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Neuro Mancer
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Hello everyone!

I recently discovered Dune Express PnP Boardgame and made one for myself using Ilya fabulous designed components, and for Rules i used Alliance version 1.5

Now i had in mind an expansion for this game, similar to "Grand Dune" Version of the "real" Dune Boardgame (which i also plan to make)

The expansion should include same Faction as Dune, and those are: Tleilaxu, IX, Landsraad and Iduali/Smugglers.

It would be easy do make units, leaders etc. for new factions, but main question is What special abilities should they have? and how many of them?

For the Tleilaxu i found here some suggestions but for other factions i should improvise.

Can you please tell me what do you think about following abilities for each of the new factions (i assume that 3 abilities are more than enough)
I tried to adopt some of the abilities from the Dune, so here they are:

Tleilaxu Abilities: (can not build forts)
1. FACE DANCERS - Tleilaxu may place troops into already occupied territory without provoking battle, but can not take control of territory if enemy is present (pay 1 spice to attack Tleilaxu)
2. AXLOTL TANKS / GHOLAS - roll faction dice for every troop lost in battle, if faction sign is rolled, place this troop in planet reserve. also applied to Allies
3. INFILTRATION - Negate enemy fort defense when attacking
4. DEVIOUS - re-roll duel dice or maybe re roll treachery dice.

IX Abilities:
1. ADVANCED WEAPONS - Hunter seeker always kills enemy troop (can not be prevented)- also applied to Allies
2. CYMEK LEADERS - pay 3 spice to place Cymek troop (Combat Value 3), cymek also can be used instead of leader in duel with 2 life (or maybe can be used in combination with leader to provide extra life)
3. IXIAN TECHNOLOGY - provide +1 on spice roll (ignore Shai Hulud roll- provides 1 spice) maybe also applied to Allies

Landsraad abilities:
1. SPEAKER OF THE LANDSRAAD - player can join any alliance at will (except those with Fremen and Iduali)
2. ALLIANCE OF STARS - use one ability per turn chosen from any of the faction abilities except Fremen or Iduali
3. MASS MOBILIZATION - each turn receive 1 extra troop in reserve, and max reserve size is +1 - also applied to Allies
4. DIPLOMATIC INFLUENCE - cancel one attack agaist Landsraad controlled territory this turn - also applied to Allies

Iduali abilities:
1. NATIVES - same as Fremen ability place troops at no cost - allies do not pay to place Iduali
2. DESERT VETERANS - can move troops in or out stormy territories (or reroll Shai-Hulud result)
3. SMUGGLERS - once per turn steal 1 spice from any player Spice roll

As for the board, maybe this version will require more regions, so how it would be to make one mirror image of the board or southern hemisphere (in this case it would be necessary to use d12 for location dice)

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