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I thought about making different threads for search purposes, but I did not want to fill the forum too much. When I reference the page numbers below, they are from the English rules.

1. Page 15 says "you can pay 2 wood to receive a shed (see page 13 for what it does)". However, page 13 does not seem to mention sheds at all. My understanding is that sheds give you +8 and -6 points when you buy them for a net of +2, and nothing else. At the end of the game, you are allowed to remove some of the negative points for a potential net value of +8. Is this correct?

2. Page 11 has an example on the right side for removing and adding mountain strips. However, no goods are removed. Is this just a partial example? To make sure I understand, if the left side of the right-hand image existed at the START of phase 11, I would remove the first mountain strip, and remove 1 ore from each other strip, correct?

3. I do not see any limit on claiming exploration tiles. Does this mean one player can claim 3 islands for themselves to prevent other players from getting them, for example? Note that this is probably bad strategy, but is it legal?

4. Page 8 talks about Phase 2: Harvest. "You receive one of each crop with a 1 or 2: peas, beans, flax, and grain." etc. Where are the numbers here coming from? I cannot find them anywhere, and it is not the square count of the goods tiles in question.

5. Placement examples in the rules seem to start on the lower left of boards. However, is it legal to put goods randomly in the middle of nowhere in order to surround a certain bonus space, as long as income spaces are not covered illegally?

6. Page 17 says "On spaces with a die symbol at the top of the action board, you want to roll low." I do not see any special symbol or reminder on the board. Does this wording mean "The spaces happen to be near the top of the board", and specifically, "On hunting spaces with a die symbol, you want to roll low"?

Thanks very much for your time in advance!
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Jon Ben
British Columbia
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Of course I've been up all night! Not because of caffeine, it was insomnia. I couldn't stop thinking about coffee.
Thanks titling the thread so well.

1. Yes, that's my understanding.

2. Yes.

3. Yes, there is no limit as far as I know.

4. The tiles have small numbers on them with a bag icon. You can't see these in the component images. You can sort of make them out in one of the page 7 examples.

5. Yes, you can place tiles anywhere as long as the listed placement rules are obeyed.

6. Correct. There is no reminder on the board. The hunting and whaling spaces are better with low rolls. The spaces on the bottom of the board for raiding and pillaging are better with high rolls.
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