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Episode 74 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Friday, October 7th (since Tuesday, October 4th).

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Ok, let’s go! This is the first part of today’s First roll, which means that it’s actually yesterday’s First Roll, which was actually a combination of Wednesday’s and Thursday’s First Roll. Wednesday I slept like [expletive deleted] an Yesterday.. Well yesterday a friend just picked me up because I needed to get out of the house and I was planning on getting back in the late afternoon… It got very, very late! I somehow got wound up into a pool tournament, in which I got my ass kicked, royally ! Anyway... Today will be jampacked! Two First Rolls, A Final Roll and Interviews coming up!

Anyway, on with the show! Here are the games that are new on Kickstarter since Tuesday!

Miniature related Projects:

Knights of the Dinner Table:
There’s two Chibi-Miniatures projects in this Episode the first being Knights of the Dinner Table: In the sixth impact chibi campaign, Sara, Bob, Dave, Brian & B.A. all take on medieval roles for you to use on your table or just to put up for a showcase. The miniatures are 5 USD each or the full set can be yours for 24.
Ends 10-20

Super Chibi - Round 2:
The second Chibi campaign is the second try of the second round of MidKnight Heroes Super Chibi Series. I saw a pretty emotional video on, I believe it was twitter, a while back with, I believe his Name is Brian, on why the first try was cancelled even though it was (almost) funded, how they chose the wrong way to go on that particular campaign and that they had to pull the plug. Long story short, They’re back with a set-up much similar to the first Round (not the first try of this Round 2 mind you) which offered 4 chibis unlocked by stretch goals. Anyway. 2 New Mecha-Chibis for 20 USD and stretchgoals to be unlocked. Pledge 50 and you get all 4 chibis from round 1 (including the Exclusive one) as well!
Ends 11-03

A terrain range next! RUST by impudent mortal. A new line of post-apocalyptic tabletop terrain with adhesive transfers, customizable pieces and unique detail sets. Every piece comes with enough transfers to cover the entire structure, so no painting required! There’s some pretty cool stuff there so check it out!
Ends 11-04

Warband of the Cold North III:
The Final miniature campaign is Warbands of the Cold NOrth III! The Northfolk from Red Box Games are back in 28mm resin and metal. Highly detailed viking-like miniatures that will look good in any warband-like game. The minis are 7 USD for metal or 15 for resin and also come in packs for 65 & 110 respectively.
Ends 10-16


Boardgames! First, Nightlancer. It’s a competitive cyberpunk game where you take underworld contracts to survive a dystopian 2099 (somehow set in Birmingham, England). The government has lost control, cities are split into controlled zones where the police keep the peace by draconian measures and slums where people are left to fend for themselves. Sell out for and take opportunities but don’t lose yourself! Nightlancer is 40 GBP for a standard and 60 for a Special Edition.
Ends 11-08

Lands of Zion:
Next, Lands of Zion: A very pretty, high fantasy themed, strategic board / collectible card game (which to me is a shame, because I don’t do CCG’s, it’s a principle thing: Magic kind of screwed that up...) where you lead your unique characters into strategic battles. Draw from your resource pool to use special abilities and try to take out their opponents. Lands of Zion pledges start at 40 USD.
Ends 11-04

A.E.G.I.S.: Combining Robot Strategy Game
The Final board game is Aegis. A.E.G.I.S. is a fast-paced, team building strategy game centered around Combining Robot combat, where your squad of five robots fight as one united front. Sharing energy with each other, they are also able to combine into bigger, more powerful forms to change the tide of battle. Yep, Stole that! Aegis is 15 for a small version PnP, 40 for each of the starter sets and 80 for the both of them!

Card games:

Dynamite Nurse:
Card Games Then! Japanime Games is Back (one of my personal favorite publishers) and this time they bring Dynamite Nurse. It’s a deck-building game where you are out to poison your friends (which is the complete opposite of what the title suggests. Patients come to you seeking treatment for the rarest and most deadly of injuries. Should you succeed and heal more patients than any other Nurse, your reputation as a great healer will be secured! But watch out! Other Nurses will try to harm your reputation and sabotage you while you treat your patients. Dynamite Nurse is 50 USD.
Ends 10-28

10 Minute Heist - The Wizard’s Tower:
A new Daily Magic Games Game is on Kickstarter called 10 Minute Heist - The Wizard’s Tower. You and your fellow thieves will steal as much loot as possible then compare hauls to see who made the biggest score. The Wizard has many items for you to collect and you’ll be rewarded for nabbing the most of a certain type and the most of a certain value. But be careful, some items are cursed and they could lower your standing in the thieving world. It looks very pretty too! 10 Minute Heist is 8 USD for a PnP or 16 for a boxed copy!
Ends 10-15

Ahead in the Clouds:
Next, Ahead in the Clouds by Button Shy Games. A euro influenced resource management game distilled into 18 cards. Collect dust particles from the air and water vapor from the clouds, convert them into hydrogen and oxygen and sell them to the rich so you can provide for your family. Ahead in the Clouds is 3 USD for a PNP or 10 for a physical copy.
Ends 10-15

Battle of the Bands:
Battle of the Bands is a ruthless game of band politics and selling out to the man, because well.. You gotta be famous! a lively and ruthless game that uses band merchandise as the board and pieces (the Board is a T-shirt!). Battle of the bands is 25 GBP for the core game, 35 with the first expansion and 45 with all the expansions.
Ends 11-03

Oh My Sheep:
Next, Oh My Sheep is a strategic card game about a hunger driven epic battle fighting over a flock of sheep. Pick one of the races who are trying to survive hunger in a game that’s not complicated but very intriguing and addicting; full of mischief, traps, riots and surprises. Oh my Sheep is 25 USD for the Basic Pack and there’s a lot to add-on from there!
Ends 11-04

Infusion is a deckbuilding game where you control sci-fi versions of classic literary characters. Choose a Hero, Recruit help, Run Missions, win! Infusion is 50 USD.
Ends 11-05

Food Truck Rally:
And the Final card game is Food Truck Rally. A food truck card drafting/strategy game with hungry customers, fish tacos, corn dogs, and more. Join the race to Food Truck glory! Food Truck Rally is 48 USD.
Ends 10-28

Party / Miscellaneous Games:

A really quick overview of the Party / Miscellaneous games, because this episode is getting out of hand!

Manicdotes is storytelling game. A game where you pick two cards. One that says how to start your story and a second one that tells you which words to use! Tell a wacky story on the fly while keeping everyone on their toes. Great for friends, families, parties, ice-breakers, and more! Manicdotes is 25 USD.
Ends 11-05

Dracula’s Feast:
Dracula’s Feast is a 10-minute social deduction game for 4-8 monsters. Featuring gorgeous, thematic art and 9 roles with unique abilities! It’s 9 USD for the core or 14 with the expansion.
Ends 11-12

The Decembrists present ILLIMAT. Enroll in the Society of Luminaries in a game that feels like an old forgotten card game. A game that feels of its time but out of time at the same time. ILLIMAT is 45 USD.
Ends 11-04

Snippets is not your average, crabby word game. It is however, 10 USD for a PNP and 30 for a physical copy (yeah, I made this easy for myself, sorry…)
Ends 11-04

Whip Yer Kids:
Next, Whip Yer Kids! A hilarious point-based card game for 2-8 players where shoppers attempt to survive a chaotic trip to the store… with children. It’s 25 USD.
Ends 11-04

Cheer Up:
Cheep Up! Is the Ultimate Party Game designed to make your sad friends laugh. You make the jokes, you make the rules. Funny dog included. Cheer Up is 5 USD for a PNP or 29 for the boxed copy.

Movable Type:
And finally, Movable Type! A pick-and-pass word game for families, friends, and word nuts! Features high interaction and simultaneous play! 1 EUR for a PNP and 14 for physical.
Ends 10-21

Role Playing Games and Related:

Swords & Wizardry:
Role Playing Games! The Swords & Wizardry rulebook is getting its 3rd print run. Be a part of the old school renaissance! Back the award-winning roleplaying game. Original edition rules. Original edition feel! The PDF is ‘Pay-what-you-want’ and the hardcover is 35 USD.
Ends 11-07

Next, Monsters! A sourcebook for Chill 3rd Edition that expands on how SAVE classifies & hunts monsters. New creatures, cases & secrets of the Unknown! New creatures, Monsters, characters, cases. You Name it! (or actually SAVE did). Monsters is 15 USD for a PDF and 25 for a softcover.
Ends 11-01

Agents of G.A.I.A:
The Next RPG is Agents of G.A.I.A. You are an agent for the Government Antiquities Investigate Agency (or G.A.I.A.) tasked with protecting the world from weird stuff going on each day. You saw something strange and now you’re in! Agents of G.A.I.A. is available for Pathfinder, Savage World and 5th Edition and will cost 10 USD for a PDF or 15 for a Print on Demand Ticket.
Ends 11-04

Adventure Realm Game Tiles:
And the final project in this category are the Adventure Realm Game Tiles. By Red Dragon Gaming. A set of 16 full colour, double-sided card map tiles (8” square) to build a pretty good looking map with. The tiles are 12 GBP in PDF or 24 as a physical pack.
Ends 10-31

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches & Upgrades:

Goblin Journals RPG Creative Writing Kit:
GoblinsNest is back with a relaunch of their creative writing set so you’ll never have to forget anything about your current campaign, character and so on! It’s an extended set of the Game Master’s journal I covered not too long ago and now offers a LOT more books! Pledges start at only 5 USD!
Ends 11-04

Neolithic Advanced Cultures:
Neolithic, a worker placement game set in the Stone Ages (also on Kickstarter a while back) is getting an expansion called Advanced Cultures, which introduces Solo Play, more Cards, more tasks and a lot more strategy. Take your village through the Stone Ages. Advanced Cultures is 5 USD for a PnP, 15 for the physical expansion and and combined with the base game it is 25.
Ends 10-14
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