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Episode 75 of your Update on what Games are New on Kickstarter.
Tuesday, October 11th (since Thursday, October 6th).

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Monday’s Episode (Even though it’s Tuesday) is sponsored by the Role Playing Game Pick of the Week, Courtesy of Dark Naga Adventures. Check them out at Role Playing Game Pick of the Week is: Project Biomodus by TAPM Systems, a Tabletop RPG, where powerful transhuman hunters try to survive the biomechanical horrors of a dying, adapted world. On Kickstarter right now! There is an interview with its creator Joseph Thompson online ( so check that out.

Well, i tried getting this online yesterday, but by the time it was finished it was way too late and I just had to get some sleep. Of course, i got the worst nights’ sleep ever. Man, I can barely think right now. Also, my voice is a mess. But here it is, the combination episode of Monday & Tuesday: The game that are new on kickstarter since Thursday!

Miniatures Related Projects:

The first miniatures project is… dammit, another one that I desperately need. Why? Because the it’s insane! It’s Purgatory! A tabletop skirmisher which is a new take on traditional skirmishers in a world of colourful characters. It pitches Murder Inc. vs. the Soul Train (which includes machine gun clowns, angels and all kinds of weirdos!) I Love it! Starter box pledges start at 69 EUR with an I want it all pledge at 144, which is not bad for resin minis.
Ends 11-08

There is another skirmisher called Collision - The Game. It is a Dutch, post-apocalyptic game played with cards. (Woohoo, patriotism) The world has suffered a series of disasters. The overcrowded cities have ceased to exist, the majority of humanity has been eradicated. Those that have survived thus far are waging a constant war against savage mutants, unworldly monsters and above all: each other. There are some very cool minis in this campaign as well so check it out! The Core rulebook and one starter set is 30 EUR , 2 starter sets are 55 and the whole shebang is 80.
Ends 11-01

Limitless Levels - 3D Printable Modular Tower.
ANd the final miniature related project is a 3d printable modular tower when you can print quarters to make an open tower as high as you want it. Print your wizard’s lair with with Limitless Levels! The STL files base set is 18 USD.
Ends 11-09


Boardgames next! There is Rockopolis. Build your Rock Band, train hard, play live gigs and be the first to achieve fame and fortune but make sure you are actually playing the styles your band members want to play. Rockopolis is 12 EUR for a PNP and 29 for a boxed copy.
Ends 11-06

Beer Empire:
Like Beer? Like Boardgames? Try Beer Empire! Design your recipes, gain and use resources, expand your Brewery, build your own Beer Empire. A resource-management game of malts, hops and golden glory. Beer Empire is 35 USD!
Ends 10-28

Rising 5 - Runes of Asteros:
Next Up: Rising 5 - Runes of Asteros. An exploration slash puzzle boardgame that comes with an App to lead you through this adventure. Play as the Rising 5; a talented, colourful and especially deniable group of agents sent to investigate the nefarious events occurring on the far flung world of Asteros. Can you seal ‘The Gate’? Rising 5 is 40 EUR for a Standard edition and 75 for a deluxe edition!
Ends 10-27

Q.E. is a beautiful, handmade, unique auction game where you are a central bank and you can print as much money as you please. Don’t we all wish we could? Bid on big companies that need bailing out for victory points and collect as much power as you can! Combine this with a handmade wooden board and you got Q.E. It’s 35 GBP
Ends 12-05

Pub Battles - Little Bighorn: Custer’s Last Stand
Next Up is the second installment in the Pub Battles range and this time it’s Little Bighorn - Custer’s Last stand. It takes you back to that final push that went too far (of which I honestly don’t know anything) and have you experience that gruesome battle. All players decide which and how many armies they take to the battlefield, but you’ll only find out what your enemy took once the battle has begun. Custer’s Last Stand is 67 USD.
Ends 11-07

Ninja Arena:
Ninja arena is a highly tactical 3d board game featuring a wooden board and real tin ninjas! Fight other players in teams, free-for-all or direct battles with different battles and objectives. Get equipped for the battle, plan out your strategy and bring it! Ninja Arena is 75 EUR.
Ends 11-21

Dungeon Degenerates - Hand of Doom:
Dungeon Degenerates is a very (!!) bright, cooperative dark fantasy board game with a Retro role playing Feel. Choose between four adventuring Degenerates on your way out of prison and into the Wurstreich. Survival itself is an adventure alone. Long Live the Wurstreich! Dungeon Degenerates is 55 USD.
Ends 11-12

DNA Ahead Game and More:
And the final boardgame, also a colourful one is DNA Ahead Game & More. A 3-in-1 board game, Picture Show & Tell & Creativity Kindler Kit that covers DNA and its uses in modern day science. It combines the simplicity and dynamic competition of a board game with tools for learning the extraordinary history and profound, far-reaching results of the genetic revolution. DNA Ahead is 58 USD.
Ends 12-08

Card Games:

Mythos - Game of Fables
Card Games! First, Mythos - Game of Fables. A game where you must Summon mythical beasts from throughout time to rip apart and defeat your opponents in this fast paced tactical card game. Chimeras, Naga (shoutout to Dark Naga), Banshees and the Allmighty Kraken are all present to be commanded by you (and in beautiful fashion I must add)! Mythos is 3 USD for a PNP and 20 for a physical copy.
Ends 11-06

You’ve Been Shaved:
Next, You’ve been Shaved. A fast-paced game about beard-envy for all the hipsters, hipster-haters and your family. Try saving your beard from the people who try shaving it! It’s 10 GBP for a PNP, 20 for the game and 30 for the game plus 6 beards… Yeah, 6 beards.
Ends 11-07

Tavern Masters Card Game:
Back to Beers! The Tavern Masters card game allows you to run the best fantasy taverns in the village. Set up shop in a thirsty village full of thugs and soldiers, mages and nobles in a game that you can play as a co-op, competitive and solo game! Tavern Masters is 5 USD for a PNP and 35 for a boxed copy.
Ends 11-08

1750 - Britain vs. France:
The Final card game is 1750 - Britain vs. France. Use your military might and diplomacy to defeat your old enemy in a struggle for colonial Supremacy. A 2 player strategy game where you'll attempt to influence other world powers, deploy military units to attack and defend colonies, and play historic event cards that provide powerful short-term and long-term benefits. 1750 is 39 USD.
Ends 11-09

Party / Miscellaneous Games:

Dungeon Cup:
It is a bit of an alcoholic episode of the First Roll today because the first party game is Dungeon Cup. It’s like when Beer Pong had a baby with Final Fantasy! Choose a unique character, forge your deck of cards and have a drink in the meantime! Dungeon Cup is 25 USD
Ends 11-06

Made in America:
Next, Made in America. A party game where you must make crazy combinations at the expense of American & pop culture Icons. A multi-language game (because Americans are really internationally friendly) where there’s a verb on the table and you must add a noun in front and behind it to come up with really weird stuff! Made in America is 1 USD for a PNP (already available) and 25 for the physical game.
Ends 11-22

Finally, Crossjacks is an exciting cross between poker & rummy played by the miners and guardsmen of the planet Colonium. Discovered in the archives of the timeship Edeveil and translated by a Grad student, it can now be yours! For 19 USD, that is.
Ends 11-07

Role Playing Games & Related:

There’s one RPG related project, namely the Meanders. Themed board (18 by 17 inches) with interconnectable paths so you can make a huge map for your RPG adventures. There is all kinds of themes from forests to deserts and snowy landscapes. The 16 core meanders are 25 AUD in PDF format and printed pledges start at 90.
Ends 11-08

Expansions, Reprints, Relaunches & Upgrades:

Wall Street Billion Club:
Wall Street Billion Club (which used to be on kickstarter as America Billion Club, but I’m not quite sure about that) is on kickstarter right now. A game that will challenge your your business skills in the competitive world that is Wall Street. Do you have what it take to become THE Wolf? Wall Street Billion Club is 15 USD for a digital version (question mark?) or 25 for a boxed copy.
Ends 12-05

Eternity Dungeon Stone Map Tiles (Relaunch):
The dungeon map creation stones that are made of actual material from Mt. Vesuvius (which is a volcano for people who didn’t know) are back for a new campaign! Sets start at 38 EUR for 24 of them and the big set of 48 will run you 70.
Ends 10-22

The Old Ball Game (Relaunch):
The Old Ball Game relaunch has an interesting story. One the the original campaign’s backers told the creators that he didn’t feel like the game represented the old time feel of baseball. The people of Caper games asked if he had something in mind and this backer (known as Stephen) just redid the game… In its entirety basically… The New The Old Ball Game is 26 CAD.
Ends 11-09
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