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This is a fun little advanced game House rule that I just made up for those players looking for a way to get to actually take down Rowan like they did in the movie (Maybe not exactly but as close as I could get it in game play terms). after all 8 paranormal devices are out of the building, the ghostbusters have found a way to reverse the flow of the gate (watch the movie to find out how. They could have probably crossed they streams as well to achieve this.) This has turned the gate into one giant ghost trap sucking in all the ghosts in the Mercado as well as the city. Rowan however will not go so easily. he's at the end of the Hallway of the Entrance/exit door trying to resist the pull of the gate so he can reach the Ghostbusters and destroy them once and for all!(assume the gate is behind Rowan Somewhere in the Mercado and Rowan is trying to resist the pull.

Setup: Place all 4 ghostbuster side by side in turn order from left to right outside the Mercado entrance/exit door Looking down the straight hallway. Place Rowan in the last space of this straight hallway that leads to the Mercado's entrance/exit door. This is Rowan's starting space. Place 4 haunted room tokens to one side of the game board in single column and place Rowan's card at the bottom of the column of the haunted room tokens. these tokens will represent Rowan's resistance to the pull of the gate on him. To Defeat Rowan, the Ghostbusters must weaken his resistance to the pull of the gate and force him back through it. Each player will roll the attack dice trying to roll a ghost (The player rolling should place their ghostbuster in the entrance/exit door to show it is their turn to roll.) When a player rolls a ghost on the attack die, place one ghost token next to the first haunted token. it takes 3 ghost tokens to remove one of Rowan's haunted tokens. Once all players have rolled once in order against Rowan but did not eliminate a haunted room token on that round, move Rowan forward one space. Remember Rowan Only moves forward if you did not eliminate a haunted room token on that round. If Rowan gets Outside before all the haunted tokens in his resistance pool are eliminated you lose the game. (If 4 haunted tokens for Rowan's resistance is too easy you can raise it to 5 or even 6 if you want a even greater challenge. "Bustin Rowan Makes me feel good!"
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