the road with the advantage of not being seen thru the hedgerows.

The next airborne unit followed the same path using the cover of the hedgerows.

A new Airborne unit moved up over the hedgerows to flush out any German units that might be in the hedgerows, only to find none.

The remaining German units fall back to the east try to create a final defense against the on coming Airborne units.

All units hold there positions.

An Airborne unit skirts down the south edge with the cover of the hedgerows, almost making it to there rendezvous point.

The next Airborne unit follows the same rout and takes some fire from the German unit on the edge of the hedgerows, with no effect.

One Airborne unit makes it to the rendezvous point using the road.
A German uni attempts to melee the Airborne unit behind the hedgerow only to be fully suppressed by the Airborne unit.

The Germans attempt to move a unit to the east to melee the Airborne unit, only to be fully suppressed.

2 more Airborne unit make it the rendezvous point.

The Airborne unit on the road towards the south attempt to make it to the rendezvous point, almost making it.

The Airborne unit make a mad dash to make it to the rendezvous point under fire by the German units hail of bullets and make it thru.

The German unit enters melee with the Airborne unit on the road to the south and make it thru the opportunity fire from Airborne unit.

A German unit routs and fails and is eliminated as they route.

The melee on the road to the south ensues and the Airborne unit is eliminated.

The 101st Airborne of the 506th failed there mission to regroup.
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Sounds close. I played this one recently as well and it's tough to get the US by the Germans. Overall scenarios seem well balanced.

Op fire on the road is not your friend ninja
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