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John Choong
Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
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I've finally received my own copy of Allegiance and get to look at each of the cards and the number of copies I have. I've been playing with my friend's set for more than 14 games and have thought of this variant (although the game is good enough as it is). Hope you will enjoy it and do share your experience here if you have tried it.

Distribute the Basic Units cards into two separate decks with each having equal copy of the cards. Many of the Basic Unit cards have 2 copies (with the exception of Infantry, which have more copies, and the Golden Stag) which can be equally distributed into two decks.

Do the same for Action cards. Remove any cards with single copy (which you have a few for the Action cards) and those additional copy which cannot be equally distributed. Put them into the box.

PURPOSE: This provides a fair probability for players to draw upon the Basic Unit and Action cards without subjecting oneself to the randomness of having the misfortune of drawing "unwanted" units during your turn or having another player become more powerful by drawing some of the more powerful Unit or Action cards twice. Imagine a player getting two Lightning Mage of the board.

Also, this help players to easily draw their cards when the draw deck is not too tall which happen after the cards have been sleeved. There is often the problem of "knocking" cards from the draw deck when it is too tall.

WEAKNESS: This variant may remove some level of unpredictability which some players may seem to enjoy. But I like to have more control of the cards that I draw rather than subject myself to too much at the fate of random drawing. Another weakness is that the opposing player will know what cards have been played and is unexpected not to see any future copy.

NOTE: When playing with the Necromancer, his ability to enlist units from the discard pile should enable him to choose Units from whichever players' draw decks. However, any cards that enable him to draw like Prepare for Battle and Reinforcement will only allow him to draw from his own decks.

]If you frequently face with the problem of not being able to pay for your Elite Units because it cost a tremendous amount of Gold, remove those Elite Units with the cost of 13 and above. This is recommended when playing with somebody who is new to the game because it can be a frustrating experience when you draw into your hand some costly Elite Units and is unable to play them.

]For the more experience players, then can draft the Elite Units. Shuffle the Elite Unit cards and randomly deal each player 10 cards. Then each player choose TWO cards to keep and pass the remaining cards to the opposing players. Continue doing this until all cards are drafted.

PURPOSE: This variant give a sense of control to players and provide them an additional depth to decision-making in the drafting process.

WEAKNESS: Your opponent will know what the Elite Unit cards you will have in your deck (with the exception of the first two you keep).

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United Kingdom
Kings Langley, Herts, UK
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mbmbmb've given it some thought. I'll keep these in mind.
14 games on a borrowed set
I hope you pay back your friend.
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