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Note: This is a small review of a small expansion pack for the DC Comics Deck-Building Game. My review for the first base set of this game can be found here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/977463/7-out-10-definitely-... There is no point getting this pack without first getting at least one base set. The rest of this review will assume a playable knowledge of the game.

Like the previous two Crossover packs for this game, most of what DC Comics Deck-Building Game: Crossover Pack 3 – Legion Of Superheroes has to off is more of the same.

More heroes to play as, more cards for the main deck, more villains to go up against. This time these cards are themed around DC's 31st Century superheroes, the Legion, but other than that it's more or less business as usual.

Except …

One new keyword is introduced in this set.

Just the one. No big deal, right?

Er …

The “Time Travel” keyword appears on the cards you add to the main deck and mean that if there is a Time Travel card in the Line-Up, you can discard a card from hand to take that card and immediately play it before returning it to the Line-Up at the end of the turn. If you can't afford to buy the 6 cost Mon-El, you can still discard a card from hand to immediately play him instead!

In competitive mode, these cards don't tend to stay in the Line-Up for long as they are too powerful to leave for your opponents to make frequent use of. Thus, they might see one or maybe two Time Travel uses before someone snaps them up.

But in co-operative mode, these cards can be amazingly powerful!

Think about the following theoretical card. “Theory Card Name, Cost 3, Time Travel. +2 Power”. Why would you buy that card when every player can simply discard a Punch, Vulnerability or Weakness each turn to use it instead? And that's just a boring theoretical card, wait until you see what the cards actually do! Why deprive all players – with whom you are working – from such a powerful resource?

Whenever my friends and I play co-op mode, we score our games by determining what percentage of all cards in the game are still in the main deck – i.e. how efficiently did we win in relation to our available resources? The leap in score whenever we use this Crossover pack is very notable.

7 out of 10. Powerful new cards that get even better in co-operative mode – a must for fans of that game style.

Note: I have learned from bitter experience with this site that I need to stress that all reviews – including this one – are entirely matters of opinion. I am not claiming that anything I have said in this review is fact, it is all entirely my opinion and I am sure that many others have different opinions. If you wish to reply with yours, I welcome it. I enjoy discussion but will not respond kindly to aggressive replies.
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Ian Enriquez
United States
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My friends have been losing hope in coop mode and I feel guilty adding a crossover pack to win. This sounds quite helpful though. It is hard to believe Crisis was meant to be played just with the base set.

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