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Game turn one March/April 1965

The Allied set up strategy was aimed to block or slow down NVA units from crossing the DMZ into South Vietnam and/or from the Hanoi off board box onto the map portion of Laos.

The communist started by launching a four division attack on the Green Berets and Rangers along the DMZ in hex 2504 just to the north east of Khe Sanh. On the Laotian side of the board the Pathet Lao attacked the lone Green Beret unit in hex 2001. The Pathet Lao succeeded in destroying the Green Berets in their assault. The NVA did not. In the DMZ battle the ARVN flew in air support and the 1st ARVN Air Mobile unit and repulsed the NVA attack with the loss of one NVA division.

Elsewhere the Vietcong occupied a couple of cities and three towns across the four corps zones. The allies were spread too thin to contest these early moves.

In their half of the turn the allies rebuilt the Laotian Green Beret base two hexes due north of Tchepone. [Edit – This was an error on my part as the replaced Green Beret unit should have waited till the next turn to be placed on the map. I didn’t think it had too much impact on the game as the map edge itself was covered by a combination of ZOC’s and the firebase in hex 2504.] They added a firebase to hex 2504.
They then moved the 1st ARVN Marines to Quang Tri and a couple of Royal Lao divisions up to the map/Hanoi box border. They also bombed and destroyed another NVA division in North Vietnam.

By the end of the turn, North Vietnamese infiltration areas were almost completely covered by Green Beret zones of influence, a firebase, and the zones of control of two Laotian divisions.

Random Events = Draft Riots – No ARVN replacements next turn and ARVN reinforcements delayed one turn.

Political Points Score = 184 (Scenario started with 200)

Game Turn 2 May/June 1965 (Monsoon Turn)

The action was mainly in the north map edge. The NVA launched an attack to take Quang Tri with an NVA division and a VC regiment supported by artillery. The ARVN moved the 1st Air Mobile unit in from the nearby firebase in 2504. The Allies could not send in air support due to the monsoon weather conditions. The attack succeeded brilliantly. Both ARVN units were destroyed and the town occupied.

The only other attack was a three unit Pathet Lao offensive on the SGG Royal Lao Division in hex 2001. This was repulsed with the loss of two Pathet Lao cadres.

Elsewhere, the Communists occupied another city and two more towns. They did this to take advantage of the fact that the Allies did not yet have enough forces to cover much of the map.

The Allies used some replacement points to put a U.S. firebase in Da Nang and moved the III, IV, and Laotian hearts and minds index one point each in their favor. The Allies did not launch any attacks. They did strategic bomb four enemy units all in open terrain but failed to destroy any. The Royal Laotian SGG unit moved from hex 1901 to 2001 in order to move into the mountains.

Random Events = None

Political Points Score = 164

Game Turn 3 July/August 1965 (Monsoon Turn)

The Communists abandoned Quang Tri and moved those units into the mountains nearby in order to send them further south. They did grab a few more towns which was starting to rack up the political point losses for the Allies.

The Allies recaptured the city Can Tho in IV Corps zone and the town of Quang Ngai up in I Corps. They had thoughts of trying to retake the city of Da Lat in II Corps but decided to wait till the end of the monsoon season. Their forces were starting to build up a bit but their political point losses were mounting.

Random Events = None

Political Points Score = 148

Game Turn 4 September/October 1965

The NVA flipped over a division or two in I Corps zone in order to begin infiltrating them further south. In the Hanoi off board zone, several units moved over to the Plain of Jars off board zone to bypass the units blocking their infiltration efforts further east towards the DMZ. More towns were occupied to keep the political point free fall parade going. Most of these were in the II Corps zone. No attacks were made.

The Allies received heavy reinforcements. For the first time they were able to spread out a bit and garrison some of their own urban areas.
They used air, naval, and fire base assets to help counter attack several locations. Two of these, Di Linh and Da Lat were in II Corps while Rach Gia was in IV Corps. All three were successful though an ARVN Ranger unit was lost. An Allied air unit was lost to anti-aircraft fire as well.

Random Events = None

Political Points Score = 121

Game Turn 5 November/December 1965

The Communists had to make a choice here whether or not to start spending cadres/supplies on hearts and minds or to keep grabbing more urban area political points. They decided to try and knock off some Green Beret units to facilitate their hearts and minds efforts. This was partly because they were maxing out on cadre units anyway. There was a 50% chance that Green Beret units would cancel out the Communist expenditure of cadres/supplies on a 1 to 1 basis hence the need to go after them.
The VC launched a three cadre assault on the lone Green Beret unit at hex 2722. The Allies flew in the U.S. 3/1 Air Cav and an air unit to help with the defense. The result was a resounding defeat for the Allies as both of their units were destroyed in one of those six to one die rolls. Ouch!

The NVA also moved four divisions and four supply units from the Plain of Jars box on to the map in Laos. This was part of their scheme side skirt the units blocking their infiltration over in the DMZ area mentioned above.

The Allies had no time for crying as the political point altimeter was spiraling down at an alarming rate. They made a little headway on the hearts and minds index but not too much.

They attacked and retook Ban Me Thout and Bau Loc in II Corps and Phu Vinh in IV Corps. Unfortunately for them they lost two air units in their strategic bombing efforts.

In Laos, the MERC and SGG Royal Lao divisions shifted to the west and forced all the NVA units along the Plain of Jars map edge to flip face up. This in itself didn’t trigger a violation of Laotian neutrality. That would only be triggered if the situation was not rectified in the next turn. The NVA units would have to return to the Plain of Jars box or else attack at which point Laos would become an allied country. I wasn’t sure if that would be a good thing or a bad thing and for whom!

Meanwhile the Allies continued to hemorrhage political points.

Random Events = None

Political Point Score = 90

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Michel D
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Thank you for the pics and the description of the action. I'm waiting for my copy that will arrive next week.
I'm a bit worried as it's the first game I buy from OSS and it was rather expensive.
Well, it doesn't look bad and it seems to be fun. Very eighties but I like it.
I hope that you'll write a review soon
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