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Subject: MFL Power Rankings-Week 3 rss

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Welcome to the power rankings! Here we find a quick breakdown of where all 32 teams stand going into week 3! Note that while record is a factor, it is not the only factor.

1. Chefs (2-0)
2. Ankhs (2-0)
3. Winner of GB vs. MIN (2-0)
4. Griffons (2-0)
5. Banditos (2-0)
6. Jack O' Lanterns (2-0)
7. Sushi (2-0)
8. Bighorns (1-1)
9. Omegas (1-1)
10. Loser of GB vs MIN (1-1)
11. Spaceships (1-1)
12. Tridents (1-1)
13. Engines (1-1)
14. Reapers (1-1)
15. Lumberjacks (1-1)
16. Kittens (1-1)
17. Yellow Jackets (1-1)
18. Regals (1-1)
19. Tyrants (1-1)
20. Bulls (1-1)
21. Falchions (1-1)
22. Big Cats (1-1)
23. Ninjas (1-1)
24. Rattlers (1-1)
25. Revolt (0-2)
26. Pit Bulls (1-1)
27. Trucks (0-2)
28. Warriors (0-2)
29. Gorillas (0-2)
30. Monsters (0-2)
31. Pills (0-2)
32. Pandas (0-2)

1. CHEFS (2-0)

The Chefs have had an excellent start to the season, stringing together two seemingly effortless wins. But what earns them this top spot is the quality and level of play we've seen from them, both in defense and offense.

2. ANKHS (2-0)

The Ankhs looked a little shaky Week 2 against the Gorillas, but if their offense keeps up this level of play, and the defense can get going, they'll dominate this year.

3. Winner of GB v MIN

4. GRIFFONS (2-0)

The Griffons come in at all the way up at #4, because even though their games were close, they showed impressive skills and playcalls. After throwing that opening pick six, Plumber went 4/4 for 155 yards last week, while Knees showcased some incredible defensive skills, including a fascinating inside blitz.

#5. BANDITOS (2-0)

Raise your hand if you expected the Banditos to be here right now. Nobody? Gotta say, taking the logos off the helmets seems to be the best thing they could have ever done. This team looks hot!

#6. SUSHI (2-0)

After Stan Marina tore up the Tyrants D, people thought he could handle anything. That was until the Warriors showed up. Who knew that Troy Black would be more of a threat than Rex Surewin? It was great plays by Super that got them here, but wins are wins after all.


Week 1's overtime win? Not convincing. Shutting out the Pit Bulls 28-0? Convincing. Now they just have to hope to force that many turnovers every game.

#8. BIGHORNS (1-1)

This ranking is going more off potential than anything. They didn't beat the #32 Pandas by much, and they blew the game agains the Omegas with a poor screen. But there were some really good plays as well. Now if only the defense would show up.

9. OMEGAS (1-1)

The Omegas did not look good in that loss to the Kittens. But they handled themselves professionally, and bounced back to beat the Bighorns with an explosive offense. Has Andy Fortune finally hit his stride?

#10. Loser of GB vs. MIN

#11. SPACESHIPS (1-1)

The Spaceships are finally living up to some of the hype. That big win over the Pills last week was huge in garnering them a good spot in the power rankings. But what was particularly impressive was that they won on both sides of the ball. Both offense and defense rocked last week. Now let's see how they perform against the red-hot Chefs...

#12. TRIDENTS (1-1)

The Tridents demonstrated quality defense last week, plain and simple. That it came against one of the MFL's biggest stars made it all the more impressive. Now let's see if they look like Week 1 Tridents or Week 2 Tridents as the season moves on.

#13 ENGINES (1-1)

The Engines are never going to forget that fumble with 2:00 remaining in range of the tying field goal during Week 1. But they're also not going to want to forget that incredible defensive showing the following week against the Bulls. But BFD3 needs to stop getting sacked. Seriously.

14. REAPERS (1-1)

The Reapers just became the first MFL team to be shut out one week and then shutout an opponent the next. While the loss to the Ankhs went badly, there is something impressive about sacking Mexico four times and intercepting a pass, particularly when that game began with a Reapers fumble.


The Lumberjacks dominated the Pandas. But unfortunately they are still the Pandas. Let's see how Dakota fares against the Tyrants pass defense that Marina so unceremoniously destroyed Week 1.

16. KITTENS (1-1)

It's time to start panicking if they lose their next game. Their defense will get quite a test against Rodger Dodgers, so Danders will start having to pull his superstar weight or else things might get ugly.


The Jackets are the ultimate "maybe?" team. A win against the Revolt and a loss against the Greenbacks. Shocking outcomes truly. /sarcasm. But they aren't struggling that much to score, which is definitely a good sign.

18. REGALS (1-1)

It's not that the Regals offense doesn't look good. That's not why they are this low. It's that their defense is terrible, even if QBEagles is having a great start to his season.

19. TYRANTS (1-1)

Explain the Tyrants to me please. They have the best pass defense in the league. They then get creamed by a passing team but they beat a running team. ??? So what will happen agains the Lumberjacks? Total defeat?

20. BULLS (1-1)

Yeah, a team that gets shutout by the Engines except for scoring a safety is not going to rank highly. Shocking, right? This team needs to wake up on offense now.

21. FALCHIONS (1-1)

Teams that get shut out generally rank low. Generally. Notice a pattern? But the defense held up well against both the Reapers and the Trucks, so they still have every chance to bounce back.

22. BIG CATS (1-1)

Poor Louis. Why does he have to be the mascot for this team? A team that couldn't beat the Tyrants on the ground is no team at all. At least they also have a win over the Lumberjacks under their belts, but worry is abound in LA at this latest performance.

23. NINJAS (1-1)

The Ninjas looked just awful against the Banditos. Every good play was matched by two sloppy ones, and they had no way to protect against the run. Even their win against the Pills was less than convincing.

24. RATTLERS (1-1)

Hammer couldn't complete a single pass last week. Joule went sackless. The offense was held to under 100 yards all game. These signs point to a struggling team, and it's getting time to start questioning whether or not Hammer should be moved to fullback.

25. REVOLT (0-2)

Despite their poor record, the Revolt don't look all that bad. They held up well against the #1 Chefs, so they deserve some credit there. But the issue is that they can't close out games very well. They need to work on this.

26. PIT BULLS (1-1)

The Pit Bulls are essentially 0-2, as only a string of lucky errors by the Engines got them that win. Getting shut out 28-0 nothing and never reaching opposing territory is some special kind of embarrassing.

27. TRUCKS (0-2)

The Trucks almost made it happen last week. Until the game got going. Their offense is about as explosive as a hand grenade soaked in water then frozen to absolute zero. And their defense, while improving, has trouble against the long ball. This isn't looking too good for them.

28. WARRIORS (0-2)

The Warriors have played two very close games... Where they had no chance of winning. Despite keeping the score close, you could tell the whole time that that huge screen to Super was coming, or that the Fritz Gerald catch and FG was coming to win. Their defense made huge strides between weeks 1 and 2, but still has a long way to go.

29. GORILLAS (0-2)

On the good side, Elliot Manly has done awesome. On the bad side, Trailer hasn't. And when 75% of your league skill cap is invested in a player who has yet to make any difference on defense, you know you got issues.

30. MONSTERS (0-2)

The Monsters just look pitiful. Two losses to two so-so teams, and neither game did they have any chance in. I'm not sure what the problem is besides them being the Monsters.

31. PILLS (0-2)

When the Pills failed to score on what could have been a winning drive against the Ninjas, doubt began to express itself in Pills fans. When they got walloped by the Spaceships, hands were definitely being raised. And now they face the Griffons next. Good grief.

32. PANDAS (0-2)

And to nobody's surprise, here we find the basement-dwelling troll of the league, the Pandas. The team that gives up an average of 31 points per game, the team that throws nonstop picks, the team that just plain stinks.
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