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Subject: Never give up until it's over rss

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Steven Desmond
United Kingdom
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(reposted from the general forum following suggestion from davro33)

(playing solo with 2 runners)

Start of scene 3; one runner on 2 health, the other on 1 health.
1 health gets Wrecked Sensor Bus, Network Fixer (pay 3 nuyen when it attacks), Reckless Mastermind. 2 health gets Lone Star Sergeant (can't buy cards), Astral Scout.

1 health runner to start, We Gotta Slow Them Down! crossfire drawn (attack strength of each undamaged obstacle is doubled)

(Assuming my guys are meat, I'm looking at ways to survive an abort)

1 health decides to go out in a blaze of glory, killing the other runner's Astral Scout with all his cards (knowing he'll get staggered and lose them anyhow)

Look at top of crossfire deck as per Astral Scout's defeated text, see Just Survive (attack strength of each obstacle is +1) so decide 'no thanks' and place it on the bottom of the crossfire deck

Becomes staggered

Health 2 runner's turn. Enough damage to remove first level of Reckless Mastermind and to kill Lone Star Sergeant. Takes no damage. Draws Remington Roomsweeper and Monofilament Whip. Can now buy some cards (he has 13 nuyen). Buys another Remington Roomsweeper, a Retrieval Agent, a Coordinated Attack and a Black Market Contacts.

New round; new crossfire card is Top Shelf (each runner heals 1/2 the hp they've lost)! Runner is unstaggered, draws 2 cards and can play a card to take away Reckless Mastermind's second level before getting staggered again.

Now the guy who bought the market unleashes 20 damage between all 3 remaining obstacles, killing them all (with help from the staggered runner drawing a Guiding Spirit courtesy of Coordinated Attack, dragging a basic green from discard courtesy of Retrieval Agent, plus double Remington Roomsweepers causing carnage).

I couldn't believe all the right colours were there, in just the right amounts. Both runners now have 7 karma so stickers are being pored over right now.

In case that didn't make me happy enough, Amazon just delivered my Absolute Guard Flip 'n' Tray deck cases too
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Mike Hill
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wicked fun and very cool report. Haven't played it yet but it is sitting on my shelf. I love how your report detailed the card draws and plays instead of turning it into a narrative with character dialogue - something I find is great for RPG sessions but not necessarily games like this. Appreciated!
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