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Episode 65 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Tuesday, October 11th & Wednesday, October 12th

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Alright, Happy Monday! It’s been some weekend, I can tell you that and there wasn’t even a football game. Anyway, let’s leave the details of that off the air but I can tell you that we’re taking this show on the Road! I am super excited to tell you that yours truly will be attending Essen SPIEL 16 in a couple of days! I’ll be taking my portable recorder with me to see if I can get some nice interviews for the show and if not. Well, I’d be getting some Loot! This also means I’ll be missing a couple of First & Final Rolls.

Anyway, whatever the case! Here are the games that will end their kickstarter funding on Tuesday, October 11th & Wednesday, October 12th.

Miniature Related Projects:

Darklands - Savage Hordes III - Part Deux:
The Darklands - Savage Hordes III - Part Deux campaign is raising enough to have the leftover starter hosts unlocked for use on your tabletop. There is plenty of other stuff unlocked as well, so if you need more monsters (which are BIG as usual) check this campaign out.

Fiendish Fanatics:
The Cultists from the mythos range are getting funded as well! The brothers and sisters who worship whichever God you choose to have them worship are there for your dark rituals (human sacrifices optional and not included). The Gang is 27 GBP. you can also add all the minis from the previous campaigns as well!

Axe and Brimstone:
The Axe and Brimstone campaign are offering very good looking warbands for the Advanced Song of Blade & Heroes system. The two warbands, possessed and halflings both have very cool looking minis where i sort of want to throw some money at. The Core rulebook is also available in this campaign as is a pretty cool game mat. The 80 USD pledge contains both warbands, printed rule & Campaign book the game mat AND some nice background music. Check this out!

Dragonlock 2 - Fantasy Village Terrain:
The Second Dragonlock Campaign for 3d printable terrain is nearing 150K in funding and why wouldn’t it. It offers enough STL’s to create an entire modular fantasy village. Pledges start at 15 USD for the cobblestone streets pack and move up from there!

WW2 Cavalry:
The final miniatures campaign is the World War 2 cavalry campaign by Turncoat games. Pretty cool mounted soldiers from around the world in 28mm scale. The soldies are 5 GBP each, 18 for 5 and it goes on from there!

Card games:

Stay Hungry - Donner Party:
There is this one card game on kickstarter that’s pretty disturbing (which does not mean it’s bad by the way). It is Stay Hungry - The Donner Party. It takes you back to 1846 when the Donner-Reed Party got snowed in in the High Sierras. Stuck in th snowy mountains, surviving is easy… it will just cost you the game. Acquire hidden amounts of Shame for the unsavory things they do to stay alive (which means, well… one has got to eat…). Stay Hungry - Donner Party is 10 USD for a PnP or 25 for the base game.

Race to Space:
Another card game (much lighter in spirit) is Race to Space, the game for kids who wish learning was fun! It aims to combine all the strategic & Higher-level thinking with student’s homework objectives. So… Maybe learning can be fun?! Race to Space is 39 USD for the core game or 59 if you want the expansion as well.

The final card game is also an educational one: it’s Mathtornado. A quick, demanding and skillful game that leaves enough randomness to get really exciting gameplay. It is NOT a learning game, a fact that should be noted, but it is fun for the whole family! It’s 15 EUR including shipping to a big part of the world.

Role Playing Games:

Interface Zero:
RPG’s Then! Interface Zero 2.0 is a Cyberpunk action RPG for the Pathfinder setting… Sort of? It’s a setting that echoes other popular cyberpunk games, but focuses more on geopolitical intrigue and action rather than the familiar roles of mega corporations as the major antagonists. Players take on roles both independent & underground or governmental & corporate. Interface Zero is 15 USD for a PDF and 40 in Print!

Morningstar Starship Poster Map & Mini:
The next project is the very good looking and very BIG map of the Morningstar Starship. The map is so detailed and big that they needed both sides of the poster to fit everything on. It also means that there’s a special offer if you’d order two of them! There’s also a miniature of the ship for use with overview maps. The mini is 12 USD and the poster is 5 USD for a digital copy, 22 for one and 32 for two physical copies of it.

Isle of the Ancients:
The 5th edition transformation of the Isle of the Ancients setting is coming to GM’s! Dark Cult Games is bringing a story of a mysterious island for 6 to 8 players, levels 7 to 9. It’s 15 USD for digital and 20 for a printed copy.

The March of the Warden:
And the final RPG is ‘The March of the Warden’, a 5th Edition campaign set in Norse Mythology for 4 to 6 player that takes you from level 1 to 6. There’s already a follow-up campaign in the works, so if you want to immerse yourself in some Norse adventure, check this one out! It is either 5, 10 or 15 USD, depending on how complete you want your campaign to be!

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches & Upgrades:

King of the Skippers (Relaunch):
The King of the skippers relaunch is successful! The card game that takes you to the golden age of exploration where you aim to become the greatest explorer ever is making it to the table (and not to the window, but to get that you must read the campaign page). Going from a 1000 piece print run to a 100 pieces turned out to be a good decision even if it turned the price up a little bit. King of the Skippers is 18 USD for a standard version and 55 for a deluxe one which comes in a very pretty wooden case.

Tech?No! Bowl (Relaunch):
Saving my personal best for Last (which is an opinion), but Tech?No! Bowl is being made! The boardgame version of the still very popular video game is getting made and if everything goes well in the last 48 hours, you might get all the 32 (yes, 32) teams unlocked. I just love the way this is made, with the pixel art giving that lovely 8 slash 16-bit feel! Tech?No! Bowl is 10 USD for a PnP and 49 USD for the game. Go Back this!
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