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Subject: Annotated solo play, my best recorded result rss

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Henrik Johansson
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This is a sample session using my own "Solo play rule". The notation should be complete enough to make a run-through possible if anyone is looking for rule errors or bad moves. The "0 Prep" line says "Preparations: 2 Cursed Lands and 1 Blank, and then stop with one more Cursed Land on-deck. Line "1 Plant" says 1:st Planting phase: Push the on-deck Cursed Land, turn up an other Cursed Land, you spoiled". Line "2 Plant" says "Buy Dawnsinger and put it on a blank card, turn up the Podlings from the draw pile". Some notes (**) after the turns.

Setup: DeHa***, Seed, Dawn, Owl, Owl, Hawk, Hive, EntE, Will
Setup Vale: Line****, BlAr, Lake, Den, Skyh, Pool, Pool, Ents
0 Prep: 2CL, Blank (CL)
1 Plant: Push CL (CL) Spoil!
1 Prep: 2CL, 2Blank, 2FS (CL)
2 Plant: Dawn->Blank (Podl)
2 Prep: 2CL (CL)
3 Plant: Use mana token, DeHa->CL (Wayf)
3 Prep: 2CL, 5Blank, FS, Shuffle
3 Prep cont: (CL)
4 Plant: Podl->Blank (Dawn)
4 Prep: 2CL, 2FS (CL)
5 Plant: Wayf->FS (PeDr)
5 Prep: 2CL, Blank, Dawn (CL)
6 Plant: Seed->CL (PeDr)
6 Prep: 2CL (CL+DeHa)
7 Plant: Push CL+DeHa (discard CL), Blank, Shuffle (CL)
7 Plant cont: Push CL (Dawn), Push Dawn (FS)
7 Harvest: Dawn->Dawn (Wolf)
7 Prep: FS, 2CL, Blank, FS, Blank (CL)
8 Plant: PeDr->Blank, PeDr->Blank (Plow, FeCh)
8 Prep: CL, Seed+CL (CL)
9 Plant: Push CL (Blank)
9 Harvest: Hawk->Seed+CL (Grov)
9 Prep: 3Blank, Wayf+FS, CL, Podl, Shuffle
9 Prep cont: FS, Dawn+Dawn, CL, Blank, PeDr (CL)
10 Plant: Pool, Line (SuAe, FeGr) EntE->PeDr (Gaia)
10 Prep: 2CL (CL)
11 Plant: FS->CL
11 Prep: 2CL (Seed+CL+Hawk)
12 Plant: FS->CL
12 Prep: Seed+CL+Hawk, CL+DeHa[3,1]*, FS (CL)
13 Plant: 2VP, Lake (SuAe), Wolf->FS (LiSe)
13 Prep: CL, PeDr, Shuffle, CL (FS+CL)
14 Plant: Push FS+CL (CL, use PeDr discard CL) (CL) Spoil!
14 Prep: CL, Dawn+Dawn, CL+DeHa(discard CL)[1,0], FS+Wolf, 2Blank, CL+FS, Wayf+FS (Seed+CL+Hawk)
15 Plant: 2S,A+W**, SuAe, BlAr (BlAr, Road), use mana token, FeCh->Dawn+Dawn, Hive->Blank (EntE, Hawk)
15 Prep: Seed+CL+Hawk[2,1], EntE+PeDr, Podl, CL[3,1], FS, 2Blank, Shuffle (CL)
16 Plant: Push CL[4,1] (FS+CL, use PeDr, discard FS+CL, FS+Wolf), Push FS+Wolf (Hive, use BlAr)[4,2]
16 Harvest: 2A,2S,2F+W, 2VP, 10 mana, FeGr, Skyh (AnLi, StVi), Gaia->EntE+PeDr (WoWa)
16 Prep: Hive, Dawn+Dawn+FeCh, CL+DeHa (CL)
17 Plant: 7VP, 8 mana, Road, Pool (Tree, ShBr), Owl->Hive (Owl)
17 Prep: CL, CL+FS (CL)
18 Plant: Tree (Road) Plow->CL (Plow)
18 Prep: 2CL, Wayf+FS, Blank, PeDr, Shuffle (CL+FS)
19 Plant: Road, Den (Tree, Line), Plow->Blank (Hawk)
19 Prep: CL+FS, EntE+PeDr+Gaia, FS+CL (Seed+CL+Hawk)
20 Plant: ShBr, Tree (AnLi, Lake) Hawk->FS+CL (Plow)
20 Prep: Seed+CL+Hawk, Owl+Will (CL)
21 Plant: 6VP, Line, Plow->Hive+Owl
Spoiler (click to reveal)
17 Pool VP.
-6 delay penalty for exceeding round 18.
25 Vail points
10 adv. card EntE+Gaia+PeDr
4 adv. card 4 VP
4 adv. card 2 VP
6 adv. card 1 VP
60 VP

*[3,1]: 3 Decay, 1 Growth in the field
** 2 Sky Spirit, 1 Animal Spirit, 1 Wild Spirit.
*** Look up "DeHa" in the list at the bottom, it means Deadwod Harvest. Put one of those as one of the 3 level 1 achievement cards.
**** "Line" is the Ley Line Nexus Vale card, one of the four available at setup.

AnLi: Ancient Liferoots
Auro: Aurora
Bear: Bear Totem
BlAr: Blooming Arbor
BlSa: Blessed Savanna
CaFa: Cascading Falls
Calm: Calm Weather
CL: Cursed Land
Dawn: Dawnsinger
Den: Talonthorn Den
DeHa: Deadwood Harvester
DrCo: Dreadcoil Cobra
DrSo: Druid's Song
EaCh: Eartchant Chorus
EntE: Ent Elder
Ents: Conclave of Ents
FeCh: Feral Chieftain
FeGr: Feral Groove
FS: Fertile Soil
FiFl: Field of Flowers
FuFo: Fungal Forest
Gaia: Gaia's Chosen
Gras: Grassland
Grov: Grovetender
HeSa: Heartwood Sanctuary
Hive: Hive Swarm
HuTh: Hulking Thornhide
Lake: Azure Lake
Line: Ley Line Nexus
LiOr: Lifebloom Orchids
LiSe: Lifebringer Seed
MaSe: Magic Seed
Owl: Mindful Owl
PeDr: Peacekeeper Druid
Pool: Pool of Light
Podl: Podlings
Rain: Cleansing Rain
RaPi: Radiant Pinnacle
Road: Exodus Road
Seed: Seedling
ShBr: Shimmering Brook
Skyh: Skyhaven
StVi: Stream of Vigor
SuAe: Sunstone Aerie
Tree: World Tree
VeVa: Verdant Valley
Wayf: Wayfinder
WeCa: Webwood Canopy
Well: Wellspring
WeGl: Wellspring Glade
Will: Will-o'-the-wisp
Wolf: Moon Wolf
WoWa: Woodland Warden
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