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Subject: Mario Kart- NO EXTRA PIECES (Well... stickers for the karts would be nice) rss

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eric chang
United States
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I really like how the Mario Kart theme completes PitchCar, and I've put extensive work in making it my own, taking ideas from BGG's forums and files. There are those who put in a lot of work in it too such as:
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“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” -Bukowski
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who drew inspiration from...

Olivier Lamontagne
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as well as

Grognard David
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in his submission of "Mario Kart" variant.

I would like to provide a way for a casual gamer to get in on the action too without making it a time consuming project by simply adding what I call the "BOOST". The boost is defined as crossing 1 connection line by one flick of the disk. The "connection line" is where the two jigsaw pieces meet. The boost is there to represent extra speed and it is always optional. There is a risk in boosting...

If the person pitch the disk past their boost point (crossing the next connection line), then they will have a "spin-out". Set the disk to their previous location and skip their turn.

Assuming these characters, they have the following weight class:
Mario (Red)- medium
Luigi (Green)- medium
Peach (Pink)- light
Toad (Blue)- light
Yoshi (Green/Tan*)- light
D.K. (Orange)- heavy
Wario (Yellow)- heavy
Bowser (Black)- heavy
*Use tan if green disk is taken.

Each weight class will define when and where the boost can be made.
Light- Boost EARLY, Starting on CURVES*
Heavy- Boost LATE, Ending on STRAIGHTS*
Medium**- Boost ANYTIME, ANYWHERE (Straights or Curves)
* Ramps are considered a straight or a curve based upon the previous track connection. E.g. Curve&Ramp = the ramp is classified as a curve.
** Looks unfair but they have limits see below for more details.

Light weights can accelerate out of curves quickly.
Heavy weights have higher top speed on straights.
Medium weights can do a bit of both.

Rules Summery
Rules for Light Weights
- May boost at the start before "regular" pitch.
- Boost only on curve or ramp.
Adv. Rules: no spin-outs. (Makes these characters beginner friendly!)

Rules for Heavy Weights
- May boost at the end after regular pitch.
- Boost only on straight or ramp.

Rules for Medium Weights
- Gain 1 boost per kart if passing is "successful"
"Successful" is when the kart is on the track and not flipped over.
- Max number of boost: 3
(Hint: Use a die to record if you can't remember ><
- Declare at the beginning of turn to use boost.
Use all or none. May only gain 1 boost from passing kart.
- Lose all boost if the kart goes off the track.
Example 1: Mario have 3 boost saved. The player declares to use the boost this turn. The player declares one boost in the beginning and two boost at the end. They flick over one track connection and does their "regular" flick. Then they finished by going over two track connections.

I have playtested this for several years, and I'm pretty happy in how such a simple concept works so well! Let me know what you think!


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William Hoyt
United States
East Liverpool
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Very cool!

I'll have to break my Audi Edition set out and give this a try.

One of my favorite dexterity game!

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