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Stven Carlberg
United States
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Dragons' Derby

Game by Heinz Meister
Artwork by Marino Degano
English rules summary by Stven Carlberg

The game is for three or four players. In either case, all five dragons participate in each race.

Decide amongst the players how many races will comprise the game: at least three.

Give each player 600 Dragon Dollars and five square cardboard betting chits to represent the five different dragons. Shuffle the deck and deal each player four cards face down.

Each player now picks the three dragons he thinks will finish the race and stacks those face down on his bet. [One thing I haven't been able to figure out from the rules is whether the player is supposed to be able to choose the amount of his bet. Since it's possible to lose your entire bet, I'd recommend a standard bet of 100 Dragon Dollars -- or, alternatively, perhaps set a limit of half your current cash.]

The fieriest player goes first, and then play proceeds in clockwise order. Play a card, move the indicated dragon forward, and if there are any cards left in the stock, draw another card. But leave the played cards showing, because with the second card played of a color, that dragon will move TWO spaces; with the third card of that color, THREE spaces, and so on, so that what it takes for a dragon to finish the race is to have the sixth card of its color played. (And there are only six cards of each color in the 30-card deck.)

Here's the key bit: When the first dragon finishes the race, the players who have bet on that dragon turn up the chit to show it. The players who didn't bet on the first-place dragon are eliminated from that race and lose their entire bets, regardless of which dragons may eventually come in second or third. The eliminated players' unplayed cards are returned to the bottom of the draw pile, or form a new draw pile if it was empty. [Presumably, while it doesn't say so explicitly, the other players would draw back up to four cards at this point if they had fewer.]

Play continues in like fashion until the second dragon finishes the race, and once again the players who have bet on that dragon turn up the chit to show it, while the other players are eliminated and return their unplayed cards to the draw pile.

When the third dragon finishes, the race is over.

Players who did not have a bet on the first dragon to finish the race lose their whole bet to the bank.

Players who had a bet on the first dragon but not the second dragon get their bet back.

Players who had a bet on the first two dragons but not the third dragon get double their bet back.

Players who had a bet on all three dragons get triple their bet back.

For subsequent races, reshuffle the whole deck, deal the cards, have the players make their bets, and run the race. [I don't find it in the rules, but I'd suggest having the player who played the last card in the previous race play the first card in the next.]

When the agreed number of races have been run and paid off, the winner of the game is the player with the most money.
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