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Episode 66 of your Last Reminder to back some cool games.
Covering: Tuesday, October 18th & Wednesday, October 19th

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Monday’s Episode is Sponsored by the Role Playing Game Pick of the week, courtesy of Dark Naga Adventures, check them out at www.darknaga.com. Role Playing Game Pick of the Week is:

Legacy of Mana by Team Lynnvander. A Pathfinder and 5th Edition setting guide of Anti-magic & warlords in the world of Imaria. On Kickstarter until October, 25th. Check it Out!


Normally I do that part as part of the First Roll, but Since I’m Skipping that today, I put it here!
Ok, so after a lovely few days at Essen Spiel 16 (of which I will record a nice recap later today) and a pretty cool concert of Big D and the Kids Table & Less Than Jake (Oh yeah, The Bennies were there too!) it is time for a new Final Roll! I’m still extremely tired so you’ll have to forgive me if I mess up anywhere (and everything is going very slow!) Anyway, Let’s move on… The next First Roll will be tomorrow, but I will post a recap of what you might have missed on facebook (and maybe wordpress).

Here are the games ending their kickstarter campaign on Tuesday, October 18th & Wednesday the 19th. It is a small episode… which is good for me, given the circumstances.

Miniature related Projects:

Battle Valor Fantasy:
We’re starting today’s show with Battle Valor Fantasy. As I write this the campaign is 48 USD over its funding target, but it still has 30 hours left! The 15mm scale Mass Battle tabletop Wargame set in the fantasy world of Legian offers 32 different armies which they aim to produce over time, with 7 to 11 completely with miniatures as it is! For such small miniatures they look incredibly detailed. The Rule book is 35 USD and pledges go up from there!

Fire at Will:

The ‘Fire at Will - Zulu War’ miniatures campaign from AW minis is getting funded as well! Both the english and the Zulu armies are represented in this campaign as well as a pretty ‘Save the COlours’ vignette display. Pledges start at 10 GBP.


Walk the Plank:
One board game today and it’s Mayday Games’ special tin edition of ‘Walk the plank’: The game with the dumbest pirates ever! This is an updated version of their 2013 smash hit game with all new, good looking art by Felideus Bubastis, updated rules and a special tin box. Try to stay on the plank as hard as you can or be eaten by the kraken. Walk the plank is 20 USD for the ‘normal’ Tin edition and 28 for the Kickstarter Exclusive Limited Edition which comes with a 26-card promo pack of exclusive cards!

Role Playing Games & Related:

Lands of Lunacy:

RPG’s Then! First, Lands of Lunacy! The Setting Guide for 1st and 5th edition which brings a place created from chaos and consisting of limitless dimensions connected to limitless planes. This offers GM’s endless possibilities for when the real world interferes with your gaming world (for instance if half the players don’t show up or got kids to attend to). Lands of Lunacy is 5 USD for a Digital version or 10 for a hardback copy.

Sky ov Crimson Flame:
And the final project of the day is ‘Sky ov Crimson Flame’. A 0-level adventure/funnel designed for the Dungeon Crawl Classics system but which can also be used with your favorite RPG system. A story that begins with the sudden disappearance of the raven-haired beauty Belesa and takes you on an epic adventure from there! Sky ov Crimson Flame is 5 USD digital and 10 for print.
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