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Kenan Emilijan Kulenović
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Hi folks,

We're working on our first game, which is currently in the playtest phase.

Neon Limbo: Redemption currently features these elements:

Base format: RPG-like card game
Players: 3-4 (that's for the prototype version, final plan is 1-6)
Play time: 60-90 min.
Suggested age: 16+
Components: ~110 cards + ~110 tokens of various types

Short description:

Players play retired knight characters which have developed a flawed or sinful life in the years of retirement complacency.
They have all outlived the disbanding of their previous holy order after a victory in a great war, and are now jointly operating a bar in the suburbs. The Redemption bar.

One day, something horrible happens, and they are forced into hiding, running from the powers that be across the land, gathering influence and retaking their former might in order to confront the threat to them, and to the realm.


The game is spread over 6 turns.

Each turn starts with a planning phase, when the characters announce (negotiate) where they would like to go. The locations to choose from are in the form of cards which are drawn and set on the table each turn.

After announcing where each character goes, they can each, in reverse order of play, place a positive or negative influence token from their pool onto a location with a character where there are currently no influence tokens. This influence token raises or lowers the difficulty of encounters or quests at that location. The players can then, in order of play, change their mind about which location to travel to, making those that change the location lose their Honor Token for the turn (since they are not being true to their word).

The Honor Token makes additional choices available during the game turn ("good-guy choices"), so one should carefully weigh the options. There are several possible ways to lose the Honor Token during a turn, but they are all voluntary. You choose your own destiny.

After planning, each character takes the card of the location they chose to travel to, and an associated Quest card.
Quest cards and Location cards make available several types of actions which can affect the state of the realm, the character, or the entire group.

The characters themselves all start with a flaw, linked to a Location Type (religious, military, etc) where it is more easier to influence them badly (an alcoholic in a bar needs little help...)

Each character has a Redemption threshold, at which point his or her character sheet is rotated upside down, where the redeemed version of the character is. The redeemed version loses the flaw and gains a redemption special ability linked to a heroic trait, like leadership, etc.

The game is additionally driven through Chapter cards, which are sort of like static events which slightly influence various game actions and effects.

The game ends at the end of turn 6, at which point the victory points are tallied. Victory point conditions have a slightly salad-like set of combination, as well as a special resolution which triggers when the characters fail to resolve the game positively (e.g. no character succeeded to cross the Redemption threshold), in which case additional points are awarded for "non-good" traits/resources, like military might, etc., which can alter the final ladder considerably.

There is more to the rules than that, but I wanted to do a basic overview for now.

Check out some initial art:

Check out some prototype cards:

If you'd like to know more about the game or our team, we have a new web recently up here.

Additionally, this year will be the first time at Essen SPIEL for us, and if any of you'll be there and would like to visit and chat with us, playtest the prototype, and/or comment on the game with us in person, we'll be very happy to host you at our booth 6-A101. More info (and a map, kinda) here.

We have a special promo prepared for Essen visitors, and perhaps a few other goodies.

Any comments welcome, we're still in a bit of a rush due to the decision to host a small booth at Essen, and we'd really like it if you chose to take part in shaping our first game.

Happy travels, patrons.
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