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The newly appointed Emperor decreed that a new shogun would be needed and asked his assembly of lords which one among them would be strong enough to take on the mantle of shogun. Three strong warriors stepped forward: Daimyo Wayne, Daimyo Steve, and Daimyo Mark. Each of the daimyos tried to garner as much support as he could from the other daimyos but only a few would support them and the support was equally distributed among them.

The Emperor then decreed that the three daimyos had 2 years to prove their worth to him.

The first year of our esteemed Emperor, it was decreed that any rice produced in excess of 3 bushels would be given over to the Emperor for the Spring season. The three competing daimyos had begun their campaign to gain the Emperor's favor. Daimyo Wayne took to the battlefield first and got the province of Mikawa under his banner. Daimyo Steve also took to the battlefield and brought the province of Mimasake under his banner. Mark, having built the biggest army at this point, forced the province of Kozuke under his banner.

Spring left and Summer had arrived. It was a bountiful year for the Empire. Daimyo Wayne took to the battlefield, yet again, but failed to take the province of Tomton. Daimyo Steve had taxed his peasants too harshly and a successful peasant revolt occurred in his province of Etchu causing no amount of shame to daimyo Steve. Daimyo Steve, having raised a big army, successfully quelled the rebellion and gave permission to the lord of Etchu to commit seppuku. Daimyo Steve quietly beefed up his defense during this season.

Summer gone, Fall came. The Emperor, in paying his respects to his ancestors, decreed that no attack be made on a province with a temple. During this season, Daimyo Wayne further slipped into shame. Having not had the foresight to built a temple in the province of Haruma, he lost it to Daimyo Steve. Daimyo Mark took to the battlefield and gained the province of Iyo under his banner.

Winter. In observance to a buddhistic ritual, the Emperor decreed yet again that no province with a temple be attacked. All three daimyos had overextended themselves and faced potential revolts. Daimyos Wayne and Mark were able to quell their peasant revolt. Daimyo Steve faced peasant revolts in 2 provinces. He lost one province to the peasants but was able to hold onto his other province.

The Emperor's spies, having witnessed the deeds of the three daimyos reported their observations. The Emperor looked most favorably on daimyo Steve. He seemed to have the most potential with being able to squeeze 32 victory points despite the many unrest in his provinces. The Emperor could not dismiss daimyo Mark who was close behind with 27 victory points. The Emperor sent a messenger to Daimyo Wayne showing his displeasure at Daimyo Wayne's performance who was lagging behind with 22 points. The Emperor, looking over his realm, noticed that Steve had concentrated on theatres and temples and was noted to having the most theatres in several regions and temples in a region. Daimyo Mark had built the most temples in a couple of regions and shared the most temples in one region with Daimyo Steve. Daimyo Wayne was noted for the most castles in one region.

The 2nd year of our esteemed Emperor....

The fortunes were not with Daimyo Wayne during the Spring season. Although his merchants would have made him rich, the Emperor had decreed that any province producing in excess of 5 chests would have to be given over to his treasury. Daimyo Steve wanting to use Daimyo Wayne as a buffer against Daimyo Steve, sends a messenger asking Daimyo Wayne for a temporary truce. Daimyo Wayne eyeing one of Daimyo Steve's lucrative province, sends the messenger back! Despite lacking funds, he tried cutting daimyo Steve from one of his supporters by attacking Shinomon. Daimyo Steve ruled the field that day and Daimyo Wayne was left further with shame. Daimyo Steve riding high on his victory, successfully invaded the province of Yante and gained that daimyo's support. Daimyo Mark, wanting to showcase his military prowess, took to battle to both daimyos and won, taking the heads of the lord of Etchu, who had supported Daimyo Steve and the lord of Musahi, who had supported Daimyo Wayne.

Spring left and Summer arrived. Theatre troupes visited the provinces containing theatres and the peasants, filled with too much rice wine from partying, did not care to revolt. The heavens took pity on Daimyo Wayne and gave him the strength to take back the province of Musahi from Daimyo Mark, beheading the newly appointed lord of that province and installing one of his own. Daimyo Steve, having been humiliated in the battle of Etchu, took the battle to Mark in the province of Kii and emerges victorious, beheading the lord of Kii. It has been a mixed blessing for Mark. Having lost the province of Kii from Daimyo Steve, he attacks Shinano and carries the day, beheading the lord of that province. Unfortanately, Daimyo Mark has to contend with a peasant uprising in the province of Sagwan but the lord of that province successfully quells that rebellion and impresses Daimyo Mark by contributing an extra army to Daimyo Mark's cause.

Summer gone, Fall comes. Daimyo Wayne, presses against Daimyo Mark's forces in the province of Shinano and takes the day, beheading the lord of that province but loses the province of Tamba from Daimyo Steve. Daimyo Mark marches armies from 2 separate provinces to try to retake the province of Musashi from Daimyo Wayne but fails both times.

Winter sees a time of prosperity but Daimyo Wayne mismanages his wealth. All the Daimyos tries to build up their provinces.

At the assembly of lords, the Emperor bestows upon Daimyo Steve the mantle of Shogun having achieved a victory of 68 points. Daimyo Mark grudgingly accepts the new shogun having trailed with 51 points.

A letter arrives in Daimyo Wayne‘s castle. A letter bearing the Emperor's seal gives Daimyo Wayne permission to commit Seppuku for the loss of face he has suffered in his bid for more power having only achieved 46 points. Daimyo Wayne has just finished his death haiku and prepares for his last ceremony...
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