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I have compiled a five page errata from comments posted on-line since the initial publication of the game expansion in September 2016. It will be updated as significant new information or questions come in. I have requested BGG to post it under the Files section for those who want an easily printable file, so look for it there shortly. For those that would like to review the information online, it is all pasted below. New updates since the last posting are shown in red font.

If you have questions on this document, please post those in this thread and Adam and I will respond accordingly.

Labyrinth: Awakening Errata and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Prepared by Designer Trevor Bender and Dated 2 JAN 2017 12 OCT 2016


Optional Rules 1 and 2, which were first published in the now out of print C3i Nr25, were designed by Developer Joel Toppen. The credit for his previous work was inadvertently left off in the reprinting of those Optional Rules in the expansion’s Combined Rules and Playbook on page 18.


Q. There are more counters for Plots (and WMD) in the expansion "Labyrinth the Awakening". Should they be used too?

A: These are spares as the Plot and WMD markers wear out more frequently than most other counters. We had room on the counter-sheet, so added them in at the request of play-testers. Also, there is a spare, dark green 1st Plot marker.

Note that when playing the Alternative History Campaign Game described on page 18, there is a chance for up to 9 WMD to become available, so you may need 3 of the 6 extra WMD to play this scenario.


The Solitaire Event Instructions Table gives incorrect event #s for the following named cards:
• Limited Deployment as #137 (actually #157)
• SCAF as #164 (actually #162)
• Taliban Resurgent as #199 (actually #195)
• Backlash as #219 (actually #122)

In all of these cases, apply the instructions to the card name not the card # and you will be playing correctly.

US Bot, PAR, Second Row Column 3 should read: “IR > or = to 3 and RC possible?”


Q. What countries are in Africa?

A. For game terms there are a total of 9 countries in Africa: Morocco, Algeria/Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya/Tanzania, Nigeria and Mali.


Campaign Game: The #147 Strike Eagle Event card may not be used to target Potentially Available WMD in Russia and Central Asia (the CTR countries from original Labyrinth).


8.1.2 Simultaneous:

Q. Given that Arab Spring “Fallout” #131 specifies "Simultaneously", one could place Awakening markers in two adjacent countries as long as neither one had an Awakening marker or is adjacent to another country with an Awakening marker.

Does the lack of "Simultaneously" in Facebook #153/4 imply that you could place an Awakening Marker in a chain of countries as long as the first country in the chain contains or is adjacent to another country with an Awakening marker?

A. The key rule in interpreting these two cards is 8.1.2 Simultaneous, as further amplified on page 28 on the back of the Awakening Rulebook. Essentially all Awakening markers would be placed simultaneously on the map based on the conditions that existed before any of them were placed.

So for Arab Spring "Fallout" the Awakening markers could be placed adjacent to each other since neither existed at that moment, but for Facebook they could not be "daisy chained" across the map adjacent to each other since none of them have been placed until all of them have been placed.

11.2.4 Militia

Q. Are the new blue militia pieces only placed via event(s)? Or can they be deployed just like troops?

A. Militia can only be brought on the board via Events, or at the start of a Civil War in a one-for-one swap with Awakening markers (11.2.1 4th bullet), or through the lasting effect of #121 Advisors. They may not Deploy like Troops, though their locations may be adjusted through play of #156 Gulf Union.

Q. In what situations could Militia Disrupt 2 Cells?

A. To amplify on 11.2.4 bullets 3 & 4:

The requirement to Disrupt 2 Cells at once is for a total of at least 2 Troops + Militia (TandM) present with at least one of those being a Troops (or 2 Militia with Advisors present). Militia can disrupt on their own, but require 2 Militia in a non-Ally Muslim country, and only affect 1 Cell.

If at least 1 Troops is present for a 2 Disrupt, Prestige will increase +1. Advisors do not transfer this +1 Prestige benefit; a Troops must be on the ground.

Reminder that an Ally Muslim country can Disrupt 1 Cell without the presence of Troops or Militia, as can a non Muslim country, and if a non Muslim country is Hard, Disrupt will affect 2 Cells (7.4.2).

Q. Can Militia count as Troops to allow Troops to Deploy out of a Regime Change Country?

A. Militia cannot "cover" for US Troops in a Regime Change situation. Since Militia mostly represent irregular forces, the US Player must first resolve the Regime Change requirements in some fashion before the Troops could freely Deploy (7.3.1) out of the country. The Regime Change could be resolved by achieving Good Governance, or by event play that ends the Regime Change condition in some way, including the start of a Civil War (11.2.2 6th bullet).

The US Player could perform a Withdraw Operation in the Regime Change situation described above, but must first be Soft and there are other ramifications (see 7.3.5), including that the Regime Change marker remains after the Troops Withdraw.

11.1.7 Polarization & 11.2.5 Attrition Victory

Q. Suppose that during Polarization, one country shifts from Fair to Good and another country shifts from Poor to Islamist rule. According to rule 11.1.7 these shifts occur simultaneously. Now suppose that these shifts leave the US player at 12 Good resources and the Jihiadist player at 6 IR resources with adjacency. Who wins? Same could happen during the Attrition phase.

A. Staying true to the original Labyrinth Victory Conditions (VC) model, use a derivative of 2.3 to adjudicate victory in either the Polarization or Attrition situations described above. The formula for 2.3 is: US wins if he has 2 x + 1 Good Resources as are Islamist Rule.

So in the example where it was exactly 12 Good to 6 IR, then it would be a Jihadist victory. But if for example the phase ended with 13 Good to 6 IR, then it would be a US victory.

11.3.2 Plots

Q. If an event mentions an exact plot number and the corresponding marker(s) are not available – does that mean that no plot can be placed (even if lower ones are available)?

A. Correct, the plot numbers must match the events exactly; it they do not, that portion of the event is unplayable (6.2.4); plan accordingly during your turn.


Note that the grey precondition text for 36 of the cards is printed darker than desired, and does not precisely match the lighter color scheme from Labyrinth. These preconditions can be identified as follows: they appear as a bolded font and are typically the first sentence in the text box for those event cards with preconditions. All of the restrictions of play found in 6.2.6 apply to these cards even though the precondition text may not appear as “grey”.

#132 Battle of Sirte

Q. Is it:
"(Remove 1 Cell) and (place up to 2 Militia in any country in Civil War.)"


"(Remove 1 Cell and place up to 2 Militia) in any country in Civil War."

A. The proper interpretation from a Labyrinth precondition (6.2.6) event logic perspective would be:

"Play in a country in Civil War. Remove 1 Cell and Place 2 Militia there."

#147 Strike Eagle

Q. How does Strike Eagle event work when Syria is unmarked and Iran is non-Muslim? Is it unplayable, or should Syria be tested and then determined if the event is playable?

A. The first sentence of the event is bolded grey precondition text, even though it does not show up as well in the Expansion decks as it does in the Labyrinth cards. In hindsight, the precondition text probably should have been worded as: “Play if a Poor, non-Ally country has unavailable WMD (not Pakistan).” This would mean that in the situation described above, the event is not playable, since the status of unmarked Syria nor non-Muslim Iran would trigger the pre-condition. One would not “Test” Syria just to see if the event could be triggered if it tested Poor.

This situation would represent the status quo position before Syria fell into Civil War and its WMD arsenal became a threat to others through the potential loss of its chemical weapons to other actors.

#151 UNSCR 2118

Q. "Play in Syria if marked". What does being “marked” mean?

A. A country is considered "marked" if it’s Governance or Posture has already been tested during play or was pre-determined during scenario set-up.

It also states:
- "If Ally, Remove any unavailable WMDs there from the game"
- "if Neutral or Adversary, Remove 1 Unavailable WMD there from the game, if possible"

A. Syria is considered "marked" if it has been assigned a Governance marker through the course of play (see 4.9.4). Syria starts with 2 WMD. So if "marked" as described above, then the event would be playable, and if Ally, both WMD would be removed. If Neutral or Adversary, only 1 would be removed. Don't forget to increase US Prestige by +1 for each WMD so removed (11.3.1).

#182 Paris Attacks

Q. There is a table listing countries to target based on the value of the Tan die (Roll a Tan & Black die and place the following in that result if Hard (if unplayable, use the highest # playable result). Cells are placed Active side up.

If the target county is untested, do you:
1. Test it to see if it is hard?
2. Skip it because it is not already hard?

A. The intent is that the country had to be already Hard in order to be considered a viable target (i.e. government actions have drawn the attention of Jihadists to that country). Do not test an unmarked county that is rolled, but instead proceed down the list of countries until a viable target (an already Hard country) is identified.

A key word is missing from the card that made the event logic questionable. The text within the parenthesis should state: "(if unplayable, use next highest playable result)". Note the insertion of the word "next" before "highest".

For example, if a Tan die of 1 is rolled, and the US is not Hard, then look and see if #2 Canada is Hard and if so trigger the black die roll result there. If Canada is not hard, then look and see if #3 UK is Hard, if not, then #4 Benelux, if not, then #5 France, and if not, then for #6 the Jihadist player would choose any one Hard Schengen country. If none are Hard, then the event is unplayable.

#199 US Consulate Attacked

Q. If the card discarded by this event is #240 US Election, does posture switch automatically and immediately? (cfg. “later this turn”)

A. No. The 8.1.2 Simultaneous rule is applied here and the US Election card that was discarded is technically not later this turn. The US Election is triggered per ( but the clause causing an automatic switch of posture does not occur. Reference expanded definition of this 8.1.2 Simultaneous rule on the back of the Awakening rule book.

#211-213 Smartphones

Q. Could the Awakening or Reaction marker from Smartphones be placed in a country in which Cells “travel from” or in a country from which Cells, Militia or Troops were moved or removed from by event play?

A. The intent is the smartphones are being used to record the Operations and activity going on in the active country, so either where the Jihadist player has to roll for success (the target country), or where the US player pays for Operations or where the pieces end-up at after the event is concluded. The “travel from” country is not considered an active country for the purposes of Smartphones since the departure of the Cells or other Pieces is largely clandestine in nature. The one exception to this is when Pieces are moved or removed from one country to the track or to the Off Map Box (such as #185 al-Maliki); in these cases the country of origin is the active country for that event since there is no on-map country destination.

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Thanks for doing this.
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Thanks for this summary, it will be very helpful when my copy arrives in the next 2 weeks
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