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Subject: Warband advancement rules rss

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Yosef Bender

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Warband Advancement
Official rules of the game war bands did not advance. In a long campaign in an effort to make players get attached to their war band soldiers, and thus be more strategic and cautious we've added these following rules.

Grunt A new hired war band soldier is called a grunt. Any grunt that survives 2 battles is given a Name and becomes a named warrior. Simply keep track on the battle sheet or cards with tick marks, grunts are penalized with a -3 to the injury Recovery roll when they roll on wound table as they die much more often. Any Grunt that is wounded must also roll a 12 or higher D20 on the “I quite this sucks” roll if fails they leave the war band. Any grunt that has made a kill gains a +1 to the roll per kill on the “I quit this sucks” roll. Second game they get +4 to the "I quit this sucks" roll.

Named Warrior, once a grunt has survived two battles they become a named warrior, Every time a named warrior makes a kill or rolls a natural 20 (kill on natural 20 does count as 2 tokens) they immediately receive a champion token. Named warriors can use any champion tokens to add a +2 to any roll, they can use as many tokens as they wish after the roll is made to raise a critical fumble 1 two a failure a failure the to a success. Once the tokens are used they are discarded. Killing a named warrior opposing war band gains an additional 25 victory points.

Champion Warrior
If a named warrior has accumulated (and not spent ) 4 champion tokens they can exchange them to add +1 to one of their stats, ( fight, shoot, will, health) in post-game resolution. Champion tokens can be saved and accumulated between games, after the first stat improvement you only need 3 champion tokens to improve the next stat. Keep track of named warriors champion tokens on wizard sheet. A wizard can have as many named warriors, champions or hero’s as he wishes, out of the game, in game he can assemble named warriors, champions, heroes or grunts according to his strategy and availability. Killing a named warrior opposing warband gains an additional 50 victory points.

Hero any Champion warrior that has Improved 3 (10 champion tokens) of his stats is considered a hero. Heroes can always roll two d20 dice and pick the higher of the two rolls in fight or shoot only. Heroes continue to improve their stats limits health up to 20 and any stat up to +3 over its original stat number. Killing a hero gains 100 victory points to opposing warband.

Captains a Treasure hunter, Knight, Templar, Ranger or Barbarian once they receive their Name or become a champion or a hero can be appointed as captain of the guard. Only one captain can be appointed during a game but the wizard is able to rotate qualified Captains between games. Killing a captain is worth 25 victory points above his rank.

1. Captains represent a tertiary leader in the war band after the wizard and apprentice they operate in the third phase soldier phase.
2. They may activate up to 4 models around them and have a 8 inch command bubble. Although some orders will indirectly affect more models outside the bubble.
3. Captains can give orders, which require an action from the captain. Unlike spells some orders can be given during combat.
4. Captain must Roll a D20 successful against the difficulty of the order to see if the order is carried out for is successful. A failed order does not injure the captain as in a spell.

5. If Capt. does not move he can give up to two orders
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