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Subject: [WIP] [18 Cards Contest] Blófa Cards rss

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Kerenza Doxolodeo
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Blófa Cards
Where bluffing is the king, guts is the queen, and lady of luck is the jester.

Status: Early stage. First stage playtesting has been done and it seems solid. Learning from past experience that 1 play testing is not enough.

Blófa Cards is a semi-cooperative trick-taking bluffing game for 4 players. This game consists of 9 blue cards and 9 yellow cards.


1. Have 4 player sits in a circular form. Think Bridge or Spade.
2. Shuffle the 9 yellow cards and the 9 blue cards (including the 3 rule cards) separately face down.
3. Give each player 2 yellow cards and 2 blue cards face down.
4. The remaining card of each colour is set on the centre of the table. Those are the yellow draw pile & the blue draw pile.
5. Tell everyone that the rule cards are 0.
6. The youngest player is the dealer


The game consists of tricks. Each trick starts with the dealer play 1 or 2 cards face down so the sum is 1 or 2. The dealer must declare the sum of the card he just played. The catch is that he is allowed to lie about the declared sum as long as the declared number is 1 or 2.
Ex: It’s legal to put a 4, then declare the sum as 2.
Afterward, turn goes clockwise. When it’s your turn, you have 3 options.
gooOption A : Pass
You draw a card. If you're the first to pass on that trick, you may draw from either the yellow draw pile or the blue draw pile. If you're not the first to pass, you must draw for the pile that the last player did NOT draw from. If you can't draw from the supposed deck--then this option--is not an option.
gooOption B : Play
You play 1 or 2 cards face down and declare the sum of the card that you just played. Again, you can lie about the sum. However, the declared sum must be the last declaration + 1 or +2.
Ex: If the last declaration is 2, then I can play 1 or 2 cards and declare the sum is 3 or 4 regardless if I lied or not.
gooOption C : Challenge
If you think that the last declarer lied, you may challenge him.

There are 2 hints that you can use when challenging. First is the colour of the back of the card. The blue cards are the even cards (4, 2, and 0.) The yellow cards are the odd cards (5, 3, and 1.)

The second clue is the distribution of the card.

0 -> 3 cards
1 -> 5 cards
2 -> 4 cards
3 -> 3 cards
4 -> 2 cards
5 -> 1 card

End of a trick

A trick end when one of the following scenario happen
gooScenario A : 3 consecutive passes.
In this case, the declarer wins the trick and 1 Victory Point (VP).
gooScenario B : A challenge is issued
Card(s) that the last declarer played is flipped. If the challenge is correct, the challenger wins the clash. If the challenge is failed, the declarer wins 1 point.
Who wins the clash wins the trick and 1 VP. Who loses the clash loses 1 point.
The winner of the trick may peek at the last 3 played cards on that trick (this may include the flipped card due to a challenge. The winner must take one card and add it to his hand while return the remaining 2 cards. This whole process is done without revealing any card to other players.
There’s a catch. If the winner picks the rule card, instead of adding it to his hand, he must reveal it and discard it from the game. That rule card is captured. Captured rule card is out of the game.
The played cards are separated by their colour and added to their respective draw pile. Each draw pile is shuffled. The winner becomes the dealer of the next trick. This whole process must be done without revealing any card.

End of a game

The game ends when (a) all three rule cards are captured or (b)the dealer has no card to play with or (c) 4 consecutive tricks without any rule card captured.
Start adding. When adding, for each captured rule card, the capturer wins 6 VP, the player that sits across the capturer wins 4 VP. The player that sits on the exact right wins 2 VP.
Afterward, each player that still has at least a rule card on his hand is eliminated. The winner is the one with the most points. In the case of a tie, no one wins.

The (retarded) prototype is avaliable here!

I have a questions about graphic design : How do you make the design contest-ready? I am used to 1 card system and let the system does the job for you (a.k.a The Game Crafter) I have a hiccup when I have to compile them to a page.
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