Tommy Hill
United Kingdom
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This is my first session report, and first outing on Silent victory.

Start the war with USS Dolphin, a Narwhal class boat.
Captain Dunster
December 1941. Set sail for the empire, on a revenge mission after the attack at Pearl harbor.
Drop off my passenger with no problem.

Konri (F) 3100T Sunk
Daishin (T) 5900T Sunk
Inazuma (DD) 2000T Sunk

Bronze Star 11000T sunk
Good start with little damage so only one month refit.
March 1942 - Marshalls
Passenger dropped off

Unkai (F) 3300T Escaped
Escort (DD) 1200T Sunk
Shinyo (F) 2000T Sunk
Nichinan (F) 2800T Sunk
Hakonesan (F) 6700T Escaped
Kachidoki (P) 10500T Sunk 73 survivors rescued. Thank goodness I have a Narwhal.

Silver star - 16500T sunk
Looking good. Little damage.
June 42 - Midway
Passenger dropped off

TAIHO (CV) 31000T Sunk! Yeha
Teihoku (P) 5800T Escaped
Nichsun (F) 2700T Sunk
Shiritaka (ML) 1300T Escaped

Navy Cross - 33700T sunk Exec promoted to expert
Due to large amount of damage taken I succesfuly upgrade my ship to The Darter, a new Gato class boat.
September 42 - Marshalls

Ginyo (F) 8600T Sunk
Hayasui (T) 6500T Sunk
Kanko (F) 900T Escaped
Escort (DD) 1200T Missed Oops take a pounding from angry escort.
Got Rabbit foot
San Clemente(T) 7400T Sunk
Kurumasan (F) 2000T Sunk
Tamon (F) 2700T Escaped
Followed convoy
Missed three further ships due to duds

Silver star - 23500T sunk
3 extra months refitting. That escort was really narked at me.
Promoted December 42 to Commander
March 43 - Empire
Kansai (P) 8600T Sunk
Sydney (P) 5400T Sunk
Mayachi (F) 2200T Sunk
Escort (DD) 1200T Sunk
I-18 (SS) 2200T Sunk

Navy cross star - Purple heart for LW captain
My Expert XO was seriously wounded, and even though I had an extra month of refit he had to be replaced. Unfortunately by a non expert.
Switched to Australia by a special event.
July 43 - China sea
Sappora (F) 2900T Sunk
Sana (F) 3400T Sunk
Toten (F) 3800T Escaped
Manko (P) 4500T Sunk
Aisakasan (F) 6900T Sunk

Silver star (Star) - 17700T sunk
XO becomes expert again, must be my guiding hand.
October 43 - Phillipines (P)
While taking the passenger in we were depth charged by a Kawanishi H6K. Extensive damage caused, including ruptured fuel tanks. Due to the risk of being spotted and the reduced fuel situation we were forced to return to Freemantle with our passenger still on board. General Macarthur not impressed. Damn land lubber.
January 44 - Java Sea
Getsuyo (F) 6400T Sunk
Encountered a convoy during day. Attempted to switch to a night turkey shoot, but failed and lost the convoy!
Shogen (F) 3400T Lost
Kanko (F) 900T Lost
Hino (P) 4400T Lost
Yaku (FF) 900T Sunk
Escort (DD) 1200T Missed

7100T sunk
Java Sea (Lifeguard)
7 Airmen rescued
ULTRA Intercept
Am ordered to shadow an enemy fleet
As we approach we encounter the Battleship the Haruna. She was too fast to follow so I elected to slow her by firing all forward torpedoes at her. They all hit, and instead of crippling her she slowly sank beneath the waves. Oops.
The escorts were not happy to say the least. 6 separate attacks were made and extensive damage was caused, including to Airman Brooks (who apparently follows the brace drill by holding onto the bulkhead with his face), The G*$%^£m son of Louise Cromwell Brooks. First wife of General sodding MacArthur.
So on return to base with a battle ship sunk we are told that the mission is a failure thanks to the SOB MacArthur. I swear if he is ever on a ship near me its going down, no matter what flag it flies.
HARUNA (BB)37200T SUNK! (I sink ships, not follow them)
Sakae (F) 2900T Sunk

Navy Cross (star) - 40100T sunk
upgraded to two 5' guns. These would prove their worth on the following patrols. Try to get a new sub due to extensive damage, but move is blocked. I suspect my nemesis MacArthur has a hand in it.
Mission failed?
September 44 - China Sea
Rashin (P) 5500T Sunk with guns
Tamon (F) 2700T Sunk with guns
Kyodo (P) 1500T Sunk with guns
Nisshin (T) 16800T Sunk
Nisshun (F) 6400T Sunk
Mogamigawa (F) 7500T Sunk

Navy cross (STAR) - Naval unit commendation - 40400T sunk
December 44 - China Sea
Konan (F) 2600T Escaped (Dud torpedo)
Naniwa (F) 4900T Sunk
Tarakan (T) 5100T Sunk
Hokou (F) 500T Escaped
Escort (DD) 1200T Sunk

Bronze star (star) - 11200T sunk
March 45 - Empire
Kagero (DD) 2000T Sunk
Aircraft attack - Kawanishi H8K did some damage, but I shot the sucker down. How many tons do I get for sinking that?
Convoy attacked with a spread of Mrk 18s at close range. All but 2 miss. The two that hit are duds!
Teibi (P) 10100T Three misses!
Aso (P) 3000T Hit but both dud!
Keijo (F) 1000T Missed
I do not like Mark 18s. Give me back my 14s.
Follow convoy and re-engage
Himeno (F) 800T Escaped
Konri (F) 3100T Sunk
Shoyu (F) 4400T Sunk

Bronze star (star) - 9500T sunk
June 45 - Empire - Woolfpack
Only encountered 1 ship
Kimyo (P) 4400T Sunk

Promoted to Captain in spite of MacArthurs protests.
Bronze star with 2 stars
Silver star with 2 stars
Navy cross with 3 stars
Purple heart
Submarine combat patrol insignia with 2 gold and 2 silver stars (13 patrols)
235100 Tonnes of rising sun shipping sunk
39 ships sunk
1 carrier and 1 battleship

Captain (Deadeye) Dunster stated after the war that the mark 14s should never have been replaced. He found the mark 14's much better. When challenged about the Mk 14's attracting enemy escorts, he replied "Escorts are just more fun targets, I never backed down"
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Chick Lewis
United States
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"XO becomes expert again, must be my guiding hand."

Made me laugh, thanks for that !!

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United States
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1 Player hardcore
Lone Warrior
Great session report, thanks for sharing. Appreciated the flavor text mingled with the stats.
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Gregory Smith
United States
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Great career report, I enjoyed it. I laughed about MacArthur. I never really considered there would ever be a patrol where a capital ship was sunk but it was technically a "failure". Those damn generals!

Glad to see you're enjoying the game. At least, I am concluding that based on the fact you took the time to share it with us

Take care,
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