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Subject: [WIP] A Space Battle/Progression board game rss

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eddie turner
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Hi guys/girls me and a good friend since early this year have been working on a board game designed around the core premise of space combat and inventory / upgrades. to date we have not settled on the finished name of the project but a few on the table is:

-Galactic Gauntlet
-Galactic Factions

although that is not important at this time i just wanted to post them up on this post incase you ever see that name in a board game it may just be ours.

The game has gone threw many reworks from being a 20" x 20" core board with extensions to be added to all sides then it went into no board at all, but now we have finalised the idea and the core elements to 1 Large board (size not completely known, around 20" x 20" is expected) and 6 A5 size boards that is 1 for each player.

Each A5 board is the hud system of a starship with reference points to location of cards to be place around and on this board.
[WIP] Image of A5 board:

The main large board will contain a progression placement map with card holding spaces. The artwork for this has not been started as of yet but will be worked on soon.

Cards in the game will consist of multiple types: Enemy's / Modules / Cargo / Crew.

Enemy's is a combat that you can draw during play that you must contend with.

Modules are upgrades to the ship your controlling and have abilities / Attributes.

Cargo is loot you acquire during your quest and may contain attributes or score points.

Crew is one of the larger aspects as they're all different from each other and are played using a 3D model stand and placed on the modules of your ship to increase stats or repair damage but can also die in combat.

[WIP] Crew Card Concepts:

All images are in early works and do need refining before settling on them for production.

The game story is long winded but the short version is the human race left earth eons ago and have since forgotten of the very existence of the planet, during the leaving of the planet it was noted how much wealth can be made in harvesting resources in space, to this end many factions was created but 6 have stood strongest and have home planets across the galaxy, after countless wars it was decided a galactic council may be the better choice to try bring some stability to everyone. the 6 strongest factions founded this council and was equal at the table but soon became clear that one must rule over the rest to resolve evenly disputed issues. it was then a rule was made of the "Galactic Gauntlet" all factions on the board can enter it and it will contain what is deems harsh and extreme challenges to test the might of the faction. this Galactic Gauntlet occurs every 120 Earth Years and becomes harder every time is rolls around, so far no faction has won more than once, you join this adventure commanding a ship for your faction during the "Galactic Gauntlet IV" and so your story starts.

so that was not that short but shorter than the flushed out version.

Game Details:
2-6 Players
Score based Win Ratio
PvP / PvE Gameplay
Not finalised but estimated around 254 Cards
6 A5 Boards
1 Large play board
6 3D Model Ships
6 3D Crew Card holder
6 3D Targeting Token
3 6 sided dice
3 Custom 6 sided dice
debating between 12 sided or higher dice too but the mechanics not completely finished to determine what is required.

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James Arias
United States
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eddie turner
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just adding some very early design looks at some of the modules for the ships and also a 3d rendered turret that is [wip]:

all ideas and feedback is welcome as i like to include people's help in this stage of the progression as you never know what you will end up with!

Here is a preview of how the main board will look in parts -

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