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Subject: [WIP] ALPHA CELL - 18 cards game rss

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eddie turner
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Hiya posting this up for others opinions, it is not fully finished but very close... mostly artwork details needed but that's always last.

ALPHA CELL is a 2 player game based around being woken inside a room with a stranger next to you but no idea how you arrived or why, around you is doors in all directions and you dart off in a direction away from the stranger ( player 2 ).

Each turn consist of drawing 1 of the 13 (14 at start) possible cards in play and then following what is on the card played.

During this your goal is to escape this hell maze you are subject to...

But this place will not let you go lightly and has traps and monsters blocking your way.

first to escape wins, and yes it can happen on the first turn!
What the game contains:
18 poker sized cards
- 2 player cards
- 6 monster cards
- 3 upgrade cards
- 5 trap cards
- start and exit cards

1 D6 Dice
6 Small Tokens
Box ( to store it in laugh )
Rules of play:
choose who is what player card.

choose who goes first.

find and place the Start Card in the middle of the table.

shuffle the remaining cards and place near by face down.

player going first draws first card on top and places it face up next to the start card.

now that player follows what is on the card.

if it is a monster, read down till "MONSTER COMBAT"
now second player takes there turn drawing a card from top of deck and placing it near the start card of their choosing and follow the cards commands.

after both players have had a go, pick up any cards previously placed including the Start card.

place them back into the deck and shuffle again, unless it is the start card this placed to the side out the way as not needed again.

deck is replaced and round two begins.

Sub Rules:
Health Points Replenish after each monster is beaten.

Health Points Starts at 4.

Weapon Upgrade starts at 1.

1 D6 Dice and 6 Token is needed minimum to play.

Traps do no damage but impair your turns.

Monster Combat
Monster combat consists of you vs the card played and does not involve the other player at all, you attack first at all times and then the monster second.

Combat requires the dice D6 Roll:

If you roll a 1, 2, 3 - you miss your hit and do no damage.
If you roll a 4, 5 - you hit the monster and do the damage that your token is on under " Weapon Upgrades ".
If you roll a 6 - you Critical Hit and do Double your " Weapon Upgrades " is.

Same rule applies for the Monster who go comes second.

After both have taken one round of combat that is a turn over and now the other player takes a turn. then once that player is finished you continue where you was damage and health wise fighting the monster. turn after turn till defeated..

if you lose the fight you miss one turn and the card is returned to the deck after your next go.

Card Images to date:

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