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Played my first game with the expansion added. My girlfriend was completely unaware of the content of this mini-expansion. Then it went something like this:

Me: take that (plays the card);
Julia: wow, what?
Me: (laughs) you either provide a good argument against it or you concede the game.
Julia: Ok... (smiles as she realizes it's a troll card). Well, the Eye would certainly see it coming. Eagles coming in the direction of Mordor? No, it would totally blow their cover.
Me: So what? Eagles can fly really high, no arrow would get near them.
Julia: the Eagles would have to come down so that Frodo would reach the Crack of Doom and throw the Ring, I think arrows would be able to hit the Eagles then.
Me: Maybe they would parachute near the Mountain!
Julia: With a parachute and what else, machineguns?
Me: No, with the help of Gandalf's magic.
Julia: Then they would shoot at the Fellowship.
Me: Well, you know, Legolas, and Gimli, and Gandalf, and Legolas again...
Julia: What about the Fellbeasts (yes, she knows the name!), they would come for the Eagles.
Me: the Eagles can hold their own against the Fellbeasts!
Julia: Yes, but can they protect the Ringbearer while they fight all the way to Mordor? Sauron doesn't need to kill all the Eagles, just get the ring out of the hands of the ringbearer. Fellbeasts and the Nazgul should be able to do at least that! And bats, we all know Sauron control the bats. And he would send guards to close the Crack of Doom and shoot arrows at the parachuting Fellowshippers.
Me: (laughs incontrolably at parachuting fellowshippers)
Julia: One does not simply fly into Mordor (mimics Boromir hands)!

We laughed and, as you can see, I had to concede. We definitely had a good time with it!


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Shouldn't this thread be in the strategy section? laugh
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