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Sault Ste. Marie
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*Taken from my Solo geeklist and spoiler free from abilities*

After having successfully completed the intro tutorial, with only Krutzbeck falling down a hole, the heroes returned to town to shop and drink their success away.

A time for side quests was at hand.

A grim quest indeed, while resting in Talimar a call out for help from the Deephall militia was announced. The Wildlanders, being the heroes they are jumped to support the militia. Upon arrival, an overly confident commander announced that cultists were cornered by the troops in a small chamber near the outskirts of town and ballista were prepped on the cliff face to wipe out anything that stirred. The heroes, swiftly converged on a gruesome scene, militiamen and cultists fallen everywhere but nobody in sight. Swiftly checking the chamber nothing but ashpots in the corners were to be found and a guttural cry was heard from behind. Fording back to the northern banks of the river Krutzbeck smelled the enemy before they lept from the cliffs.
"They mean to retake the chamber!" He shouted, unfurling his two handed mace.

Many rounds later... *as not to spoil anything*

"Stop that Ynfernael host!" Krutzbeck sputtered, trying to ignore his grievous wounds.

The possessed soul leaping from ground, to cliff-face into the river.
Rakash lept at the wild enemy and Okaluk met its face with a blow from his staff, ruining its left face. Arvel took a shot, but it's momentum was too much to follow and only grazed the thing, her attention drawn to the ghastly crypt dragon that descended next to her and the river with a thunderous clap.

The possessed woman stopped at the entryway, letting the crow hag guardians part. She turned to the heroes, as the flesh began to flake away from her bones. The being inside, smiled a wicked smile as the woman vanished into flaming hot ash. With the ritual complete the beasts retreated leaving the heavily wounded heroes at the riverside.

Thanks for reading! Find more fun and mayhem here---> Gorfinger's 2016-2017 Solo n' Such
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