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Subject: Border War - Turn 11 rss

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Douglas Bush
United States
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The war went nuclear in Turn 10, which led both the Chinese and Russians to pack up and head home. Can Pakistan break the deadlock with what little they have left?

Turn 11

Storms continue for the 7th out of 11 Turns...

Last turn, mostly thanks to the 6 nuke strikes, Pakistan racked up 33VP to India's 16VP. That will give them an initiative turn.

The UN security council remains deadlocked and unable to respond to the nuclear exchange. No resolution passes (rolled a 2).

Electronic Detect
Indians find one Pakistani Corps HQ near Lahore.

1st SOF
None. All Pakistan teams eliminated.

Air Phase
Both sides lose good squadrons due to airbase eliminations last turn, so they end up with very little in the air. One Pakistan JF-17 takes on 4 squadrons of Indian fighters (1 SU-30, 1 Raf, 2 Tejas). The storm and high rolls lead to little actual damage being done, although in dogfight the Pakistanis do shoot down the damaged SU-30 for 2VP. Still, 3:1 ratio at the end, so India finally claims air superiority. AWACS to +1 Pakistan.

2nd SOF
Just one Indian team left, which fails on its interdiction mission in the mountains of Kashmir, but the luck team makes it home.

1st Strike
Both sides down to just 2 nuke points. The Paks hit first, targeting hex 4510 in Kashmir where the last two Indian mountain brigades are trying to hold them back. One brigade is elim on the strike. The Indians hit back with a successful attack on a Pakistani nuke site, which is destroyed. The last Pakistani nuke returns the favor against an off-map Indian nuke storage site. The final Indian nuke hits another off-map Pakistan nuke site.

The last two missile points are also fired off. The Indians destroy an airfield for 1VP and the Pakistanis destroy an off-map Indian airbase for 2VP. The collateral for the hit on the Indian airbase takes out the last Indian airmobile points.

1st Supply
No major changes. Indians generate an MSU on a board-edge supply hex in the hopes of moving it to restore supply to XII corps on the far left flank, which had its supply cut off by a nuke strike.

Initiative Moves/Combat
The Pakistanis continue to edge back toward Lahore on the left flank, where they face overwhelming numbers. They do, however, blow two key bridges on the border in an effort to slow down the Indian advance:

They hold around Sialkot after stoping the likely Indian attack last turn with a nuke strike. In the Jammu highlands they continue their assault on what little is left of the town of Sunderbani. Without the Chinese, they scrape together an 8 column attack on the nuked town but roll high and end up with a 1/1 result.

In Kashmir the FCNA corps makes an all out push to take Srinagar, which first requires clearing out the remaining Indian XIV defenders to it's northeast. An 8 column attack kicks up to the 12 column thanks to the nuked defenders EF of 0. The Pakistanis also put in the air they have left.

A middling roll results in a -/1R result, which gets the job done and eliminates the remaining defenders.

Elite React Movement
The Indians are so banged up that only one armored brigade can move. It shifts its position over to support the advance toward Amritsar.

Exploit Movement/Combat
No combats, but in movement phase the remaining FCNA corps mountain brigades edge toward Srinagar in Kashmir, their way now bared by the Indian XIV corps HQ.

Reaction Movement/Combat
The Indians build a new bridge to cross the river south of Lahore, but otherwise just reposition units. They do pull 3 divisions out of the line and send them toward two of their remaining airbases so they can hopefully be flown into Kashmir this turn and next.

2nd Strike
Just a few ineffective artillery barrages.

2nd Supply
No changes.

Basic Movement/Combat
The Pakistanis continue to push toward Srinagar. A 7 column attack in the mountains flips/retreats the Indian XIV corps HQ, which retreats back into the valley. The Pakistanis finally clear Sunderbani with a 10 column attack that eliminates the Indian 26th division for 3VP. The town is worth 2VP more.

The Indians get the MSU in position to get XII corps back in supply next turn. An XII corps division and Indian paratroopers make it into the Pakistani city of Okara. Thanks to the Pakistan pullback near Amritsar, the towns of Patti and Dera Babba Nanak are liberated. In the Jammu highlands the remaining defenders near Sunderbani give up and pull back to the town of Aknoor to the east.

The Indians fail to clear Okara.

Both sides use 2 replacements to reconstitute some infantry brigades.

Victory Phase

India 147 VP + 16 = 163
Pakistan 117VP + 15 = 132

India has a +31 edge, which isn't quite enough for an auto victory roll, so this one will go the distance (12 Turns).
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