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Peter R.
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Lies grow in the silence of those who hear them - Ursula K. Le Guin
Lies grow in the silence of those who hear them - Ursula K. Le Guin
The second game of the evening was Masquerade!
Wow, how much time had passed since our last game?
Still I could explain this game to the others quite easily, as all rules came to my mind as soon as I opened the cardbox.
Nelly decided, that this game was to complex for her and went of to play something else.
So we remained 4 players:
Peter, Andy, Anita and Caterina

Anita was the first to choose her dancer and chose "War Maiden".
Andy was second and choose the "Great Fool".
I took the "Tempting Witch".
Caterina decided to get the "Word Caster".

My hidden goal was to get the emblem of roses.

The first round was just getting spell cards and geting used to the game mechanic. I was the first to challenge a Guardian in the Tower and got the shield, which got my an extra power when being challenged.
This gave me an early lead.
Anita out of the blue went into the chapel and chose "Picking Flowers" got that got her the emblem of roses. Caterina attacked me the next round and got the emblem of swords.
Andy played rather passively and refused 2-3 times to put a VP under its Mask when he could have done so.
Then Anita attacked Caterina and took the emblem of swords and VP. So she took the lead.
After a few round in the game (I figured it would be still to early, to show the others, I was looking for the emblem of roses) the event "Encore" happened and I was ripped of the possibilty to get the emblem of roses by going into the chapel. So I had to search the spell deck. But all I got, was the "Waltz" to put some cards as VP-counters under my mask.
No "Nocturne"-spell showed up, and the spell deck got reshuffled a few times. Someone was holding back the spells or had put them under its mask. But who?
Caterina played some Waltz too and managed to earn a few points with it.
The guardians got beaten quite easily as they threw rather bad cards when challenged. Soon only the "Eldest Dragon" remained, noone held the Emblem of dragons. The deck had to be reshuffled once again before running out and there where still two Events to go for.
So the game would end with the Guardian deck empty almost surely.

Scoring to this point:
Andy: 3 points
Anita: 5 points
Peter: 4 points
Caterina: 6 points

I picked number two as I went first the round before. Andy took number one, Anita took number four and Caterina went for number five.
I had given up on getting the Nocturne spell, so I could use my mask the last round. My goal: killing the dragon and getting two VP + the emblem of dragons
But Andy went to the Tower first.
So I decided to challenge a player and went to the Arena.
Anita hoped to get some usefull spells and went into the Library, so did Caterina.
Anita got bad luck and stuck with five spell cards the last round without being able to challenge
Caterina managed to put another VP under its Mask.
Andy won the challenge against the "Eldest Dragon" getting the Emblem of dragons. But he had to use up ALL of its Spell cards.
So I had to decide whom to attack.shake
Caterina was out of cards but would give me just one VP.
Anita had the emblem of swords, but was full of cards.
So remained Andy, who had the "Sunburst Ring" and could refuse my challenge if he liked to. But he knew, I had no cards, and therein lay my hope: If I wasn't to use my mask he could win the challenge.
I attacked Andy. He decided to accept the challenge.
I flipped over my Mask: final Power 14!
Andy had nothing left to counter my attack, I got the "Sunburst Ring", "Emblem of dragons" and one VP.
We revealed our Masks: NOONE had managed to fullfill its hidden task.

Final standings:
Andy: 4 points
Anita: 5 points
Peter: 7 points
Caterina: 7 points

As I had the lower turn order than Caterina in the last round I was the winner. What a GREAT game once again!
Andy had the hidden task of getting the emblem of dragons. If I hadn't attacked him on the last round, he would have won. So he came in last. He had planned to get 5!!! VP in the last round.
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