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When I play Guardians' Chronicles I throw Doktor Skarov and his robot minions on the board with barely a thought, then spend 15 minutes or more agonizing over which of the heroes to use. Even when I'm excited to play as the villain I barely give the villains a thought as I pore over the various trap tiles that belong in my lair. It's possible that I just haven't played the game enough to get bored with the evil characters yet. Its also possible that the lack of options makes me skip over this since it's not much of a choice, I'm less sure of this since there's three evil lieutenants that I've basically ignored in all my games.

This sort of mind set had me avoiding the Terror Trio expansion, it's pretty well focused on the new evil Lieutenants it adds. It's hard to get excited about more variety in a game component I never use. It does however come with new tiles to include in your lair, and those are something that I would love to have more of, so I bought the expansion.

After opening I immediately pull out the cards describing how the new tiles work. The effects are on par with the base game, some new things to play with but nothing that really stands out. Until I get to Objective A03, in this one one the heroes have to stop one of the new Lieutenants from collecting power boosts. That sounded like a great objective, ignoring it also costs you newspaper headlines (the game's victory points) but also makes your opponents stronger.

This is the sort of thing that showed me how much the Lieutenants could add to the game. Without them the game is a fairly linear dungeon with a boss fight at the end. The boss is stuck at the end since that's where they control their traps from. Not only do Lieutenants act as mini-bosses in the middle of the dungeon, but they are also mobile and can pursue objectives of their own.

The first scenario in the expansion's campaign doesn't even include Doktor Skarov, one of the Lieutenants plays the part of the master villain. All of the other scenarios have instructions in the setup for where Lieutenants should be placed. So it all work with the theme of putting these new Lieutenants front and center in the game.

It seems to me that the since the base game largely ignored Lieutenants so did I. They were never mentioned in any of the scenarios and the rule book never offered any suggestions for using them. While its great that this expansion showcases a hidden and vibrant aspect of the game, it really seems like something that shouldn't have been forgotten originally.

As for the Lieutenant's themselves, they are fun to use. The Iron Turtle is a the least interesting since he's just a hulking brute. Voltage and Nuke on the other hand, have great abilities that will cause the heroes to have to be careful on how and when to engage them. I can't say choosing a Lieutenant will cause the same internal struggle as choosing my hero, but it'll certainly be something I'll give thought to when setting up a scenario.

One of my big complaints with the base game was the quality of the miniatures. I will call the Terror Trio miniatures an improvement, not a great leap forward just an improvement. The details in the sculpts give them personality, but then the posing of the figures isn't as evocative. Iron Turtle and Nuke are thick enough to not bend and feel great when moving them into position to punch a hero; but Voltage is thin, frail, and bent upon arrival.

The game tiles and campaign are also adequate. They add some new variety to what you have, but don't really stand out above what the original game had to offer. I definitely appreciate some of the variety they bring, but aside from the things I already mentioned nothing that I was excited to get on the table.

If you want more variety in the challenges the heroes have to face, then this expansion will be huge for you. If you're like me and get more excited about the heroes, then this will have less value for you. For whatever reason when I bought this game Amazon had it listed $4 less than the base game, the expansion doesn't provide nearly the amount of content that price comparison suggests. Given the amount of replay value Terror Trio adds to the game, particularly compared to other games I've purchased, I'm pretty pleased with the purchase.
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