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Subject: Let's Discuss: Jango Fett rss

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Jonathan Sugiyama
United States
Altamonte Springs
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Monday monday monday. Now that you have survived today, let's talk about a character who strikes fear into the hearts of his enemies. A man prepared for almost anything and layered with the gear to prove it. Jango Fett, lethal mercenary.

1) Jango clocks in at 10HP with a point cost of 12 and 16 for his elite version. His die faces are: 1 Ranged damage/ 2 Ranged damage/ 1 Melee damage/ 1 Resource/ +1 Resource (modified)/ 1 Blank. His special effect is powerful but that's coming in #2. Jango comes with a very healthy amount of damage and a mixture between Melee and Ranged. This makes him a threat because he has access to cards that use both types of damage to trigger card effects. His resource generation is also good because resources are very tight in this game. Basically Jango will either deal damage or create resources to bring equipment to the battlefield and increase your board presence. Jango also has a low enough point cost that you can splash him into a team or run his elite version as the front runner of your team.

2) Jango's special effect reads: " After an opponent activates a character, you may activate this character." What does this mean for the resident bounty hunter? Well when any opponent activates their character, you can activate Jango and roll his dice ON THEIR TURN. So the next action on your turn can be anything you want, usually its resolving some damage from Jango since he rolls damage 50% of the time. But having the opportunity to activate Jango on the opponent's turn opens up a lot of options. The current strategy is to load Jango up with 1 or 2 Sith Holocrons and activate Jango on the enemy turn. Then on your turn resolve any special die faces from Holocron. This gives Jango a huge board presence with free upgrades and MUCH more powerful dice. Another strategy is to activate another character earlier in the round, then activate Jango on your opponent's turn. Now you have 2 character's dice to work with during this action. Jango's special effect is extremely powerful and works well in most points in the game, giving you action advantage and the ability to roll dice and resolve them faster than your opponent can.

3) Jango is a monster waiting to grow as the game goes on. Each equipment on Jango adds dice to his rolls and makes his effect better. So how do you deal with Jango? Well when playing against him, I recommend focus firing him down. Every round that ends and he lives means he is readied and his effect is now on deck. So the less rounds he lives, the less effective he is on the battlefield. What about if you are playing with Jango? I would recommend running some means of giving him shields or some cards that offer dice removal or control plays. "The Best Defense" comes to mind if you are running red characters, this gives you the ability to remove die faces that can hurt Jango and keep him rolling over the enemy scum.

Jango Fett is a very powerful character with a lot of flexibility and a high threat to anyone facing off against him. Luckily 10 HP is a number that can be reached in 2-3 turns fairly easily so Jango is not impossible to kill. Beware this bounty hunter since he is deadly with his special effect and reliable damage rolls. So let us know what you think. Is Jango your kind of bounty hunter? Are you going to run him on your team?

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